Brothers: Is FOX Quietly Cancelling the Sitcom?

Brothers TV showFOX’s only new traditional sitcom of the season, Brothers, has been performing poorly in the ratings, even for a Friday night. Now it appears that FOX is finished with it.

Brothers revolves around a former NFL superstar (Michael Strahan) who finds himself with an empty bank account and heads back to his old hometown. He must make peace and work with his newly-paraplegic brother (Daryl “Chill” Mitchell) who runs a struggling restaurant. The series also stars Carl Weathers, CCH Pounder, and Colton Dunn.

On September 25th, Brothers debuted to a disappointing 2.82 million viewers and a paltry 1.0/4 in the 18-49 demographic. The numbers have gotten even worse as the weeks have progressed. The network recently started rerunning episodes on Sunday nights in hopes of finding an audience for the show. It hasn’t helped.

Should Brothers be cancelled?

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FOX recently announced that they were bumping low-rated Brothers, ‘Til Death, and Dollhouse from the Friday schedule for the duration of the November sweeps period.

Repeat episodes of Brothers will however continue to air on Sunday nights. Original episodes will be quietly burned off on November 8th, November 22nd, and December 13th. On December 27th, FOX will air two installments. After that, Brothers is off the schedule and the timeslot will be filled by ‘Til Death.

Though FOX hasn’t officially said that they’re cancelling the sitcom, they aren’t ordering any more episodes either. They’ve dubbed the second installment on December 27th as the “season finale,” meaning that it won’t be back this season. Considering the terrible ratings, the network is highly unlikely to order a second round.

So, it looks certain that Brothers has been quietly cancelled. The question is, will many people notice?

What do you think? Is Brothers gone for good? Are you sorry to see it go?

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  1. CryB says

    Thats crazy man I loved that show it’s way better than all the other crap on fox. Im sick of all that fringe and bones and stuff only thing really good is house, glee and brothers. and y is it that black sitcoms always get knocked first thats bs i’m telling you.

  2. says

    well i can,t say fox did not, promo the show because they did and lets face it putting the show on fridays nights was not the best night for any show,, and then fox moved it to sundays with still the same in terms of ratings, so no i do thing the show gone by the wayside, to bad fox does not have the balls to give it more time.

    • says

      @raymond vaughn: I think you’ll find that FOX didn’t have much faith in the series from the start. That’s why it ended up on Friday nights.

  3. J.J. says

    Ah, man!!!! That’s just sad! While this wasn’t the best sitcom on tv, at least it was funnier that the Kelsey Grammer thing, the Patricia Heaton thing, the Ed O’Neill thing, and that disaster with the guy from Talk Soup. Why can’t those be taken off the air???

  4. Kevin says

    I’ve watched all the episodes, while it’s just okay, it’s nothing to write home about. Cancellation is not a surprise.

  5. Jenni says

    I LOVE this show. Fox has not done enough to promote it and it was doomed to low ratings when put on Fridays. It’s funny, unique, the acting is actually good, and it’s well written. TV really needs this show, especially now. Black, White, or Whatever, Americans NEED this clean and funny show! C’MON FOX! DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!

  6. Faith says

    They never even gave this show a chance!! They needed to do a little bit of promo at least!! I caught it by accident and would LOVE TO HAVE IT BACK!! can’t even get a campaign going because Fox never let enough people know, I HOPE THEY FIND ANOTHER HOME IF FOX IS NOT SMART ENOUGH!!!!

  7. San Diego Steve says

    I really like the show. My wife thinks it’s stupid, but I think it’s funny. I used to like that show with Jenna Elfman with the black guy in the wheelchair, who was funny too! It’s sure a lot better than Tyler Perry’s House of Pain or Meet The Browns, or other lame black comedies these days. It beats watching some of the other tired shows that the networks are cramming down our throats, such as “V.” Uh, the 80s called and wants it’s aliens back! Hank, The Middle, and Modern Family, on the other hand, are the season’s best new shows BY FAR!

  8. Sherill says

    I wasn’t even aware when the show was to air. I don’t know what is so special about Friday night accept for the fact that most people are unwinding out somewhere. Instead of being home watching the tv. If it needed a new night why not put it on Thursday. Most boring night for tv! Another black sitcom taken off the air before it’s even given a chance. No wonder they turn to USA, TBS, TNT, & BET!!

  9. Dani says

    I didn’t even know the show was on. I found it by accident flipping channels. How can it find an audience if kno one even knows it is on nor when it is on.

  10. ALB999 says

    Thats a shame, I knew something fishy was up when I stopped seeing commercials for the show, and dont have anything on DVR in a while. Thats how they do “our” shows move it to obscene hours and days that are hard to watch and then when the ratings droop that’s their cause for canning it, maybe they can find a taker on TVOne, or BET. After The Cosby’s and A different World, hollywood doesnt care for respectable black entertainment quality shows and characters we can relate to. Sadly Brothers will be joining the ranks of The Wayans Brothers show, Living Single, and Martin the shows we loved but the execs were fast to yank off the air once the ratings gave them a legit cause. its 2009 and we have a black president but in terms of hollywood alot HASNT changed. stay strong and support our own.

  11. Kathypratt says

    Why don’t they put the show on Wednesday. I was just searching for the show & even looked up Michael ‘s name and couldn’t find him or the show. I seldom watch Wednesday’s schedule. Nothing is on. I loved the show. I just now found that it’s on Sunday. I went to the Internet to look up Michael’s name, hoping it would tell me where the show had gone. Please keep the show . It is really funny. Everyone needs a laugh.

  12. R.J. Sheedy says

    I sure hope not. i loved this show. it would be sad to see the only new FOX Sitcom in over a year to be good gone. (THE LAST GOOD SITCOM ON FOX WAS BACK IN 07 WITH BACK TO YOU) Cancell The Good Ones But Keep The Bad Ones (TIL DEATH!!)

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