Brooklyn DA: Cancelled? Shipped to Saturdays

brooklyn da canceled?CBS is sending their new low-rated docu-series Brooklyn DA to Saturday nights, starting at 9pm on June 22nd. Next Tuesday’s episode will be replaced by a rerun of Person of Interest.

Brooklyn DA follows the men and women of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, both in and out of the courtroom. The show debuted on May 28th to a disappointing 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 4.99 million viewers.

The ratings have been dropping even lower each week. The most recent installment drew just a 0.6 in the demo and 3.56 million.

CBS has been calling Brooklyn DA a six-part series. Had the show been more successful, the network surely would have considered a second season. But, with such dismal ratings, that isn’t likely a consideration.

With three episodes remaining, the last episode of Brooklyn DA is expected to air on Saturday, July 6th.

Here’s the press release:


A team of prosecutors investigate claims of a man pretending to be his dead mother, another team breaks up an illegal bones and body tissue harvesting business, and Rackets Chief MikeVecchione takes on his critics over allegations of misconduct, on the next BROOKLYN DA to be broadcast Saturday, June 22 (9:00 – 10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

BROOKLYN DA is a six-part news documentary series focusing on an eclectic group of men and women in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office and their lives inside and outside of the courtroom.

In the fourth broadcast, prosecutors Patricia McNeill and Josh Hanshaft, who are so close they refer to each other as work spouses, detail their investigation into an illegal bone and body tissue harvesting business. One of the victims was legendary broadcaster Alistair Cooke. The case began in a Brooklyn funeral home where an oral surgeon took bones and tissue samples from corpses without permission and sold them to unsuspecting medical labs. The scam – which netted the doctor and his team millions of dollars – and eventually involved multiple funeral homes in 16 cities across the country.

Prosecutors Joe Alexis and Richard Farrell take on the strange case of a man who impersonated his dead mother to avoid losing a multi-million dollar home and access to his mother’s income. Meanwhile, Rackets Chief Mike Vecchione talks about the high-profile cases he’s prosecuted and also, for the first time, answers allegations of misconduct.

BROOKLYN DA was created by Patti Aronofsky, who is also the senior supervising producer. Ruth Chenetz, Liza Finley, Kim Kennedy and Elena DiFiore are the producers. Lauren Clark is the field producer. David Franklin, Michael Vele and George Baluzy are the producer-editors. Mead Stone is the senior creative producer. Anthony Batson is the senior broadcast producer. Susan Zirinsky is the senior executive producer.

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What do you think? Do you like Brooklyn DA? Do you think the series should be brought back for a second season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Li says

    This is a fascinating show that I came upon and continued to watch for the entire season.
    If there was more exposure so that the public were aware of this show, the audience would be huge. Unfortunately, there were limited marketing efforts/ advertising and it was hit or miss as to whether the show was identied and located. I hope this show is renewed and efforts are made to educate the audience about this show which is fantastic!

  2. Danna says

    I actually enjoyed ur show. U need go give it a chance. Promote it. And I think if u do a story and maybe finish it instead of continuing it the following week, u might also get more viewers. That was the only downfall of the show. Stories always concluded to the following week. But, bring back for a second season and give it another chance.

  3. Geoge M says

    This is cool reality show,I think if give a chance it can be a great show for the adult people and it’s not a meat market kind of show like big brother.but if it’s cancel maybe a better channel will pick it up

  4. George bush says

    This show was cool but the way it was put together, they kinda dragged the episodes out a bit. I would get into an episode and then the story is continued to the next episode, which by that time I forgot all a out the previous. Then they switched days. Wtf? The only thing I didn’t like was that Asian dude that ate too much. Theme song sucks too.

  5. Baerbel says

    I really loved this show. I am very upset that is has been cancelled. Ahows like these are canned and the trash stays on.

    • Geoge M says

      don’t know who is making the decisions picking shows,but they prefer meat market shows over decent shows for the right mind kind of crows.young people does not watch tv unless there is a sex on the screen,but that’s for other cable channels.not main steam family channels

  6. Glenda says

    I love this show. I’m so very disappointed that it is cancelled. But I’m more disappointed in the direction that the nation is going. The wildly popular network television programs insult my intelligence so badly that I hardly ever watch anything on them. Just my opinion. Maybe a cable station will pick up this intelligent, well done series. I hope so.

  7. Michele says

    How does one lobby for a tv show to continue? Wow…give it some time CBS and some advertisement – a quality low budget program – yet a network spends millions on trash like “Under the Dome”

  8. Barbara says

    We are big fans of this show! It is reality tv at its best. The people in the da’s office are really neat people — especially the lawyer/detective who loves Columbo and eats all the time. We too are older and wonder if our opinion counts any more. Hope that it will be renewed; there is so little worth watching on tv.

    • Glenda says

      I’m 65. Maybe that is the problem. I find myself watching PBS, BBC and other cable stations that actually give a series a chance. Sad but true I think.

  9. Carly says

    I love watching any kind of lawyers shows, and I really like this realty one and knowing it wasn’t stage at all. Its interesting to see how the DA’s work their cases. It could improve in not jumping into differents stories, and find out the results in these cases, especially the one from last Saturday episode about the selling of the bones from the mortuary. This story line didn’t give finish, so makes me wonder what happen.

  10. Sue says

    I enjoy this show and the bones episode I would like to speak to someone about. My brother received cadaver bone in his neck during this time and now has a deadly disease. He lived in Alaska at the time and his surgery was in a hospital.. I feel this is worth following up on.

    Thank you.

  11. Mark L says

    My wife and I are both over 49 and also LOVE this show. CBS did not advertise the show much and should give it a chance. We are very disappointed that the advertisers seem only interested in the under 49 crowd. We spend money too, you know.

  12. Ray D. says

    Really appreciate the trials ( no pun intended ) & tribulations the DA’s office goes through. I enjoy the way it was put together as well as showing it’s not quite like the way it’s portrayed in Hollywood. Keep it going.

  13. mary says

    like the show. you do realize that people that are over 49 do watch tv and buy the products advertised. give the show a chance

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