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  1. Mrs.K says

    I am also a fan of Believe. It just needs a second chance. It is so good! Love all the characters.

    • Amy says

      My bf and I also love Believe. Please, please, please do not cancel this awesome show. My recommendation is to renew it, but move it to a better time slot with less competition.

  2. Christy says

    Please renew Revolution. It is my favorite show. I love how they have partnered with the UN. The show has become educational as well as entertaining. So much potential if given the chance. Actors are the best. Would love to see this show promoted more and shown without all the interruptions.

    • Anonymous says

      I am right there with ya!! It is all kinds of exciting to see that it hasn’t been cancelled yet! I was sure that if they were going to cancel it that they would have done so by now, but maybe they are waiting until the end of the fall/spring seasons before making any major cuts. I really freaking love Siberia and I will be gutted if it gets the axe! After FOX canceling Almost Human yesterday has made me a little nervous…then again, FOX seems to be rather notorious for canceling really good shows (especially ones they decide to air out of order!). I also hope NBC decides to keep Dracula around for at least one more season…I got seriously hooked on Rhys-Meyers and would again be severely pissed if it gets cut.

  3. Sierraecho 2000 says

    Love Revolution. Excellent cast, storyline (would love to see more of the survival stuff and a little less nano) and staging. Please renew it!

  4. monieet says

    After canceling Ironside, NBC needs to make better decisions. If they make the same mistake with Believe – I won’t be going down with the ship. It has been years since “Must See TV” and an award winning line up. Perhaps, NBC should try to works toward achieving
    this again.

    • Sean says

      Ironside go the worst reviews ever, was called one of the worst dramas of 2013 and got bad ratings, it would have been a mistake to renew it?

  5. Joe says

    Please bring back Siberia! That show is awesome! Sabina is my favorite character. Keep all the remaining characters together and just go straight for 13 seasons!

  6. charlene says

    I have been waiting to see Crossing lines.Main problems of shows going is that they are on bad tmes or nights orthat no one cares about them look at Simon and Simon


    why must you cancel shows that are worth watching and leaving nothing but crap to watch example housewives of who cares you took off vegas excellent show sleepy hollow thought that was done but it came back on Chicago fire another good one, hoping the following comes back its to the point of why should I pay for tv when theres no good tv left to watch the networks need to rethink about what shows there dumping , get rid of those terrible reality shows thanks

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