Bunheads: Not Cancelled, Sets Torn Down

TV series Bunheads on ABC FamilyABC Family still hasn’t renewed Bunheads for a second season but they haven’t cancelled the series either. Things aren’t looking good though as the months wear on.

Supposedly, ABC Family was holding off on making a decision about Bunheads’ fate until they saw how their new shows performed. Well, The Fosters and Twisted aren’t pulling in big ratings like Pretty Little Liars but they are both doing relatively well.

The Fosters has been averaging 1.61 million viewers and Twisted has been attracting about 1.35 million per week. Bunheads’ first season averaged 1.25 million, not much worse than Twisted.

While ABC Family still hasn’t officially cancelled Bunheads, the TV show’s sets have been torn down. Putting sets in storage isn’t unusual when a show is between seasons but it doesn’t sound like there are immediate plans to start using them again. They haven’t been destroyed and that’s at least a glimmer of hope.

What do you think? Are you hoping that Bunheads is renewed or cancelled? Do you like other ABC Family shows better than Bunheads?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Dance101 says

    Bunheads is like NO OTHER show on ABC Family!! It’s not just some teen-drama stuff that is on every other show. It has life lessons, sarcastic and dry humor, and beautiful dances during and at the end of most episodes. Bunheads is such a beautiful show, and I really hope ABC Family doesn’t cancel it, because it’s one of a kind! There is just something very REAL about this show that Pretty Little Liars, the Fosters, The Lying Game, Switched at Birth, and even Twisted DOESN’T have. I love how ABC Family makes it a teen, young adult, and adult friendly TV show. Bunheads is truly a great show for the whole family to watch and has themes for every individual person!

  2. Cindy says

    Love Bunheads! I really hope they renew it. My daughter and I can’t wait to see it each week and are really missing it now!

  3. Theresa says

    Please do not cancel this show! It’s one of the best shows you have put on the air and is perfect for young girls. Both of my granddaughters are in dance and adore this show. If ABC doesn’t want it then maybe someone else will take it over but please don’t cancel it! Rarely do we get shows that adult women and their daughters/granddaughters can watch together and look forward to each new episode!

  4. Renee says

    Bunheads is a great show with a great story line and great actors. Please do not cancel this show. I cannot wait for this show to come back on. The dancing is fantastic. The show is a feel good experience and we all need to feel good these days.

  5. shonna says

    Abc family is going to TRASH! If they cancel bunheads it leaves me no reason to watch the channel. It was heart warming and sweet which I guess doesn’t sell as much as Crap and drama.

  6. Alan says

    Not having a continuing of Bunheads will be very disappointing to me and my wife…..we really enjoyed the first season!

  7. Jeannette says

    I really do enjoy watching “Bunheads”. Please bring it back.

    What about going back in time and have Hubbell back?

    Thanks for concerning!

  8. Rachel says

    Bunheads is one of a very small number of must-watch shows for me. I don’t watch a lot of television, but I have been desperate for more episodes of this show. I absolutely love to see dance on television, and paired with the incredibly smart and funny dialogue I’ve come to love and expect from an Amy Sherman-Palladino show, and the amazing delivery from one of my favorite Broadway stars in Sutton Foster, this show has captivated me in a way that so few television programs do. The exciting new talents of the young dancers are also a joy to get to know and explore. I would be heart-broken to see this show cancelled before it can experience it’s true potential. I seriously hope ABC Family give it the chance it deserves.

  9. Carol says

    I will be very disappointed if Bunheads doesn’t return for another season! The show was funny and heartwarming, and I looked forward to every episode. I know so many people that watched it and loved it. I am very surprised that ABC Family hasn’t yet renewed this gem!

  10. Carolynne says

    Bunheads is the only reason we watch ABC Family. Truthfully, we have boycotted the new summer offerings because the network seems to be pitting one show against the other. We want to see our precious Bunheads return and look forward to more genius writing from ASP!

  11. CRYSTAL says

    I really hope the show comes back on! I thought that the acting and script were fantastic. I just watched the entire first season in one night and am hooked! I am eagerly waiting for more.

  12. Ryann says

    Bunheads HAS to come back. I check for updates on renewal or cancellation daily and I will be devastated if it doesn’t return. Honestly, I think the show might be better appreciated on a different network but I think ABC family should trust in veteran Amy Sherman-Palladino to create brilliant, heartwarming and ultimately beloved television.

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