Smallville: Cancelled or Just Ending? Either Way, No Season 11

Smallville canceled or endingFor years, some people have been asking, “When is Smallville going to end? Isn’t he Superman yet?” Well, the series ending is now in sight. But who’s decision was it?

When Smallville began, it revolved around Clark Kent (Tom Welling), a high school student who was discovering his super powers. As time has gone on, he’s learned how to use his abilities and is now balancing his heroics with his work at the Daily Plant newspaper. The show’s current cast includes Allison Mack, Callum Blue, Cassidy Freeman, Erica Durance, and Justin Hartley.

Last season, The CW network moved Smallville from its usual Thursday night timeslot to Fridays. The ratings understandably dropped quite a bit but the network still renewed the show for a 10th season. The renewal had supposedly been hinging on whether or not Welling wanted to keep doing the series.

The decision has now been made that season 10 will be the show’s last. The network was supposed to make an official announcement at the upfronts but Welling jumped the gun and told HollywoodLife at an event on Tuesday night. The actor also reflected on what he’s learned by playing Clark Kent for so long. He said, “Once you think you have perfected things, you’ve got to keep practicing. There is always something to learn! It works for me and it will work for others.”

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It remains to be seen who made the decision to end the show. Did the network decide to cancel it or was the choice made on the production side? Unless Welling (who’s now 33-years-old) decided that he’d had enough, it likely comes down to a mixture of the two and simple economics. The show will have been around for 10 seasons, has gotten more expensive to produce, and doesn’t bring as much ad revenue anymore.

On top of that, there are certainly more than enough episodes to keep the show running in syndication for a long time. By the end of the show’s run, there will be enough installments for a station to play once a day for seven months without repeating.

By announcing the ending a year in advance, the network can promote Smallville’s season 10 as the last and the producers will have ample time to plan how they want to wrap things up.

What do you think? Are you glad that Smallville’s coming to an end or should it keep going? Anything you’d like to see happen? Perhaps Lex Luthor’s return?

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  1. Freakky says

    Why canceling the show? What now with Lex Luthor and the Toyman’s people who need to kill Green Arrow, Impulse, Aquaman and others???

  2. kelly says

    i was hoping for season 12 in the no# is what full competing I just love the the hold story hopeful you have movie to teas us with thank for the fun ride alone the way peace out!

  3. mona says

    i love the show its the only thing that makes you feel good after along day at work its simbly makes you forget the whole world and leave in the searesse am sorry but it must go on coz its berfect and we all love it ya we all wanted an end to the smallville show but we ment the cute boy caracter and the chang of him to become superman now we want more of superman and his life we want the show to go on and there is alot of fans allover the world watching the show so please brety please just keep the show going on

  4. ahmad says

    i think its a big mistake to kill this great achievement when the best part of it just started

    really really its unfair

    not now

    at least should be kept running for more two or three another seasons

    because i really loved it

  5. says

    smallville should keep going in one form or another! A movie would be perfect at this time. There sure is an incredible amount of fans out there who would like this to go on for another couple of years at least

  6. Koko says

    Do not. NOT. I repeat for clarification: NOT. cancel the show. I have just BATHED in the glorious waters of Smallville from season 1. The show really inspires within the way it was made and it’s story. Seriously I DREAM of meeting a guy like Clark and I really love Smallville. The return of Lex Luthor would be AMAZING. I miss Lex… too much :/
    Long live Smallville along with Clark, Chloe and the rest :)

    Smallville’s Bigfan :)

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