Burn Notice

Burn NoticeNetwork: USA
Episodes: 111 + movie (hour)
Seasons: Seven

TV show dates: June 28, 2007 — September 12, 2013
Series status: Ended

Performers include: Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless, Paul Tei, Tricia Helfer, Seth Peterson, Marc Macaulay, and Brandon Morris.

TV show description:      
This comedy/drama centers around a spy who’s received a “burn notice,” meaning that the agency that he works for has wiped him off the grid, leaving him with no work history, no money, and no identity.

Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) flees a Nigerian operation that is taken down after the sudden non-cooperation of his U.S. contact. He soon finds himself back in his hometown of Miami with his ex, Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar). A quick wit with two black belts, Michael’s assets have been frozen and he’s been abandoned by all of his business contacts. Michael learns that if he leaves Miami he’ll be taken into custody. So, working as a private investigator, he hopes to learn who burned him and why.

Fiona is a former IRA operative. She decides to stick around in Miami after Michael shows up and becomes one of his confidantes. She’s an explosives expert. Fiona and Michael are drawn to each other and, in their line of work, they really don’t have anyone else they can be with.

Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) is a former Navy SEAL and a semi-retired intelligence operative. He works as a double agent and has been asked to report on Michael to the FBI. He tells Michael about this and they pass false information to the FBI. Using the alias of Chuck Finley, Sam has no job and no place to live, so he sleeps with rich, older women in exchange for food and shelter.

When Sam’s not doing that, he lives with Michael’s mom, a chain-smoking hypochondriac named Madeline Westen (Sharon Gless). Madeline’s other son is Nate (Seth Peterson), Micahel’s down-on-his-luck younger brother who has a tendency to wager property that he doesn’t own. Nate still resents Michael’s joining the military and leaving him at home with their abusive father. The brothers are able to find common ground when it comes to their desire to keep their Mom happy and safe.

Series Finale:     
Episode #111 — “Reckoning”
Michael finds himself in a standoff between Fiona and Sonya: between loyalty and betrayal. Michael was planning on turning against the CIA and allying himself with Sonya, but when Sonya tries to kill Fiona for getting in their way, Michael shoots Sonya dead.

Michael’s now back on the right track, but it’s too late: not only are James and his entire organization gunning for Michael, but now the CIA is, as well. Because Michael didn’t make good on his agreement to take James and his entire organization down within 48 hours, the CIA has opened up a manhunt for Michael and his friends, releasing their pictures to every law enforcement agency in Florida.

With their faces all over the news and everyone in Miami chasing after them, Michael and the team have no choice but to go ahead and finish the mission. Michael is going to take down James and his network, once and for all, or die trying.

Michael learns that James has a communication relay center hidden in an abandoned building in downtown Miami. Inside, there’s a hard drive that records every message that passes through there. Michael plans to get the hard drive and deliver it to the CIA, so they can locate and neutralize every member of James’ terrorist organization.

Jesse goes to Maddie’s house to get Maddie and Charlie. Maddie sacrifices herself by detonating a bomb and takes out James’ men with her.

Michael shoots James who in turn blows up the building, seemingly killing Michael and Fiona. After Sam presides over a military funeral for his friends, we learn that they have escaped They are presumed dead so they can have a new life raising Charlie together.
Note: The series ended with a thanks to Freddie Figueroa. He was the show’s medic who passed away from cancer.
First aired: September 12, 2013.


What do you think? Do you like the Burn Notice TV series? Do you think it should have been renewed for an eighth season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. amazed says

    Its the only show of this genre that my mom would watch with me. She actually liked it and didn’t rip on it either. Something is to be learned about formulating shows for wide appeal from all of this.

  2. says

    I was very disappointed when I heard the news that my favorite show of all time was going to end. This is the only show that my husband and I watches together and love it. I looked forward to watching it every week. I turn on the TV now and look for reruns …please reconsider starting this show up again. I really missed Burn Notice.

  3. Charles says

    Yes keep the show alive. The station is making a huge mistake in taking the program off the air. With that said this program is high quality cinematography, perfect location, outstanding cast that make it a great program!

  4. ronda says

    Really love the show…there is no other show like it… love the deep thoughts that went into planing for each client also the team work that always fell in to place when working together.. this show was addicting… please bring it back

  5. Paul Steszewski says

    I work for the Miami Herald and it was fun seeing them run from one room of the building into another entirely on the other side of the place. I was wondering if anyone can say who the memorial was for at the end of the program?
    It was a great series and a great shame it ended as I’m sure close to everyone agrees.

  6. Lori says

    It’s sad to see another great show be cancelled. It would be welcomed back in any form at any time. What a great group I actors, great script, excellent storylines. I can’t imagine why it would ever have been cancelled. If something is good, why change it?

  7. marie says

    Show disappointed that such a great show has been cancelled. What were the thinking!Why is that they cancel the good ones and leave the crap on.

  8. Anonymous says

    Hopefully there will be some type of a follow up mini season where the gang gets back together or even a made for tv movie. I’m sure everybody had their reasons for moving on from Burn Notice, but I still hate when such great shows have to come to and end. I was a fan since the first episode. Awesome series, awesome final season, awesome cast, thanks guys, hope to see you on screen again soon!

  9. Randy says

    Burn Notice is one of the best shows on tv and has been for quite some time. Hopefully another network will see the ridiculous mistake USA is making and pick it up for themselves. Graceland totally sucks; guess im done with USA for a while

    Bring Burn Notice back!!

  10. Carmelene Corona says

    I’m so disappointed. Burn Notice was my favorite show. Thursday night’s won’t be the same. Great acting, great script, great show. Go figure. But let’s all watch Honey Boo Boo. Not.

  11. The Spider says

    Just what goes through the minds of those producers when they decide to axe such a riveting go-getter as “Burn Notice”? I was just getting into the series when suddenly it’s over. I got dumped the same way with “The Americans,” starring Keri Russell. Robert Ludlum, from his resting place, must’ve applauded this show.

  12. The Spider says

    Yes, this show should’ve been renewed for an eighth season. Too many good shows have been axed when they should’ve been continued. “The Americans,” for example,where the entire cast was young enough to continue the show. “Burn Notice” was head and shoulders above the other action shows for its plot line which was never predictable but always surprising and fresh. So it’s a mystery to this follower why this exciting show was not continued. Both “Burn Notice” and “The Americans” really were just getting started and far from being ready for the tv dustbin of history.

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