Which Bubble TV Show Should Be Renewed? You Said…

CastleWell, after three rounds of our “tournament” and nearly 7,000 total votes, you’ve decided which “bubble show” you’d most like to see return next season. Did your TV show win? Will it be renewed?

In round one of the game, we asked you to select from a list of 30+ shows that were of danger of being cancelled. It wasn’t easy but more than 1,600 people made their choices and we came up with six clear favorites: Better Off Ted, Castle, Chuck, Fringe, Medium, and Trauma.

In the second round, three of those shows — Better Off Ted, Medium and Trauma — were all left in the dust.

Castle was the clear winner of round two. Chuck narrowly beat out Fringe for the number two spot but Fringe was actually renewed as we closed out the voting so Fringe fans didn’t have much to be sad about.

It came down to Chuck vs. Castle. We suspected that the sci-fi fans who’d voted for Fringe might switch to Chuck and tip the scales but it didn’t happen.

Castle has won our tournament and is officially the show our readers would most like to see return next season. It beat out Chuck by a very wide margin.

Though we don’t control the networks, it seems fairly certain that Castle will be renewed for next season. It’s been holding up well against some tough Monday night competition.

Chuck hasn’t been doing as well and last week, came in fourth place in the key demographic and total viewers. While the peacock network is struggling and has lots of airtime to fill next season, Chuck is far from a shoe-in for renewal.

At the end of this season, there will be 54 episodes of Chuck in the can. It seems likely that Warner Bros. would want to keep it going for at least one more season for the syndication package and might make a deal with NBC. If the ratings remain the same or moderately improve, I suspect Chuck will be renewed for 13 episodes.

So, what do you think? Are the results of our game a surprise? Do you agree with the results or was there another show that’s more deserving of a renewal than Castle?

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  1. Jerry Certain says

    Chuck is different. Castle is like 3 or 4 other shows that have a simliar concept i.e (monk, psych, mentalist) granted some of the other shows are comedy but it the same concept about a cop or want to be cop solving crimes no one else can. At least Chuck is fresh

  2. Scarlett says

    Why does it have to be either/or? Both Chuck and Castle have devoted fans and decent ratings, and are entertaining, well-written, and well-acted. I just can’t understand people who watch reality TV. I for one have enough reality in my life, and I watch TV for a few minutes of escapism. Both Chuck and Castle provide that amply, and I would be sorry to lose even those few minutes to — what? Yet another cheap and dumb reality show featuring the most greedy, self-absorbed, and stupid people in the country?

  3. veni hart says

    I agree CHuck is the only thing I ever watch on NBC. They cancel Chuck and I will never turn on NBC again.

  4. tim says

    both of those shows are our favorites and tune in every week for. i am glad to see they made it to the top two finalists in the pole. i hope to see both stick around, great entertainment. both have excellent story lines each week, and i am happy with how they changed chuck up this season after the big save-renewal last season.

  5. Elaine M says

    really disappointed the Trauma didn’t make it. I really love this show. I also love Chuck. I think there were other shows that should have been axed: i.e. ALL reality shows. They really stink!!!

  6. ryame says

    Castle of cuz need to renew but i think Chuck can renew also,the series got awesome story lines and casts… i would hope that Chuck will back for season 4 !!!

  7. says

    Castle is awesome, i have no idea WHY it’s on the bubble. I’m blaming reality TV for killing TV for everything else, and the people tune in to watch those car wrecks. Castle is awesome but it was up against TRAUMA so i had to put my vote there.

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