Californication: Showtime Orders Season Six

CALIFORNICATION season sixSeveral premium cable shows have been cancelled over the past few months but Californication keeps hanging in there. The show’s just been renewed for a sixth season on Showtime.

Californication follows novelist Hank Moody (David Duchovny) as he battles his personal demons and tries to overcome writers block. In season five, the narrative jumps forward two years and Hank is back in Los Angeles, writing a screenplay for a hot new film property. Others in the cast include Evan Handler, Madeleine Martin, Natascha McElhone, Karen Moody, and Pamela Adlon.

The half-hour show returned on Sunday, January 8th, and was paired with Don Cheadle’s new series, House of Lies. Californication brought in a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 758,000 total viewers. That was on par with the show’s demo rating for season four’s opener but about a 100,000 fewer viewers.

The next week did about the same and then week three took a big dive, dropping to a 0.3 demo rating and 395,000 viewers. Viewer data is scarce for the early seasons but it looks like that’s the show’s lowest total viewership since October 2007. The numbers came back up last Sunday, drawing a 0.4 in the demo and 748,000 total viewers.

While Californication is under-performing when compared to Shameless and House of Lies, it is doing better than it did in season four. That’s apparently good enough for Showtime.

The cable channel has renewed Californication, as well as Shameless and House of Lies. All three will go back into production in Los Angeles later this year. No further details of the renewal were released but it’s expected Californication will return for another 12 episodes sometime next winter.

There are eight more episodes remaining for season five and the last of them will air on April 1st.

What do you think? Are you glad that the show’s been renewed or was it time for the series to be cancelled instead?

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  1. says

    There is no show out there like californication and the show doesn’t get all the credit it deserves. Here in Australia it’s one of the most talked about shows !

  2. shake says

    I might be crazy but I feel like this is one of the only shows I can think of that isn’t drawn out, in the sense where I feel like every season could be the conclusion. I mean seriously when I saw season one when it originally aired I legitimately thought that it was a one season show, tied of right. That’s rare to feel that way, Eastbound and Down season 1 comes to mind in that regard as well. I might have to go back and watch all the seasons but I felt like season 5 was the only one left with a serious cliff hanger. I dislike how most shows conclude prior dilemmas in the middle of the next episode, and then end that episode with another cliff hanger. Nothing bores me more.. Gimme some damn closure. This show seems be written to do that well.

  3. al says

    I love the show and can’t wait for season 6. I just finished five and it left us off with a good cliffhanger.

    I kind of expected Charlie to get back to his wife, well actually hank too but I think it’s obvious that they’ve tried that one too many times and just not working.

    The show has always been about sex, drugs, and love so that’s exactly what I like to see.

  4. Gordon says

    This is a great show with intelligent adult humor. This role seems to be made for Duchovy. I am assuming he is similar to Hank Moody in real life. He makes comunicating sexual taboos normal daily conversations. His writers are great. I am with Matt on the daughter, a hot tart wold have made more sense to me. She is boring and could have never been the offspring of those two.

  5. Shadow says

    Still a decent show…an interesting cliff hanger as this season ended, as I had to look to see if it was ending on Hank dying just when he started accepting he had to be an adult, husband, Dad. Glad it’s renewed for, at least, another season. “Karen S.” If you don’t like it, it’s too sleazy and the like for you…duhhhhh….quit watching it. It isn’t as if this show isn’t, constantly, sexual every other episode(If not more than that.), but the comedic factor of it is what draws me. Soft porn…easily available anywhere, but good laughs aren’t, which is what this show brings in an adult context.

  6. Karen S. says

    YES – cancel this thing. The episode this season where they all sat around at dinner discussing theri sexual practices was just plain sleazy and juevenille. I have 4-5 episodes just sitting on my DVR and I never get around to watching it anymore. The show has become just so ….. boring.

  7. Tina says

    This show is definitely a great show. I started watching this show on Netflix and instantly became hooked. I watched seasons 3 & 4 on DVD and now I’m eagerly waiting for season 5 to be released on DVD. I absolutely adore all of the characters although Charlie creeps me out!!! I’m super excited to hear that there’s another season to look forward to!!! Thank you Showtime!!!

  8. Barry says

    I love Californication, Hank Moody is a Legend…………….David Duchovny is so good in this I forget he was ever Fox Mulder

  9. says

    I still watch the show because I usually finish things I start but I don’t look forward to it anymore. The show has got worse each season plus I can’t stand Moody’s daughter. Why or how she got this part is beyond me.

  10. George says

    This show should have been cancelled after season 3. That’s when I bailed. I felt the show was becoming repetitive, sleazy and downright silly. For a show featuring a lot of sex it was curiously “unsexy”, if I can use that word…. at least to me. Its a shame really it started of with a lot of humour and zeal and just went downhill at least in Season 3.

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