Breakthrough with Tony Robbins: NBC TV Show Pulled, Cancelled

Breakthrough with Tony RobbinsPositive thinking certainly didn’t help NBC’s new reality series, Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, in the ratings. The TV show’s been pulled after just two episodes.

In Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, self-help master Tony Robbins seeks to help ordinary people overcome big challenges so that they can begin living their lives to their true potential.

The first episode of Breakthrough got off to a very poor start with a 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and only 3.12 million viewers. That put the debut in fourth place in both areas.

This week’s installment attracted about the same in the demo but total viewership fell to 2.76 million viewers. How low could the ratings go?

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We won’t get to find out. NBC has pulled Breakthrough effective immediately. They’ve replaced it with repeats of Minute to Win It for the foreseeable future.

This leaves four episodes of Breakthrough on the shelf, unaired. The network hasn’t made any indication that they’ll burn off the remaining installments. There is no way that NBC will be ordering any more episodes and the show’s been confirmed as cancelled.

What do you think? Did you like Breakthrough with Tony Robbins? Why do you think the show didn’t succeed in attracting more viewers?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Maria Alverez says

    I don’t think people even realized that it was on. I was shocked to see an ad one week prior, as I hadn’t heard/seen anything about it. It’s hard to believe they replaced this with something that is really mindless, fine to kill time, but mindless. There may be a place fore mindless programming, but I would think that so many people are so down and out right now. It is really nice to see people overcoming obstacles. I think I am boycotting NBC until they start actually trying to create good tv and not 2 weeks of ratings. Seems like we just went through this with Conan. They are “ratings whores”.

  2. says

    Robbins Show pulled? What a disappointment!! I had my DVR set to record the entire season, and they pulled it after only two episodes. Those that have learned from Tony’s teachings are out making it happen, in a distraught economy finding a way to make something out of nothing. Then when we return home to get a little motivation, and wanting to watch something conducive to cerebral hygiene, we find that it has been replaced with a show that won’t help our society, people, or finances! If rating were low it wasn’t b/c of the lack of interest or beneficial content in the series, but rather needing more advertising. Our culture needs more shows like this that will encourage people to be motivated, decisive in life plans, and motivated to create opportunity. I’m saddened that this show has been canceled.

  3. says

    His show was awesome and a true inspiration for the times. A man who is a master at pushing people beyond their limits and guiding them to success gets pulled? Give me a break as Stossell would say. This was an error to pull and a huge lack of proper marketing on the networks part. This show is a success waiting in the wings for someone with talent to get it out there. If you like Tony, then you will also like and all the FREE STUFF in the site. I did a two week course with Tony years ago and found him inspiring not to mention exhilarating……

  4. Trevor Chilton says

    I am also disappointed in NBC pulling this show however with the numbers it is not surprising. The question remains is would it have killed them to at least run the six episodes they had contracted. Looking at the comments on the blog indicate that those who did actually watch it thought otherwise. Since I don’t live in the US I had to get my viewing from You Tube thank goodness someone posted them.

    What is incredibly sad is that this is not so much a report card on Tony or the show both were world class what it shows is that the American people are not. If you put some useless crap and drivel on TV and demonstrate the worst of people and human affairs then the ratings roll in but put something on to inspire and enlighten and it gets a “so what” reaction from the public. This is more a sign of the times or a sign of the mentality of the American population which is indeed a sad story to write and just maybe it tells the real reason for the American fall from grace as a world leader.

    I would indeed agree with many great thinkers that believe that those that immerse themselves in prime time TV will themselves NEVER be successful all of which certainly would not measure up to the subjects of the first two inspiring shows and their heart felt Breakthroughs!. I personally do not know a sole that I consider exceptionally successful that would dream of making a steady diet out of prime time network TV most of it is just crap both mentally and morally destructive. Now without this show out of the way they have that much more room to replace it with more crap!

  5. says

    I am SOOOO disappointed they canceled this. I loved the inspirational momentum this show provided. 3+million viewers is still a hell of a lot of people interested in happy, breakthrough stories. Its what we all want with our own lives!!

    Please consider bringing it back! Or Tony tell us how can we still support this effort/movement?? We want to see you helping people. 3 + million people care!!
    watch the episodes on HULU…..thanks Hulu!!

  6. says

    It seems like they didn’t even give the show a chance. Tony Robbins is such a powerful force and the concepts he teaches do work. I’ve used them in my own life and have completed his entire course in the late ’90s. I would have thought that a little Tony Robbins is exactly what the doctor ordered to restore people’s spirits in these times. Maybe they’d rather feel better about themselves by veggin out to the stupid made up drama in the lives of today’s pseudo celebrities in reality tv.

    Too bad. It was great inspiration.

  7. Susan says

    Perhaps there was not enough advanced publicity. I loved both shows. The stories made me want to get up and get on with actively pursuing my dreams.

    It may have been the wrong choice to have the wheelchair bound husband in the first episode. Perhaps not enough TV viewers could identify with his particular challenge so they changed the channel.

    This TV series is for people who want to be inspired to move forward in life. Let’s face it. A lot of us do not want to move out of our comfort zones. We prefer to stay stuck. We like reality shows where people are behaving badly.

    I am so very dispappointed that this show did not reach a wide enough audience to justify running all 4 episodes.

    Perhaps Tony Robbins needs to do a pledge drive special on PBS TV the way that Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra have done over the years. This will give him more public visibility.

    Also, Tony was on Larry King Live with a country music singer and her husband who were promoting the second episode. I really wanted to see that couple, but for some reason that episode was pulled and they ran the show with the couple in the homeless shelter. I don’t understand why they did advance publicity on Larry King with a particular couple and then pull the show and run a different one. That did not make sense to me.

    I hope to see all 4 episodes some way, somehow. Well worth watching!

  8. says

    I think it’s SO SAD that all these horrible reality shows (which aren’t reality) are on & people watch them but when Anthony Robbins comes on & has a show of REAL VALUE of digging deep within ourselves, taking resposibility, and GOING for all our dreams & desires they pull it off because of Money & ratings. It goes to show you where money has so much to do with the United States well being. It’s driven by greed instead of love. WHEN is everyone going to finally realize that we need help. We need people like him to change what’s going on in this world. It’s just so so said. BRING THAT SHOW BACK! Help change lives.

  9. Joseph Reichert says

    I think this is a terrible mistake and a statement of the venality, and banality of network programming . I hope that TNT or Lifetime picks this up because this is the very advice we need at this “rough time” in our history.

    I have long admired Mr. Robbins but have never had the will power (My fault) to follow through. I think I discovered him too late when I was already too cynical about the world and life in general. But, if I were under 40, I would certainly try to follow his ideas because I KNOW THEY WORK because I have seen them work for others.

  10. Rudy says

    I thought the story about the quadraplegic accident victim was extraordinary and the episode with the family that was affected by the economic downturn was very educational and a great story for the times.

    Pretty sad that NBC would cancell what I thought was a win win series so abruptly, shame on them for their short sighted optimism.

  11. Rose says

    I too loved the breakthrough with Tony Robbins show. What a disappointment its been cancelled and replaced with re-runs of Minute to Win it. How bizarre.

    Tony’s website with backup support for viewers to make changes in their own life situations was stellar too.

    I looked forward to the show all week and couldn’t figure what happened to it for the last two weeks. At least I know now and hopefully another channel will pick up that awesome guy with a big smile and radiant heart.

  12. Dr Julie Weisberg says

    THAT IS INSANE!!! GREAT SHOW, CONCEPT AND EXECUTION!!! If Tony Robbins can’t sell SELF improvement IN THIS economy and turmoil then I don’t know WHO CAN!!! This should have been a SLAM DUNK!!! There must not have been enough publicity!! Go to another network…Bravo, E, TvLand, USA, UPN…SOME ONE will want it AND PROMOTE it properly, MAYBE even gve it a FULL MONTH to gain momemtum!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing Breakthrough on the LUCKY network that picks it up,
    Dr Julie Weisberg

  13. Richard De Bruin says

    I LOVED the show Breakthrough With Tony Robbins. I find it hard to believe that those ratings were accurate especially as a lead-in to America’s Got Talent–impossible. I thought it was a very inspirational show, like Losing it With Jillian (which is probably canceled too). NBC producers just don’t get it. Introducing a show in the summer is hard enough. They should give it ONE MORE CHANCE when new shows come out in the fall and I bet it will be a hit. I think too much of the public is pre-disposed to think of him as “THAT INFORMERCIAL GUY.” We all (including NBC producers) should look more to the quality of the show. My first thought when I watched it was “finally a positive reality show.” Then, it is canceled. Bad move NBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ben bridge says

    OmG!! Canceled?!?!? WTHell!?! I loved this two episodes!! My dvr eas set to record the whole season and find out NBC pulled it off??!? My God, talk about BAD moves!!! Kust remember youre mistakes Mr CEO.

  15. kristy foster says

    it’s amazing to me how Quickly a TV Network will cancel a series… Have you ever considered that it takes at least 3-4 weeks for the Public to even realize a new Series is on the Air in a given Time Slot? The Pattern seems to be: Network blitz the air waves for Two straight months promoting a new Show.. if it doesn’t “blow away the numbers” in the first week it’s canceled.. talk about short attention span..

    I still have NOT had a chance to watch the 2nd episode just due to being busy with work/kids etc.. I find watching Regular TV to be the worst… ABC literally had 5mins of “The Doctors” followed by 4mins of commericals…back for 2mins to the program then another 4mins of Commericals…

    all I can say is… thankfully TIVO Exists.. and Tony Robbins Should make the entire series available on DVD for purchase

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