Breakout Kings: Cancelled; No Season Three

Breakout Kings no season 3A&E has cancelled their crime drama, Breakout Kings after two seasons and 23 episodes. It seems this case is closed.

Breakout Kings follows a squad of U.S. Marshals who make special deals with prisoners to catch escaped convicts. The cast includes Laz Alonso, Domenick Lombardozzi, Brooke Nevin, Malcolm Goodwin, Serinda Swan, and Jimmi Simpson.

The series debuted in March 2011 to a 1.2 rating in the demo with 2.8 million viewers. The ratings declined in later weeks and the first season finale drew a 0.8 rating with 2.01 million.

Should Breakout Kings have been cancelled?

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In March 2012, the second season debuted with a 0.8 rating with 2.11 million. In that episode, many viewers were shocked to see Alonso’s lead character Charlie abruptly killed off. Alonso later told fans that leaving the show was not his idea.

Over the course of season two, the ratings for Breakout Kings further declined, hitting a low of a 0.5 rating with 1.27 million. The finale aired last month and A&E has decided they don’t want a third season.

Of the cancellation, Malcolm Goodwin (Shea on the series) tweeted, “So Breakout Kings is canceled. Thx to all 4 the luv & support over the last 2 seasons! It’s been a fun experience! Much luv! On to the next.”

The news comes soon after co-creator Matt Olmstead was signed to run NBC’s new fireman drama, Chicago Fire.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Breakout Kings won’t be back for a third season? Did Alonso leaving the series influence your watching the series?

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  1. Arturo Teixeira says

    Man, seriously? I was so excited to see what was coming next season!
    I’m from Brazil and I don’t get as much contact with all the series as most countries, and when I get to find this one show that gets me excited and thrilled, they do THIS?!
    Man, I don’t know what’s been going on lately, every single show that I get to watch and enjoy has been canceled! I’m THIS close to give up watching anything on TV.

  2. Alex says

    I am so mad that this got cancelled!!! I hate tv networks like this, only concerned about how many ratings. The only good show a&e had going for themselves was breakout kings. No more a&e for me and also why would you not expect some big twist like Charlie dieing? The show actually got better after his death. Anyways this ruins my day.

  3. Hector Seedcake says

    Unbelievable news.
    Just started showing this on the main satellite provider in the UK, I’ve already seen both series and had been spreading the word.

    American TV shows / series just seem dead. No warning, no ending.
    Unforgettable, The Finder, Alcatraz…………

  4. Jay says

    Real shame this has been canned, I was enjoying it. Hadn’t started the 2nd season yet though. I would’ve loved to see T-Bag come back in it again somehow. He was a brilliant character and could’ve put a good spin on things.

  5. Jim says

    my wife and i are wondering why we should bother wasting our time with TV at all anymore. you get into a show and before you know it, it gets canned.

    this holds true especially for shows that have long-term story arcs. they get cancelled before we get any resolution. so we essentially wasted out time watching it.

    my rant wasn’t just for this show….just a rant in general that seems to occur atthe same time every year. :(

  6. Cel says

    Well Matt Olmstead you’re an IDIOT. That new show of his will most likely get cancelled in its first season, meanwhile you had a perfectly good show going and you mess it up by killing off Charlie? I was shocked to read it wasnt the actors decision to leave! I thought for sure he got a movie deal or something that would interfere with his schedule. But no Olmstead did that so he could end his show, what a complete effin fool. Breakout Kings could have gone on for a while even with new deputies, because the cons were the true stars anyway. (Mainly Lloyd) I wish a plague on this man’s career, may Matt Olmstead never make even a slightly successful show again!

    • Kat says

      Breakout Kings came from the creators of Prison Break. Was it really that shocking to have a major character die? And Charlie’s death served the story, it wasn’t done on a whim or so Matt Olmstead could have a new show. Matt Olmstead leaving Breakout Kings for Chicago Fire is irrelevant, as they still had one half of the pair of creators on Breakout Kings. Breakout Kings could’ve continued for another season if A&E hadn’t stupidly axed it after only two seasons. Your rage should be directed at them, not at one of the two head guys responsible for bringing us this wonderful show in the first place. P.S. Chicago Fire looks awful, it’ll likely bomb.

  7. Kat says

    This is not only shocking, but actually insane. Breakout Kings was a great, entertaining show that shouldn’t have been cut so short in its lifespan like this… I think those ratings are still pretty good for A&E. There was still so much that could’ve been done with the characters on this show, especially Lloyd and Jules! Alonso leaving didn’t affect my viewership; knowing that it came from the creators of Prison Break prepared me for beloved characters to get killed off, and it worked in a story sense.

    I saw a clip for Chicago Fire and I was definitely not impressed. The one upside to this is that I won’t have to see A&E’s awful reality TV programs advertised each commercial break, as I’m now done with the network as a whole.

  8. Mike says

    What I think is Matt olmstead is a rat for leaving his show. I hope Chicago fire sucks so he gets his just reward… And the rest of the cast prosper , dom,Brook, Malcolm,Serinda & Jimmi nest wishes.

    Thanks Mike

  9. Ron Goforth says

    This is one of my favorite shows, just like “The Cleaner” I’m very disappointed it was cancelled!!

  10. says

    I am so sorry to see breakout kings go, as are many, many friends and family members. Each character performance was above and beyound and unique, yet bonded to each other greatly.

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