Campus Ladies: Oxygen Drops Sitcom

Campus Ladies on OxygenJoan Beamin and Barri Martin, the main characters of Campus Ladies, may have a good time going back to school but their series won’t be returning to the Oxygen channel. The sitcom has been cancelled after two seasons.

Campus Ladies followed the exploits of two 40-something women who enrolled in college and tried to fit in with their younger classmates. Much of the show’s dialogue was improvised which isn’t surprising considering most of the cast are veterans of the respected Groundlings improv group. Guest actors on the series included Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle), Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Paul Reubens (Pee-wee’s Playhouse), Fred Willard (Roseanne), Sean Hayes (Will & Grace), and Maya Rudolph (City of Angels).

Ladies was co-produced by Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Cheryl Hines and starred Christen Sussin and Carrie Aizley who also co-created the series. The sitcom has run for two seasons and a total of 20 episodes on Oxygen. Its understood that the series was cancelled because season two’s ratings were lower than the freshman year’s — likely due in large part to a drastic timeslot switch to 11pm on Tuesdays.

On his website, series co-star Amir Talai is philosophical about the cancellation and says, “We had a surprising number of fans given that Oxygen almost willfully sabotaged the show. But that too is in the past, and we will move on from that as well. Here too, I have made some friendships and connections that will last for a long time. And for fans of the show, you might be happy to know that Derek [Carter] (Mr. Drew) and I are actually very good friends in real life as well, and the cancellation of the show hasn’t changed that. And BTW, Campus Ladies is definitely coming out on DVD, but I don’t know when.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    I agree, get rid of Tori and Dean and bring the Ladies back.
    Does anyone know where you can buy the DVD’s?

  2. stephanie says

    I agree with all the other posts. Please bring back Campus Ladies. If you have to make room for it, then how about getting rid of Tori and Dean? Now that’s a show that needs to go to the dust bin.

  3. Patty J. says

    What are they thinking? This was the best show on television. They had a major hit in their hands and threw it out the window! Very poor thinking on the executives part. I am embarrassed for those responsible. I thought persons in their position were smart enough to recognize a ‘big hit’ show when it was right in front of them. I believe if they had put it at a better time slot (such as evening) the ratings would have went through the roof! Very poor job, exects. Hey…what about rerunning Campus Ladies in a better time slot and see what happens then? The show was promoted very poorly. I actually found it by accident and was a faithful follower from the first episode I watched…but the odd thing is, not one person I talked to about it had ever heard of it. Once they watched it the first time… they were also ‘hooked’. I am disgusted with everyone responsible for the cancellation of Campus Ladies! PLEASE give it a better second chance….you will not be sorry.

  4. Misty says

    I loved this show, please bring it back. It was extremely funny. It is too bad that such a horrible decision was made. I hope that they fire the person responsible. That show was awesome!!!

  5. Ester says

    Are you f*ing kidding me?! I love this show…please reinstate them for another season!!! I don’t watch anything else on Oxygen :-/

  6. Liam says

    I only found out about this show on Living TV (UK) last Saturday, and now it’s GONE?!?! It’s so funny! :(

  7. Tina Marie says

    I hope one of those high brassed oxygen executives looks at these responses. This really was one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. Right up there with “Curb Your Enthusiam” I went on line to see what was going on and find out it’s gone? Booh Hoo! Such talent wasted.

  8. Catherine says

    Typical, another original HILARIOUS! (rare) show is canceled. Wth is up with you ppl at Oxygen. Get a clue already. I agree with the previous poster Elizabeth, how many more of these ridiculous shows do you ppl expect us to endure. Campus Ladies was in a league all it’s own. Must everything be trashy and dumbed down to make it on these networks? I don’t get it. I was SOOOOOO looking forward to another season, and now I find this. Campus Ladies was the ONLY show I watched Oxygen. Smooth move Oxygen, pat yourself on the back for another debacle.

  9. veronica says

    I just returned home from a family funeral, an obviously sad occasion, yet the news that CAMPUS LADIES was cancelled has me truly distraught. Have the OXYGEN gods gone mad?

  10. Miss Melody says

    NOOOOOOoo!!!! I love these ladies. I cannot believe they’ve been cancelled. This is the funniest show ever and so original. The cast is great. FUnny Funny. Why?? Please tell us that we will be able to get it on DVD.

    I agree with others, CANNOT believe that you choose other crap shows over this one. Who’s running the network? Quit giving us junk … YAWN. Bring the ladies back!!

  11. says

    I hope its okay to say that i am an african american on this blog, because it helps my point. the brazillian episode was extremely funny, but the very best was when the girls tried to join a black sorority. I have never laughed so hard in all of my 48 years! I am in a black sorority, and the parody was dead on! Please, please some other network, be smart enough to bring back campus ladies. I miss joan and barri something awful. liz

  12. says

    oh my gosh. oh my gosh. oh my gosh. i am 48 years old and of all of my 47 years of tv watching, this show was by far the very best in tv entertainment. The show was funny as hell, what in the world are you guys thinking. Tyra Banks forehead is so big she should event a cure for cancer with all of that brain matter, but did u all cancel her? NNNOOOO! The reruns of Badgirls are just as lame – the first season of badgirls was entertaining; the second season was scripted for ratings. But did u all cancel that crap? NNNOOOO! Please bring back the most entertaining show ever – CAMPUS LADIES.

  13. Faith says

    yea taking that show off the air was the worst thing ever. It probably wouldnt have got cancelled if it wasnt on a whack ass channel that no one really watches but what ever im going to just need Campus Ladies on DVD soooo……….when is that gonna happen???????? cause im craving it

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