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  1. Cheryl says

    I was reading this article on shows renewed and shows ending or being cancelled. Out of all the shows renewed and can not say I honestly would sit down and watch any of them. But of the shows cancelled or ending I recently found Kings on hulu and loved it! As well as Merlin and enjoyed that one too!, Also I found a show called flash forward on hulu and loved it too! Seems to me that the networks need to fire the people that are supposed to promote the shows (as I knew none of these exsisted while they aired) and question the mind set of those that cancel shows that get our minds thinking, for shows that are brain numbing.

  2. Linda says

    Why Mercy!!! I loved it. I am getting tired of Greys Anatomy and would stand by it even so, but Mercy was something new – in the Bay Area of Northern California and thought it was great. My husband and I always watched it. Bring it back! Why do you cancel the great ones. I do watch the Apprentice, but give me a break. Why does Trump need one more thing on.

  3. Michelle says

    All I have to say is it’s no wonder CBS has better ratings. They keep the good shows. I thought NBC was making a come-back as I used to watch primarily NBC many years ago but now it’s CBS. I really enjoyed watching Mercy and Trauma, even though Trauma wasn’t as realistic as it should’ve been, it was getting better. I heard through the grape vine that Parenthood was going to be canceled… if that happens, I’m done with NBC!

  4. Anonymous says

    I was very disappointed to see that Mercy was canceled! I loved that show and have kept checking my DVR schedule to see when it come on. Now to see that it’s been canceled; I can’t believe it. Big Mistake NBC!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    I think its terrible that a lame show like the office gets renewed but a great show really showing the life of returning solider gets cancelled!!! I loved Mercy!!!

  6. Michael says

    Bring back Mercy. One of the best shows since ER. The only reason to watch NBC was Mercy and the Office. Fox and CBS are really killing NBC. Mercy,Mercy,Mercy!!!!

  7. Carmela says

    I think that it is a huge mistake to cancel Mercy. This show is awesome, and my husband and I love it….you cant just cancel it due to low ratings on the first season, you need to give it time to grow. With everything new that came out last year and everything canceled before a second season can catch peoples eyes, you havent given it time. This wrong and not right. I am not happy at all and I was really looking forward to the next season….

  8. Cindy D says

    What a bad mistake.. great show Trauma and Rabbit was the best! Sexy but compassionate. There is nothing good anymore on TV.. enough with the reality shows, give us back Trauma and good shows like the old days, Carol Burnett, All in the Family… more shows for the whole family… BRING BACK TRAUMA!

    • Barbara W says

      I can’t agree more I love Trauma I have no idea why they would even pull this show the actors are great the stories are wonderful NBC just made a huge mistake. On this one

    • Gwen says

      I couldn’t agree with you more. The major stations, give us nothing but trash, except for ABC, Brothers and Sisters always leaves me wanting more. Their hour show always seems as if it is a half hour clip.
      I find that our home is watching more and more of the cable stations. Nikita and Southland are two favorites.

  9. Angela says

    Very very disappointed in NBC . You have canceled some of my favorite shows why I have no idea. I really enjoyed mercy and trauma I was also disappointed when they canceled southland as well, but I still kept watching. I am refusing to watch the new shows NBC is putting on instead of what was supposed to be on. Hopefully they will get the hint if not let me just say “stop playing with people’s emotions “. Bring the shows back keep your veiwer’s happy, figure things out don’t just cancel.

  10. says

    I can’t believe that this show has been cancelled…I was looking forward to finding out what happened to the characters and am very disappointed that I won’t ever get to find out. Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!

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