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  1. Tina C says

    I cannot beleiev ethat NBC cancelled two of the best shows I LOVED Trauma that show was amazing and Mercy was so good bad decisions by NBC

  2. Sherry and Hannah says

    Mercy was a awesome show. Why not give a show a chance. Word of mouth helps alor the second season. Cant believe you would cancel this show. Give it a chance and bring it back. We will boycott NBC also!!!

  3. Doug C says

    I am surprised NBC doesn’t take some of their shows from USA Network since they are all a part of the same family – NBC Universal. There are some really good shows there during the summer like Burn Notice, White Collar, Covert Affairs, Psych (quirky but really fun) and Royal Pains. They could easily edit some of the cussing and run them like the are with Law & Order: Criminal Intent, after they have already run on cable. They could easily run for a full season. Heck, even CBS did it with Dexter. If they can edit all the cussing, blood and nudity and still have a show on broadcast TV, NBC could do it with these.
    I have been an NBC fan for years and like a few of the shows, the BEST, by far is Friday Night Lights. I am so glad I have DirecTV to see them 1st run in the Fall. Even NBC does it with this show. Chuck is fun, like Psych. Hope they don’t lose viewers with the new programming. Chuck is not the big draw but hope it stays on.
    Of course the Thursday night comedies are great, just hope the Donald doesn’t mess that up. That seems like a very unlikely pairing, but I am not a programmer, just a viewer with way to much time on my hands. Good luck NBC.

  4. judi says


  5. Lisa says

    NBC has cancelled so many great shows. You do not give people the opportunity to watch the shows. You cancelled them after only one season. With the shows that are left who watches those? I have to agree with some of the post that were left. I will watch other network channels.

  6. says

    You are so stupid to cancel Mercy. You didn’t even give it a second chance. You have a lot of people very mad including me. I hope you go below zero. You are very ungreatful to the people who tunes into NBC. We will boycote NBC. Hope you fail.

  7. Patricia says

    I am so disappointed that Mercy was canceled! I purposely kept my wednesdays free because the show was so witty, funny and great! I probably will not be watching this station anymore

  8. John Mahler says

    NBC just proved again how pithy and lacking in intellectual capacity they are as a purveyor of content. Mercy was a show which united all the diverse factions of people who call America home. NBC is a total looser and will fall by the wayside as Americans are returning to Americanism and the values of our ancestors. Keep it up NBC you are going right into the tank totally and utterly. I pray with all my heart you loose ratings so fast you disappear from advertiser radar screens and go bankrupt. YOU SUCK NBC!

  9. Terry S. says

    When NBC cancelled Mercy and Trauma the network lost me as a viewer. Period. The drivel NBC has decided to air holds no interest to me. Bring back Mercy and Trauma and I will become an NBC viewer again. Until that happens I won’t be back. The fact that people who decide to record their favorite episodes do not count as ‘real viewers’ really makes me scracth my head in amazement. Our work schedules do not permit us to watch the shows during their regular airing time and we record it but then are dismissed as non-viewers? What the hell are recording devices for but for our convenience? And you cannot tell me I am the only person who records entire series, then watches them over and over. I guess that makes me a non-viewer who doesn’t count in the Nielsen’s. Bye, NBC. See you later, you fools.

  10. cathie gentry says

    I am the most unhappy about AS THE WORLD TURNS and MERLIN. I wish another station would pick up AS THE WORLD TURNS, if you cancel days I will never, NEVER watch your station again. That is why I watch so much TNT THEY DO NOT CANCEL SO MANY SHOWS. i TRY NOT TO GET HOOKED ON SHOWS ON THE MAJOR NETWORKS UNTIL i FIND OUT IF THEY WILL BE ON AGAIN FOR A SECOND SEASON. i RECORD THEM AND THEN WATCH THEM AFTER i FIND OUT IF THEY WILL BE BACK ON THE NEXT SEASON. I fell in love with LIPSTIC JUNGLE, only to have it go off. Passions was my all time favorite show because it was a soap opra that was “out there”. Even though I can find some of the stars on other shows I still miss all the wacky storylines.

  11. carol says

    law and order should get a get out cancellation free card just for being on and enjoyed for so many years. I would think with all the time slots left with jay leno show being cancelled the network could show a little loyality!

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