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Boston Legal: Petition to Continue the Cancelled TV Show

Boston LegalABC may have cancelled the Boston Legal TV show after 101 episodes but it’s clear that there’s still stories left to be told. Will the new marriages last? Where will our favorite lawyers end up?

Many believe that the series shouldn’t have ended just yet. Though the show’s ratings have dipped over the years, the numbers aren’t that low. These days, some networks would love to have that many viewers. The show often comes in second against CBS’ dominant CSI: Miami.

Would you like to see this award-winning dramady continue in some way — perhaps as a TV movie, a spin-off, or even as part of David E. Kelley’s new legal drama? If so, sign the petition below and make your case for continuing to follow the crazy exploits of Alan Shore and Denny Crane. Write to the studio and the network and tell them you’d like to see the characters live on. Go ahead, channel your “inner Alan Shore.”

To: ABC, 20th Century Fox Television, David E. Kelley Productions

We, the undersigned, greatly enjoy watching the ABC TV show, Boston Legal. The series is truly a unique program, continually controversial, outrageous, and touching — often at the same time.

We’re truly sorry to see this wonderful show come to an end and are not ready to say goodbye to the attorneys of Crane, Poole and Schmidt. Please consider continuing the escapades in some new way, perhaps as a TV movie or a spin-off. There are millions and millions of loyal Legal viewers who are waiting to see what happens next.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • Jason StringerCountry: Canada2015-02-23 16:25:51
    I'd just finished watching the whole series on DVD. I gotta say what an awesome show! You can't get any better than this. Having said this, please bring back Boston Legal. After two days of watching the last episode, I have already missed the show terribly.
  • Dave ClementsCountry: UK.2015-02-22 13:31:40
    Why remove such a popular adult show, crazy.
  • Darryl andrewsCountry: Australia 2015-02-03 07:46:25
    Only a knob would cancel a show this good. Not many shows are this great
  • Alex T HooperCountry: USA2014-12-29 21:58:37
    I need the this show its my fix i only watched this show 25 times and starting over from episode 1 again
  • SeemaCountry: United states of America2014-12-27 04:21:28
    Please bring back Boston Legal! It was definitely the best show in my opinion, to ever air.
  • Javier FloresCountry: Argentina2014-12-06 10:56:23
    Should never have eended. Intelligent script, lovably characters, and some profound reflections about politics and life in the end of each chapter. One of the best series I´ve ever seen.
  • Leonie MarkwickCountry: United Kingdom2014-11-09 13:40:52
    Boston Legal should never have ended!
  • Sally Walker-CousinsCountry: United Kingdom2014-11-05 16:45:55
    Universal showed Series One again recently. Please, oh please show the next series 2. The best script of any programme on TV !!
  • SandyCountry: spain2014-10-31 10:04:32
    please make more of this fab series
  • david mcdowellCountry: United Kingdom2014-10-23 20:18:28
    i love boston legal
  • John CesarCountry: Canada2014-10-23 13:41:46
    With all the Bad Reality shows out there,Please bring back this classic show,I can not believe Alan Shore would let be Bought out,or even Denny Crane!
  • andrewCountry: USA2014-10-14 04:13:26
  • Fred KimCountry: usa2014-10-13 07:12:02
    With shows of death zombies and vampires. Boston Legal is true life. Its comedy , its drama. Its smart TV If you want to be dumb and spend millions on trial and error then disregard this letter. If your intelligent, bring Boston Legal back plus a generation to carry the show. News changes , time changes. more than enough to keep the show going.
  • Nehemiah TrostleCountry: United States2014-10-10 09:38:46
    Simply put this was the best show on TV. I would gladly pay separately to watch just this show.
  • Dan MoriartyCountry: United Kingdom2014-10-09 09:21:50
    Boston Legal is genius! I have only just discovered this fantastic show and now crave more. Bring it back!!!
  • Allen TownsendCountry: United States2014-10-02 00:10:18
    Boston Legal was the all around best tv show to ever air. Its extremely funny but also has its serious heart felt moments. I also love the way the episodes are made from real events that has happened. Oh and Alan Shore and Denny Crane, there is no better. Who ever decided to cancel this show must have gotten mad cow.
  • Jan ShelleyCountry: England2014-09-13 16:07:27
    Watched every one of these series, absolutely gems, when are TV producers gonna realise that their TV audience is made up of older people too and we want smart, funny, intelligent TV too. Bring it back, now!!!
  • GuillermoCountry: URUGUAY2014-08-07 20:57:59
    PLEASE !!!! Bring back the best lawyer TV series. The quimic between Alan and Danny was the best. I still remember the talk between the two at the end of the day. The best part of the show. Please, at leat create another TV Series with both characters. Regards from Uruguay.
  • AlanCountry: Netherlands2014-06-28 15:38:27
    one of the best shows of the last 15 years
  • Moises CastilloCountry: USA2014-05-08 01:50:02
    BRING Denny and Alan BACK!!!! NOW!
  • MikeCountry: Canada2014-05-03 06:08:22
    Best show ever! Love it!
  • HarryCountry: Canada2014-05-02 22:45:46
    At least a TV movie. There have been many made for lesser reasons.
  • RickCountry: Swaziland2014-01-20 02:56:07
    please continue the show, I want to see what happened at Chan, poole, schimdt. the madcow disease and so on
  • SofijaCountry: Serbia2013-05-12 13:56:27
    Greatest show ever
  • Dorian smithCountry: United States 2013-03-05 23:49:39
    Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please bring back the show.
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