Cancelled or Renewed FOX TV Shows [2010-11 Season]

BonesWith the networks constantly changing their primetime schedules (or at least it seems that way), it’s hard to keep track your favorite TV shows. If a series hasn’t been on for a few weeks or months, does that means it’s been cancelled? What TV shows have already been renewed for next season? Well, here’s a quick cheat sheet that can help. It’s a list of all of the regular FOX series that have aired or are expected to air during the 2010-11 season (that’s roughly June 1, 2010 to May 31, 2011).

Using this list you can tell where your favorite FOX shows stand; how many episodes are in the current season, when they’ll be back and, of course, if it’s already been renewed (hooray!) or cancelled (sorry!).

If you can’t find a particular FOX program on this list, it may have been cancelled last season (2009-10) or perhaps the one before (2008-09). For a list of cancelled shows from all networks, you can go here. It may also be possible that we missed something so feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Here are updated listings for all five networks: ABC | CBS | The CW | FOX | NBC

  TV shows Current/latest season Status  
  America's Most Wanted 24 (26 eps, aired) cancelled (now occasional specials)
  American Dad 6 (19 eps, aired) renewed for season 7  
  American Idol 10 (35 eps, aired) renewed for season 11  
  Bob's Burgers 1 (13 eps, aired) renewed for season 2
  Bones 6 (22 eps, aired) renewed for season 7  
  Breaking In 1 (7 eps, aired) cancelled then renewed  
  The Chicago Code 1 (13 eps, aired) cancelled  
  The Cleveland Show 2 (22 eps, aired) renewed through season 4  
  Cops 23 (22 eps, aired) renewed for season 24  
  Family Guy 8 (22 eps, aired) renewed through season 10  
  Fringe 3 (22 eps, aired) renewed for season 4  
  Glee 2 (22 eps, aired) renewed for season 3  
  The Good Guys 1 (20 eps, aired) cancelled  
  Hell's Kitchen 8 (15 eps, aired) renewed for seasons 9 & 10
  House 7 (22 eps, aired) renewed for season 8  
  Human Target 2 (13 eps, aired) cancelled  
  In the Flow with Affion Crockett 1 (6 eps) delayed, premieres 8/14/11  
  Kitchen Nightmares 3 (14 eps, aired) renewed for season 4  
  Lie to Me 3 (13 eps, aired) cancelled  
  Lone Star 1 (4 of 6 eps unaired) cancelled  
  Masterchef 2 (unknown eps) airing, not cancelled or renewed yet  
  Million Dollar Money Drop 1 (12 eps, aired) cancelled  
  Raising Hope 1 (22 eps, aired) renewed for season 2  
  Running Wilde 1 (4 of 13 eps unaired) cancelled  
  The Simpsons 22 (22 eps, aired) renewed for season 23  
  So You Think You Can Dance 8 (unknown eps) airing, not cancelled or renewed yet  
  Terra Nova 1 (13 eps) delayed until Fall 2011  
  Traffic Light 1 (13 eps, aired) cancelled  
  Last updated: June 30, 2011.      

You can see the FOX network’s 2011-12 schedule here.

Here are listings for the other networks: ABC | CBS | The CW | NBC

What do you think? Any surprises on the list? Which FOX shows do you think won’t be on the list next season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. granville woods says

    human target was one of the best action shows on tv it should never have been canceled. if we have to watch a pregnant star for a full season at least leave one of the good shows alone like human target it was believable

  2. mike says

    Terra Nova will bite ancient dust. i mean,what’s the future for going back 85 million years to restart humanity? How about 1 million years or 500,000 years and missing the dinosaurs? Ah, but that would mess up the plot. Dead on Arrival.

  3. Susan says

    Still can’t believe Human Target was cancelled. Best show on since 24 ended. I won’t be watching anything on FOX now. Mark Valley (Chance from Human Target) is now going to be on Harry’s Law…I’ll be watching that!

  4. NANCY PARKER says


  5. paul says

    Had high hopes for FOX but now believe this is the 3rd worse network on TV behind even TNT, Sify, Lifetime and Comedy network only above NBC and ABC. You have managed to cancel some of your best programs without giving a damn about your viewers. See only 2 shows left worth watching so please hurryup and cancel them so can stop tuning to thisd network completely.

  6. says

    What is wrong with you???? Do you have brain damage? We all love Outsourced. It would have caught on if you pee brains had advertised it more instead of the unfunny Office and the other stupids that followed Office. I do believe you are going down the tubes more than ever. I went to India twice and felt like I was there again, customs and all. We want Gupta, Rajiv, Manmeet, Todd and especially Charlie back. Please, please tell me this ‘ain’t so’! I know one thing, – I will be watching a different network . You are all greedy idiots that didn’t give this show a chance! Shame on you.

  7. Dawn H. Thomas says

    Get rid of the Simpsons, Family Guy, American Idol etc and bring back the good, clean interesting to watch. MILLION DOLLAR DROP!!!!!

  8. Jane says

    Reality shows are worst shows take those off the air I wonder how you do ratings? Keep human target Chicago code bones on the air

  9. Ginny from GA says

    I can not believe lie to me was cancelled. It was the only reason I ever watched fox. Hope you at least plan to let some other network pick it up. It would be a shame to let a great show have such a short life because you don’t know what you’ve got or how to manage it. It award winner for a reason. If it was on abc,nbc, or cbs, we.would have it for many years to come. Maybe you guys should think with your heads instead of with your “ratings.” You just don’t cancel one of the main reasons anyone would ever add your station to their favorites on their remote.

  10. Savage says

    I will also throw in my support for Chicago Code and Human Target as two shows that I watched faithfully.

    And Shuckclod’s comment raises a point – how many of us watch TV shows “time-shifted” on our DVRs? I know I do! Are we even being counted by the ratings people? Maybe this accounts for some of the mysterious cancellations of good shows and the even more mystifying renewals of “Reality” programming (Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef – really, we need 3 shows about cooking? Even Julia Child wouldn’t expect THAT much!)

  11. Sharon B says

    3 generations in our family watched and loved Human Target. This is a good show only getting better. I ditto the other comments. And then Chicago Code and Lie to Me were cancelled too? I agree Lie to Me may have gotten a bit stale, but the potential of that show with good writing is limitless. AND the Good Guys just grew on me. Loved it. So you can see, my lineup of shows to watch has pretty much been decimated. Some of the other shows renewed are so trite, not worthy of watching or commenting on. I am sad to say the best has been let go.

  12. Tracy B says

    My husband and I love to watch Human Target. Please don’t cancel this show. We always look forward to see it. We even rent the whole tv series Season 1 from Netflix to watch it again and waiting for Season 2 to come out and watch again. Please renew.

    • Lisa Banter says

      Please don’t cancel Human Target my family loves that show…….. Please keep it on the schedule.

  13. shuckclod says

    I watched Breaking in-Human Target-Chicago Code-. You guys suck. I don’t watch TV when its on. I watch at 3 am when I am awake on my DVR. Keep the stupid singing, dancing and cartoons on forever. I hate those shows.

  14. Paul C says

    My wife and I both enjoyed Chicago Code, Human Target, and Lie to Me. They were some of our favorite shows, and always looked forward to watching each episode. We are very dissapointed that these shows have been cancelled. Please, please reconsider!!!

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