Breakthrough with Tony Robbins: NBC TV Show Pulled, Cancelled

Breakthrough with Tony RobbinsPositive thinking certainly didn’t help NBC’s new reality series, Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, in the ratings. The TV show’s been pulled after just two episodes.

In Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, self-help master Tony Robbins seeks to help ordinary people overcome big challenges so that they can begin living their lives to their true potential.

The first episode of Breakthrough got off to a very poor start with a 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and only 3.12 million viewers. That put the debut in fourth place in both areas.

This week’s installment attracted about the same in the demo but total viewership fell to 2.76 million viewers. How low could the ratings go?

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We won’t get to find out. NBC has pulled Breakthrough effective immediately. They’ve replaced it with repeats of Minute to Win It for the foreseeable future.

This leaves four episodes of Breakthrough on the shelf, unaired. The network hasn’t made any indication that they’ll burn off the remaining installments. There is no way that NBC will be ordering any more episodes and the show’s been confirmed as cancelled.

What do you think? Did you like Breakthrough with Tony Robbins? Why do you think the show didn’t succeed in attracting more viewers?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Heather Smith says

    Maybe the show did not suceed on NBC because not alot of people know it was actually going to be on. I would have watched it faithfully had I know it was going to be on. Maybe this show would do really well on the OWN network or one similar where people are looking for inspiration in their lives instead of the “Boring Reality TV Show World” we live in or the twisted political views on each channel.

  2. LV says

    I like Tony Robbins. I once attended a Tony Robbins’ seminar at the Pond which is now the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. His seminar was positive and uplifiting for the human spirit. He’s a good person in my opinion and I’m very sorry his show was cancelled. Timing is every thing in life and maybe Tony Robbins’ show will air again when the timing is right.

  3. Anonymous says

    I did an interview to do this show, they came to my house and made me pretend to have anxiety attack on camera. There tryed to get my husband and me to fight. I am so glad I told them to get out and no thanks!!!!!!

  4. Too Bad says

    I am really sad this show was cancelled after 2 episodes. I agree with most of the comments that it really is needed to know the fears in all of us are not as worse as they seem. The episode of the people going homeless really opened my eyes. I hope they rethink or Mr. Robbins can get another network to pick his show up. Another good show down the drain.

  5. Kathy Hagins says

    I loved the first episode. I was surprised that Tony had the courage to focus on a man with a spinal cord injury confined to a wheelchair. My 14 year old son is confined to a wheelchair so this episode immediately touched my heart. Most people have no idea the amount of coordination both physical and mental and financial that it takes to care for someone in this situation. My experience is that most of the time the average person wants people with physical and mental challanges out of sight out of mind. I guess that’s also the position the TV network took as well. I’m sorry the show was cancelled. I’ve been following Tony Robbins for years but never knew of his compassion for disabled people. I’m sure Tony will figure out a way to get back on TV.

  6. Geneen DiCarlo says

    My husband and I loved the show as well. We DVR’d both episodes. I am just hoping that another network picks it up. I am really interested to watch the unseen episodes. So inspiring. Tony is amazing and I agree that it didn’t get enough publicity!! Praying that Tony gets his show back. !

  7. Sue Rhodes says

    Since I do not watch netork tv I did not know about it. I just came across it online. Many years ago I read his books all the time. It is too bad that show did not last because we need someone to influence others to be positive and inspire them to reach their full potential.

  8. says

    I was at Tony’s UPW event when the first episode aired, you could just tell how much thought and energy when into creating this show. I can only laugh that the general population would not enjoy a show like this…REAL reality TV…oh well, their loss!

  9. juliana nahas says

    I loved the show ! it was a breath of fresh air ! a hope for a better future !
    I am very sad to hear it was cancelled.
    NBC didn’t give it enough of a chance to allow the buzz word to go out !
    It was a very much needed show for this day and age.

  10. Karen Penney says

    Another reason, I believe, this show wasn’t as great on the ratings as was hoped for is those of us who are Tony Robbins followers and seekers of a better life don’t rely on the television as a daily part of our lives. We seek other alternatives that are more time effective than “prime time television”. Additionally, I think we use other means to “zone out” such as exercise, music, dancing, reading, etc.

    The mass majority of individuals who do sit in front of the tube to watch a show every night or every week are, unfortunately, not looking for change. Sadly, to make their lives better is not at the top of their priority list. What is, as was mentioned in earlier posts, is absent minded or what I call brain numbing television with no real purpose. People don’t want to be challenged when they sit down to “tune out”. They want to have their senses tickled just enough but not too much to make them uncomfortable.

    I, however, was very impressed with the progress made. I found it useful to hear AND see a step by step “system” presented for each of the hurdles each case faced. I find myself chanting some of the things Tony said in the shows to myself throughout the day and as a result was able to successfully complete a period of fasting, incorporated some more effective changes into my exercise regiment and have begun my PPII series again to refresh. In my daily life, I can’t get enough of Tony Robbins’ powerful knowledge and I learn something life altering every time I encounter his work, whatever the media form!

    • says

      Love the comments Karen. This awesome show was cancelled because people like to watch mind numbing TV so they can procrastinate and create barriers on changing their own lives; and shift the blame on everyone but themselves for their life situation. Self accountability does not even enter the picture. Thanks for the comment.



  11. says

    It is extremely sad to know that one of the only shows (if not the only one) that teaches people about the most important things in life such as: State of Mind, Empowering, Contribution, Success and Gratefulness did not find enough passionate viewers and ends-up off the air. I still do not understand why society looks for negativity, and crap to spend hours in stead of finding a way to grow and become better person…. Tony you are amazing and as someone said ” The world can not have enough of you” all my respect and love to you. Juan Arcila!

  12. Janet Drake says

    It doesn’t surprise me that there was some dumb mindless show ready to jump in his slot. I think that there was not enough publicity. I heard about it through my brother and got to see the two episodes. Loved it!!!!

  13. T says

    I am not surprised that the show didnt stay on TV. The population of this country will sit there and watch mind numbing shows that are fictional and they will watch the News that is full of Negative crap. The same people elected OBAMA. So why should I be surprised that they wouldnt watch a Great Motivator and Life changer Like Tony Robbins.
    God help us,

    • Madelin says

      Are you kiddin first of all Obama was the fall guy what do you do when you are handed a 13 trillion dollar deficit and to top it all off deal with the mess Bush left which in my opinion was the dumbest president of the united states Tony Robbins didn’t succeed because alike our previous president they are all a bunch of idiots who cannot think for themselves much less appreciate real t.v. I hate politcs but I hope Obama wins again

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