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  1. G Taylor says

    Harry’s Law has some of the best actors available and the very thought of NBC cancelling this program because of an “older audience”; or was it because you had real actors and not reality children who get rich quick. This is evidence of very poor programming and your company deserves Bad Ratings. Maybe all of the older audience members should just ban NBC forever.

  2. Susan Kelly says

    Harry’s Law is by far my favorite show on all of TV. Please reconsider canceling such a relevant and intelligent show!!

  3. Christie says

    I’m glued to my tv set each time America’s Got Talent, The Voice and The Sing Off and Law and Order are on.

    I like Harry’s Law and Last Comic Standing and hope you keep those on.

    I also watch Dateline

    The Celebrity Apprentice is getting old, boring and such, probably is still on because it helps charities. I hate the bickering. Maybe The Donald can come up with another show with no bickering.

    I used to watch the old Chuck (the techie) but since he changed I don’t care for the show although I like the actor. Keep it on for those who like the newer version.

    The Office has always been too dry for me.

    I remember seeing the ads for Outsourced and it looked like fun but I could never find the actual show on my tv. Maybe i expected it to be something but then didn’t recognize it when it was on.

    If I had to choose the BEST of all the shows you have on, I’d say it was The Sing Off.

  4. Chris says

    The real problem with Chase was that NBC did EVERYTHING wrong [as usual]. Compare that to FX’s cr***y ripoff full of redneck stereotypes – “Justified”. FOX did everything right (ADs during the SUPER BOWL), while NBC did everything wrong (inadequate advertising, taking it off the air for months with no explanation, bringing it back without so much as a word and immediately cancelling it due to poor ratings [because everyone thought it had already been cancelled], etc…) The result: a great show (Chase) is no more while the world is subjected to season after season of “Justified.”

  5. Robin says

    Law & Order shows were the best you had going, and you are dumping them one by one! You didn’t even give LA enough time to get going. There were many cast changes over the years, some just took a little longer to catch on, but they pulled the ratings after a while. So quit looking for a quick fix, and do it right!

  6. mike says

    The series CHUCK will not end with season 5. Millions of fans are fighting NBC on this extremely poor decision to end CHUCK. Chuck will move to another network, we the powerful fans will make sure of that. NBC will be boycotted as well as all NBC Sponsors. We will be heard. We will bankrupt NBC by removing their only source of income$. We the fans control weather NBC stays in business. Business is about money, thats it, just money. Sponsors will not advertise on nbc if we boycott their products and services. We will get CHUCK to continue. Contact all sponsors fans! together we can win more seasons of CHUCK.

  7. 2 Stacks says

    NBC has cancelled more shows than any other network and yet they continue to air “the apprentice” . Do they still not realize why they are in last place?

  8. Sarah says

    OMG ! They need to continue making the 2nd season of Outsourced ! pleaseeee ! i really love that show.. I watch it on Hulu tho and not directly thru the tv when it aires

  9. Joanne says

    The only shows I watch on NBC are Chuck, The Voice, and Days of Our Lives. I’m still mad that you canceled Life, Friday Night Lights, The Black Donnelly’s, and Southland.

  10. granville woods says

    undercovers was one of the sexiest shows on tv, but the bakery kept getting caught up in the plot. there is no such thing as a part time spy

  11. granville woods says

    I was surprised that both chase and undercovers was canceled. chase problem was that it had a couple of supporting actors who kept bringing down the script, as a retired small town police officer , we don’t do that much whinning and do not want to hear it.

  12. says

    NBC only has 2 shows I care to watch and you cancelled the LA version!! Not too sure how I’m going to take to SVU without Elliot!

    Law & Order: Los Angeles
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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