Cancelled & Returning CW TV Shows from the 2009-10 Season

Supernatural and Gossip Girl cancelled or renewed?The CW continues to garner the lowest ratings of all of the five major networks — and they only program five nights a week. Most of their shows would have been cancelled on other networks. This season, they had some successes and some misses.

Here’s a listing of CW TV shows with their current status. This list encompasses shows that have aired from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010.

We’ll keep updating the list throughout the May upfronts when decisions are made about most of the shows’ fates. Keep checking back, especially if your favorite is still on the fence.

90210: Students returning for year three. Will anyone graduate?
America’s Next Top Model: The competition will return for rounds 15 and 16.
Gossip Girl: Coming back next season for year four.
Life Unexpected: Has survived to see a sophomore year.
One Tree Hill: Coming back for season eight.
Smallville: Clark Kent to soar for season 10.
Supernatural: The boys will be back for season six.
The Vampire Diaries: The hot vamps will be back for season two.

Cancelled (or ending)
The Beautiful Life: Dumped after just a couple episodes.
Blonde Charity Mafia: The network killed it before it even aired.
Fly Girls: Grounded after one season and eight episodes.
High Society: Not coming back for a second round.
Hitched or Ditched: No more orchestrated weddings.
Melrose Place: The spin-off is gone after one season.

What do you think? Any news that makes you particularly happy or sad? When compared to other networks, is The CW better or worse about cancelling shows?

Here are updated listings for all five networks: ABC | CBS | The CW | FOX | NBC

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. melinda morrison says

    I think they should keep the show on i just realized the cancelled it after waitin how long to watch it .How r they going to stop something that millions of people want to see.I was a big fan back in the day with both melrose and 90210 and still am I WANT MELROSE BACK ON FOR GOOD.

  2. Annemarie says

    While I am happy to see Smallville back for a 10th season I am saddend to hear that it will be it’s last season. There is so much room for this story to grow if explored in the proper format… I wish they would reconsider…

  3. GH says

    Melorse Place was really really good!!! I don’t understand why it is cancelled??? I do LOVE 90210 (True to the old one though), Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and of course One Tree Hill!!!! Seriously, without the CW I would not have my shows to watch. I do like CBS with Ghost Whisperer though :) Love my shows :)

  4. Matt says

    Loving that One Tree Hill is coming back. Have not seen much of Life Unexpected but I’m glad it’s getting another chance. Here’s to Smallville and Supernatural getting to wrap up nicely next year. Gossip Girl and 90210? It’s all good I guess, don’t care too much about them. Vampire Diaries? That show is a HIT on this network. I wonder how long it will hold momentum? Four or Five Seasons?

  5. says

    i love most of the shows on the cw18. its the best tv station that i watch. i love smallville moonlight, supernatural, and the vampire diaries. i hope the cw can save moonlight so they can make season 2.=D

  6. NoName says

    I didnt find anything wrong with The Beautiful Life.
    If that was a show made in the UK for UK television it would have had a chance or at least all the episodes would have been aired. How 90210 is renewed is beyond me. That show was mint back in the day. They should have left it like that.

  7. Teila says

    Thank god somebody finally agrees with me about melrose place!!! There was never a dull moment in that show!! PLEEEEEASSEEEE keep it!!!

  8. says

    Please don’t Cancel Melrose Place it’s the best show on CW besides 90210 and it’s was doing so good first of all the RATINGS were probably low because people are busy in their on life’s and RECORD IT or watch it online , I promise you that if you put a secound SEASON everyone will tune in and watch it being BROADCAST because this show is too important. Please Rethink your decision. I will NOT GIVE UP THIS SHOW WE HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT!!!! SAVE NEW MELROSE PLACE!!!!!!

  9. says

    DODGE S.

  10. Nicole Disponzio says

    To be completely honest, I am a big fan of the CW. Vampire Diaries is my favorite. All the shows that are returning/ renewing are ones I do keep up with. I do hate to see Melrose Place go though. Thank god High Society won’t be back.

  11. Tam says

    Love, love, love Vampire Diaries. The best vampire show out there. My daughter and I enjoy watching this every week. We both agree that Damon is one like most, but Stephan is the more loyal/logical choice. You couldn’t lose with either. We just got my nephew and my sister addicted. They will be catching up with the reruns and DVDs when they come out. Damon is awesome – best character on tv!!! Love to see Ian on television again – he was born for this role!

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