Cancelled or Renewed? CBS TV Shows Status [3/27/13]

cbs-tv-shows-25When will Unforgettable return for season two? When does Under the Dome debut? Has Dogs in the City been cancelled? How about CSI: NY or Vegas? How many episodes of The Amazing Race are there this season?

Below, you’ll find a list of CBS’ recent/current/upcoming primetime TV shows and their current status. To see a series’ ratings and how many episodes have aired (if any), click the links in the middle column.

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TV shows Current season Status
2 Broke Girls 2 (24 eps) airing, renewed through season 3
3 1 (8 eps, released) cancelled, last aired 7/29/12
48 Hours 26 (?? eps) airing, renewed through season 27
60 Minutes 45 (?? eps) airing, renewed through season 46
The Amazing Race 22 (12 eps) airing, renewed through season 23
The American Baking Competition 1 (7 eps) series debuts 5/29/13
The Big Bang Theory 6 (24 eps) airing, renewed through season 7
Big Brother 15 (?? eps) season debuts 6/26/13
Blue Bloods 3 (?? eps) airing, renewed through season 4
Criminal Minds 8 (24 eps) airing, not cancelled or renewed yet
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 13 (22 eps) airing, renewed through season 14
CSI: NY 9 (17 eps, aired) not cancelled or renewed yet,
finale aired 2/22/13
Dogs in the City 1 (6 eps, aired) cancelled, finale aired 7/11/12
Elementary 1 (24 eps) airing, renewed through season 2
Friend Me 1 (?? eps) series debut TBD 2013
Golden Boy 1 (13 eps) airing, not cancelled or renewed yet
The Good Wife 4 (22 eps) airing, renewed through season 5
Hawaii Five-0 3 (?? eps) airing, renewed through season 4
How I Met Your Mother 8 (24 eps) airing, renewed for 9th & final season
The Job 1 (8 eps but 6 unaired) pulled, likely cancelled
Made in Jersey 1 (8 eps, aired) cancelled, series finale aired 12/29/12
The Mentalist 5 (22 eps) airing, renewed through season 6
Mike & Molly 3 (23 eps) airing, renewed through season 4
NCIS 10 (24 eps) airing, renewed through season 11
NCIS: Los Angeles 4 (24 eps) airing, renewed through season 5
Partners 1 (13 eps w 7 unaired) cancelled, final airing 11/12/12
Person of Interest 2 (23 eps) airing, renewed through season 3
Rules of Engagement 7 (13 eps) airing, not cancelled or renewed yet
Survivor 26 (15 eps) airing, renewed through season 27
Two and a Half Men 10 (23 eps) airing, not cancelled or renewed yet
Under the Dome 1 (13 eps) series debuts 6/24/13
Undercover Boss 4 (13 eps) airing, renewed through season 5
Unforgettable 2 (13 eps) season debuts 7/28/13
Vegas 1 (21 eps) returns 4/5/13, not cancelled or renewed yet

What do you think? Which CBS shows are your favorites? Which TV shows are you hoping will be renewed for another season?


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  1. Melanie says

    I love Vegas and Golden Boy. I really hope they come back next year. I am getting tired of the same old things. Both of these shows are fresh and interesting. They are not the normal cop shows, I think that is why I like them so much.

  2. Alan Moore says

    TV shows today are like a big ball rolling down a hill, it will soon hit bottom.
    They should cancel most of the reality shows, example: the amazing race, survivor, just to name a few. Good shows get canceled and bad shows live on in nightmare reruns.
    The following are what I consider a few good new shows:
    Two and a half men, 2 broke girls, Rules of engagement, The big bang theory, Mike & Molly, The middle, Last man standing, Malibu country.
    My point is very few good shows on the air today.
    This is why I buy my favorite shows on digital video disc.

  3. Katherine Jones says

    Please Please tell me if the following shows have been cancelled – XIII.2 or Transporter I would really appreciate any information about these two shows

  4. sue says

    I am very happy CBS brought back Unforgetable. Of the new shows for this season, Golden Boy, Vegas and Elementary are my favorites and all need to be renewed. NCIS, NCIS-LA, and Hawaii five-o are always fantastic. I am glad CSI-NY is leaving because it was boring. CSI-CSI the original is awful. It doesn’t have originality any longer and the staff are lacking any luster. CSI-Miami should never have been cancelled due to a poor time slot. It was the only series that had the original cast members and the show was alwaysexciting.

  5. says

    Watch 60 minutes depending on subject – Do watch The Good Wife, Undercover Boss and Tammy Takes – Miss Brothers and Sisters still – – problem with ABC – there doesn’t seem to be any continuity and once that happens it is hard to regenerate interest – Like Anderson Coopers day show – refreshing – I get a kick out of all these diet shows and then fill us up with cooking shows – I do not watch any of them – – I watched a Kardashian show – liked Mason – no pretense there -that was it. I like good history, mystery – good talk – and research as to why and how comes – Oh yes enjoy Piers Morgan

  6. Bill says

    definitely need to bring Vegas back. Great show. Sad it is getting moved to Fridays because of Golden Boy….that show is ridiculous.

  7. Beth Ridley says

    I definitely want Criminal Minds, Person Of Interest, H5O, Vegas and 48 hrs to stay. If any are cancelled I would be very upset. The other shows I could care less about. I think they are a waste of TV time. I was devastated when you cancelled CSI Miami. And without closure. It wasn’t right. It was one of the highest rated Shows. You guys don’t listen to the People, you just show what you want.

  8. says

    I am so tired of some of the shows to include diving, cooking, baking, wife swapping, dancing, amazing race, chef face-off and on and on and on. Give me a good show like CSI New York, Vegas, Golden Boy, Criminal Minds and etc. I’m also tired of getting 12 minutes of a 30 minute show and 18 minutes of commercials. Cable cost have soared and you get nothing for your money but shows you don’t watch or tons of commercials. Also tired of sports on all channels. Why have sports packages if sports is going to air on all channels. Also tired of the reruns that start in November and go through February. One of these days TV will exit themselves right out of the market.

  9. Chauncey says

    Two and a Half Men, and I would love to see Rules of Engagement get picked up for a full 8th season. 22 episodes! They’ve gotten the shaft since season 3.

  10. Eric says

    Glad to see Unforgettable return.
    We have missed the show and actually thought that approx 20 M was a large audience share.
    Couldn’t understand the cancellation but so happy it will return – we are all excited.

  11. Kristi Zehr says

    Would love to see CSI:NY renewed!!! The season finale came too soon!!! The season was too short!!! Too many re-runs!!! Also please renew Criminal Minds!!! Great show!!!

  12. Bob and Jean Ryan says

    We would like to see Hawaii Five O, Vegas, Blue Bloods, Two and a Half Men, Mike and Molly, Elementary,Person of Interest, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles and The Big Bang Theory
    renewed .

  13. Mary Krobock says

    I want to see Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Family, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, Person of Interest, Elementary, Two and a Half Men, Survivor, The Amazing Race, 2 Broke Girls, Mike and Molly, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI New York, Big Brother, How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii Five O, Vegas, Rules of Engagement and Blue Bloods renewed.

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