Breaking In: Cancelled (Again); No Season Three

Breaking In cancelled season threeThere won’t be a last minute season three reprieve for Breaking In. After 20 episodes, the FOX sitcom has been cancelled for good this time.

Breaking In revolves around a crack team of security experts who will do just about anything to bug one another, get a job or keep a client. It stars Christian Slater, Megan Mullally, Alphonso McAuley, Bret Harrison and Erin Richards.

The sitcom debuted mid-season 2010-11 and did moderately well in its limited first season run. FOX cancelled it but then went on to make a new deal for a season two. While a lot of fans expressed excitement over the series resurrection, few seemed to care when the show returned this past March.

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Breaking In returned to a disappointing 1.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 3.60 million total viewers. It was in third place in its timeslot and lost a lot of viewers from its New Girl lead-in.

Subsequent episodes had even worse ratings and FOX pulled the show after five weeks on the air.

On our FOX Ratings Report Card, which tracks the relative performance of the network’s shows, Breaking In registered a “D-” grade. It’s the second-lowest rated scripted show on the network, beating only Fringe.

FOX has eight unaired episodes of Breaking In remaining. The network may decide to run them over the summer but hasn’t announced any specific plans to do so.

What do you think? Are you sorry to see the show cancelled? Did you like season one more than season two?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Stackman says

    I really did enjoy Season 1: the insider tech-thingies (but still at a followable pace) and the presence of Melanie and Cam

    I hoped Season 2 gonna be familiar, but when I saw it is always indoors and Mel left Contra, I was hesitating to stop watching the show.

    Not cool, FOX, not cool.

  2. Philip Spies says

    This really sucks. Was spook happy when they released the second season. Now they pull it again. It’s an awesome show, please bring it back FOX!!

  3. JoeyDVDZ says

    Two words: Megan Mullalley.

    She’s a F***ng show killer. Not funny, not edgy, not a good actress. I mean come on, it’s freaking Christian Slater, for cripes sake. That should have been enough to keep this thing running forever. But no, FOX has to monkey around with the formula. Anyone remember Human Target? Great premise, great show, add a couple of “romantic interests”, or comedic foils, and the entire dynamic goes away. STUPID!

  4. WolvenSpectre says

    It went from campy and cool and smart with lots of inside jokes done at a quick pace. Season 2 slowed it down, turned the series coolest character with the most presence that could do no wrong and made him and oaf, took the love interest away, and practically removed the stings. The only right thing they did was add the British PA.

    I and still waiting for Oz to wake up from his nightmare and have the real season 2 Bobby Ewing style.

  5. Cory says

    Too be honest, I’m not surprised this show was canceled again, Season 1 was ‘Ok’ – but what got me interested in this show was about the Security; They barley do that and it’s all about the work area and wonder why it didn’t succeed, If they contracted on more of doing actual security work, This could of maybe got better results.

    I don’t see this coming back from the dead anytime soon unless which I highly doubt do a complete re-structure on how they do the show as the things I’ve mentioned above, but I which I doubt will happen as this has already been canceled twice, so I think there is nothing really to proceed.

  6. Matt says

    I loved season one but season two just didn’t have the same chemistry or feel to it and it fell flat on it’s face. I mean seriously look at how season one ended and yet never mentioned what happened with cam and the girl he knew from high school. And then after Mel left that just did it for me. I stopped watching at that point. Season 1 was awesome season 2 it seemed fox played Russian roulette and of course shot themselves in the face.

  7. Craig says

    I would like the see the remaining episodes, but I agree with Ted and Brian. The show was changed for the worse in season 2.

  8. says

    Agreed. I loved season 1 and was excited that it got a second chance. But it came back as a office sitcom with none of the charm it used to have. They don’t even go out and do heists anymore!

    Whoever decided that it needed to be re-tooled killed the show.

    • Kat says

      This is how I feel, too. Isn’t the first time FOX execs have completely gutted a beloved show and then get surprised when it utterly fails, but it’s certainly disappointing.

  9. Ted says

    I really enjoyed season one but was thoroughly disgusted with the changes made in season two. Season one was a winning show but the revamp in season two just sucked!

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