Cancelled & Returning CBS TV Shows from the 2009-10 Season

Cold Case and New Adventures of Old ChristineOf all of the networks, CBS has the most viewers. Unfortunately, their shows also tend to skew older. CBS tends to be the most tight-lipped of the networks so early news of renewals and cancellations doesn’t happen as often.

Here’s a listing of CBS TV shows with their current status. This list encompasses shows that have aired from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010.

We’ll keep updating the list throughout the May upfronts when decisions are made about most of the shows’ fates. Keep checking back, especially if your favorite is still on the fence.

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Here are listings for the other networks: ABC | The CW | FOX | NBC

48 Hours: It’ll be back for year 24.
60 Minutes: It just keeps ticking.
The Amazing Race: Round 17 coming next season.
The Big Bang Theory: The geeks and Penny come back for year four.
Big Brother: Coming back for season 12 this summer.
Criminal Minds: It’s coming back and a spin-off will join it mid-season.
CSI: Ratings are down but it’ll remain on Thursdays.
CSI: Miami: Moving to Mondays.
CSI: NY: Moving to Fridays.
Flashpoint: Returning June 4th.
The Good Wife: Set to return for year two.
How I Met Your Mother: Will Ted find his wife in season six?
Medium: Back for a second year on CBS.
The Mentalist: Back for season three.
NCIS: Year eight begins this fall.
NCIS: Los Angeles: Coming back for season two.
Rules of Engagement: Coming back for year five.
Survivor: Watch for season 21 this fall.
Two and a Half Men: Renewed with Charlie Sheen returning.
Undercover Boss: Coming back for season two.

Cancelled (or ending)
Accidentally on Purpose: Sadly, we won’t get to see the two as parents.
Cold Case: Gone after seven seasons.
Gary Unmarried: Won’t be back for season three.
Ghost Whisperer: Gone to the TV graveyard after five years.
Miami Medical: Won’t return next season.
The New Adventures of Old Christine: Cut after five seasons and 88 episodes.
Numb3rs: Season six is the end.
There Goes the Neighborhood: The competition is over.
Three Rivers: Cancelled last year after one season.

What do you think? Any news that makes you particularly happy or sad? When compared to other networks, is CBS better or worse about cancelling shows?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Stevie Mangum says

    My husband and I were sad to see Numb3rs end but it was running out of material. We think it could have ended a little better. It seemed to end very abrubtely maybe because they didn’t know they were being cancelled? We love The Good Wife, The Mentalist, both NCISs (although L.A. is not as good). We really like watching The Amazing Race, probably because we like to travel and in a pinch we’ll watch Survivor. The best NEW show CBS has to offer is Blue Bloods. We’ve watched the first few episodes of Hawaii 5-O but we just can’t get into it. The guy who plays McGarret did a better job in Three Rivers and it is way over time to dump Two and a Half Men. It used to be one of our favorites when it all wasn’t about sex.

  2. Anonymous says

    I was so disappointed that CBS canceled Cold Case, it was one of my favorites, right next to Law & Order: SVU and CSI: NY. I didn’t like that Cold Case was broadcasted on Sunday… that ‘s the weekend…come on… they should have tried it in another slot.

  3. stephanie says


  4. Anonymous says

    I am so glad to see Medium back. NBC was crazy to give it up. I love that show. I think the networks need a broader net when cancelling shows.

  5. Brandi Shannon says

    I am sooooooooooo upset that they cancelled 3 of my favorite show the ghost whisperer, numbers and cold case. What are they doing? I am appalled. When I knew that the ghost whisperer was cancelled I was ok with that but now to find out that they cancelled the other 2 too i am not happy

  6. Lisa L says

    I can’t believe that you guys cancelled COLD CASE and NUMB3RS!!! Your line up for this season sucks. I was already furious that you guys had canceled Without A Trace last year. CBS always cancel the good shows and keep the stupid ones on. How I Met Your Mother should have been cancel by now. Come on how long does it take Ted to find their mother! And where in the heck is my SWINGTOWN.

  7. Diane says

    Cold Case was pretty good, but hopefully there’s enough episodes there to have it live on in perpetuity in syndication (as reruns). I’m dismayed so many people thought the brainless, stupid, inane Ghost Whisperer was anywhere even remotely worth viewing. I guess one never went bankrupt underestimating the American people. I really wish CBS would take out all of their inane CSIs (talk about your braindead stupidity festering on television! it manages to make Ghost Whisperer look like a Harold Pinter play) and keep The New Adventures of Old Christine, Cold Case, and bring back Swingtown (a show that actually had the feel of an HBO drama), and introduce a new sophisticated, adult sitcom in the vein of Mad About You or Hearts Afire. Oh, and I actually enjoy most episodes of Undercover Boss; the Hooters episode was dumb, but the Waste Management and 711 episodes were superb, and it’s not like most reality TV out there.

  8. Vilma says

    CBS YOU SUCK!!!!!! WE watched Ghost Whisper, Gary Uumarried, accidently on purpose, they were great shows! looked forward to them every week. the two were funny and the other was just entertaining and clean!!!! why is it that you take all the good shows off? I know my family wont watch CBS

  9. Adam says

    CBS PLEASE PUT BACK GARY UNMARRIED it was so funny and entertaining and it was my favourite show..ghost whisperer was okay..dont really care if its cancelled or not..thank god you cancelled new adventure of old christine ..THAT SHOW SUCKS!…gary unmarried and how i met your mother are the best shows…never cancell how i met your mother and PLEASE BRING BACK GARY UNMARRIED

  10. Rob Gore says

    I am a loyal viewer of CBS, but there are some things you people need to straighten out.

    I am already pissed at NBC for taking off Knight Rider. It was better than the original.

    I don’t even watch that channel any more.

    Cutting Gary Unmarried was a mistake! It was good! The new adventures of Old

    Christine, that show was STUPID !!!!! Don’t know how it kept ratings!!!!

    The new Hawaii 5.0 Great !

    All CSI shows are awesome!

    The &^$ my dad says, FUNNY!

    Mentalist, Good

    Love both Ncis’s . Must Keep!!

    Criminal Minds, Good!

    Can’t get enough of Big Bang Theory, and 2 1/2 men!!!!!!!

    Flash Point needs to come BACK !!!!!!!!

    Get rid of How I met your Mother!! Retardted!!!!!

    Get rid of Survivor !!!!!! Outlived it’s time!!!!!

    Get rid of The Amazing Race !!!! Nobody cares !!!!!!

    60 Minutes, BORING !!!!!!!!!!!

    Blue Bloods is Good. Who doesn’t like Tom Selleck?

    Move CSI New York back to Wednsday!! Running 2 New York cop shows back to back

    on the same knight is Idiotic !!!! Both Good shows, but come on!!! Who is scheduling

    this, a freaking 5 year old?

    Thanks, Rob Gore

    • Mar Eli says

      I completely agree with you. CBS is clueless on what people like… besides for the most part the scheduling is the problem… they seriuosly need to brainstorm the whole idea. Not only that most people use DVR to watch a later time… tv stations need to consider that! I am so outraged that they canceled Cold Case without first attempting to change the time slot… ugh!!!

  11. Valarie C. says

    I really hate how they cancel the good ones. I loved watching the Unit and it just didn’t ome back last year, so I started watching Cold Case and Numbers. Now those two shows are cancelled. Whats the deal.

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