Breaking In: Last Chance to Save the Cancelled Sitcom?

Breaking In season two chancesLast week, fans were upset to hear that FOX had axed newbie sitcom Breaking In after just a handful of weeks on the air. Though the sitcom’s numbers were pretty good, the series lost a huge portion of the American Idol lead-in audience and it seemed like the network felt they could do better with the timeslot.

Not long after the cancellation news, word came that Breaking In might not be dead after all. FOX and Sony Pictures TV were looking into possible ways to keep the series alive.

There’s one episode left and the network has now decided to see how it will do in another timeslot, this time paired with the already-renewed Raising Hope sitcom. If it does well enough, FOX might reverse its decision.

Co-creator and executive producer Adam F. Goldberg tells TV Guide that the cancellation came as a surprise because he believes that the network loves the cast and the show and have been pleased with the ratings. He notes that FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly called the cancellation “a heartbreaker” and wasn’t even fully committed to it when he called Goldberg to give him the bad news, saying that it wasn’t a definite pass.

Goldberg knows that schedule change comes at the last minute but hopes that enough people will find it and tune in for the season (hopefully not series) finale.

In addition to tonight’s ratings, Breaking In’s future may have a lot to do with the network being able to find a compatible series to pair it with. Goldberg said, “They just really don’t know what to do with it… When you have a family show or a relationship show, they really know how to promote that and make that a hit. But if you have a show about a bunch of geniuses who do heists every day, that’s hard for any network to figure out.”

What do you think? Is Breaking In worth saving? If you were programming the network, where would you put it?

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  1. Marj says

    Watched a few and I just couldn’t watch it anymore it was too stupid. I love Slatter but most of the characters act so stupid and it really didn’t show too much breaking in. Replace the people who act like morons. Have the show where it actually shows them going to the job getting what they have to get and than show how they did the Job like oceans movies explain how averything was done at the end or the show that way people will watch the show to the end to see what actually happened to get the job done.

  2. J. Thompson says

    -Certainly glad the show is being given a/another chance!
    -Seems some really good shows get pulled without a good, fair opprotunity for an audience to find it and grow via word of mouth. I think it is especially hard for a mid-season start!
    -Big talk about the show that airs prior and how that is always considered as a critical factor. I think somethimes it may be shows airing at the same time on other networks that plays a factor… Along with how frequently people see GOOD PROMO CLIPS (I didn’t see many).
    -If it doesn’t do well on FOX, I agree that another network may be the answer.
    -I always like Christian S & Michael R (the only actors I regognize from other shows and or movies)!
    -Maybe comments like this should go to FOX?

  3. Jason says

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT KILL THIS SHOW. I have seen shows come and go but THIS SHOW? Come on… Really? The ratings are awesome and have the potential to be one of the biggest shows that Fox has. It is one of the shows that when you finish watching an episode, you can’t wait till the next one. I am dieing to see more of the great OZ.

    If you really need to get rid of shows then go after Bob’s burgers or the Cleveland show. Or better yet, I do like Shannon’s idea. Sell is to USA so when it does start to be a big hit. Fox can kick themselves in the ass for letting such an awesome show go…

  4. Shannon says

    Please save this show! I stumbled upon it in my On Demand primetime shows when I was sick. I had never even heard of it. By the end of the day I had watched every episode in the cue and set up a series recording on the DVR.

    As far as how to market it… Sell it to USA Network. They know how to market smart funny and quirky shows. That would leave a spot for another cartoon for Fox to market.

  5. Robert says

    Have you noticed that no sitcom about smart people who act smart exists? Breaking In did the unthinkable on network TV by having smart people do smart things in a half hour sitcom format. Every other half hour sitcom is about morons acting like morons, or in the case of Big Bang Theory, supposedly smart people acting like morons. Breaking In was also one of the few nerd/geek shows on TV that appreciates that audience.

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