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  1. Barbara says

    First of all, I love the turn toward more scripted shows. The ‘housewives” and other similar shows are horrid.
    I loved Siberia and hope it returns. It was spellbinding every week!

    • Hawk says

      Siberia was odd, at times confusing, and kept me guessing. It was quite refreshing for a regular network tv show. I hope it comes back!

  2. Jenas says

    So Sad about Revolution! And Dracula. NBC doesn’t know what their viewers want. Give us consistent episodes and take into account that many of us can’t watch on a normal schedule. How about monitoring streaming, or Hulu?? I really hope someone picks up Revolution at least. They totally left us hanging & it sucks!

  3. says

    The cancellation of the NBC series “Revolution” is the reason I very seldom if ever watch network TV. At the very least NBC could have aired the small number of episodes that would be required to wrap up the series Story Line!!! Next to having your favorite series cancelled the worst possible scenario is to have your favorite show end with a cliff- hanger! Not knowing how the story line of your favorite series ends is discourteous, disrespectful and a slap in the face to the millions of people who loyally invested their time & emotions to follow the show week after week for 2 years.
    Maybe if the show had been properly promoted & scheduled the superior ratings that it originally had would not have gone down? The type of people who faithfully watch the Revolution genre type shows were still watching it and the millions of cross-over viewers who were lost might still have continued to watch it if the scheduling & promotion had been better! Having the show play for a few weeks then stop & restart weeks later causes people to get confused & frustrated especially when the day & air time changes! When it becomes difficult for people to find the day & time their show airs they lose interest! The bad promotion & scheduling for Revolution this past year was a big factor in its loss of viewership! It has happened many times before with this genre type series & it will happen again. Fortunately its the last time for me. I will not be disappointed by them anymore. The major networks(ABC,CBS & NBC)have lost the viewership of me & my family!

    Thank You,
    Allen Patterson Jr

  4. Alan says

    Don’t cancel Believe. It’s a great show and needs more time for people to find it. Big mistake.

  5. says

    This is really the pits. Revolution and Believe are two of my favorites. They at least have some consistency and a story line. Why can’t they cancel some of those reality shows. We are tired of watching women throw themselves at men all the time. We can see that in person every day in person.

  6. Stefanie says

    Very disappointed about Revolution. NBC don’t have any good shows to offer anymore. Stupid Reality TV.

  7. Rob says

    Revolution, Crisis, Believe are all really good shows and all are cancelled this is why I dont watch NBC anymore

  8. English watcher says

    Totally agree with the comments don’t leave the fans of good shows still wanting answers. NBC think again about Believe and Crisis those are good shows that are about opening people’s imagination, guess you are just one of those mind dulling TV company.

  9. Darlene Frangipanni says

    Why in the world would you guys cancel Dracula! NBC SUCKS! Fans petitioned to get this show back for Season 2. Just don’t understand….you could have brought it back but choose to ignore the peoples request. Thanks for nothing NBC. VERY DISSAPPOINTING!

  10. Andrew says

    My wife and I love the new show Believe and we are so disappointed to learn of its cancellation. NBC, out of all the shows you have you decide to pull one the best.

  11. says

    Friends with better lives needs another chance.
    Very,Very! funny ! Unfortunately, I just discovered the show .. Maybe it needs a new time slot? and more advertisement to succeed?!?!

    Believe .. It’s a good show, keep it going!!!

  12. Kirk says

    what happen with all the cable channels??? they are cancelling all the good shows and leave rubbish running for years! Believe and Revolution are good shows and worth to keep running! I hope other cable channel will pick them up and resume.

    P.S. At least when you decide to cancel a show, make a final concluding episode! don’t leave questions to the fans. Show some respect to them!

    • Anonymous says

      Totally disappointed that Revolution is being canceled. CBS did the same with Jericho years ago. Maybe if they’d left it on Monday ratings wouldn’t have dropped. You have stupid cable shows like Dooms Day Preppers and The Walking Dead that are still going. That was the only show I ever watched on NBC. Just lost a viewer NBC!

      • Ex NBC fan says

        I’m with you! My wife and I could hardly wait for the next episode from week to week and again, network television shows us why they are dying in favor of cable networks when they make another stupid decision to cancel a great series! Don’t they realize it could have been the day of the week rather than the quality of the show that affected its ratings? Duh! Time and time again we are kicked in the cashews by the stupid decisions they make. Do they really think we prefer the moronic sitcoms and over abundant talk shows over programs like Revolution? The next reality show should be called The Network Hangings and feature the firing of network executives for stupid decisions that pisses of their viewers.

        • AC says

          I agree with Ex NBC fan! Not only do they cancel my #1 favorite show, Revolution; they also cancel my #2 favorite show, Dracula.

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