89 Ending or Cancelled TV Shows for the 2010-11 TV Season [part 1]

Canceled TV showsHas your favorite TV show been cancelled? Here’s a list of television series that won’t be back for the 2011–2012 TV season. If your favorite is on the list, you have our condolences.

This list encompasses shows that have been cancelled so far, covering those that get the ax between June 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011. In some cases, the last episode of a show aired months earlier but the network didn’t get around to canceling the series until later. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, try the 2008–2009 page, the 2009–2010 listings, or maybe you’ve gotten lucky!

Note: Go here for the latest 2011-12 season list.

Now, let’s bow our heads and remember these fallen series…

$#*! My Dad Says (CBS) NEW
This William Shatner sitcom performed well but it wasn’t good enough for CBS. All 18 episodes have aired and there won’t be any more.

18 to Life (The CW)
A comedic series, about a pair of teens who get married on a dare, didn’t register with US viewers. It was renewed in Canada for a second season but has now been cancelled there as well.

100 Questions (NBC)
This sitcom went through a lot of changes before it got to the small screen and was postponed until after the regular season. The ratings were terrible so it was cancelled after six episodes. The last one aired on July 1, 2010. We never saw Charlotte Payne find her match.

All My Children (ABC)
A staple of the ABC daytime schedule since 1970, the network has decided to pull the plug. The last episode will air in September 2011. Note: It was later announced that the soap will continue as a web series.

America’s Most Wanted (FOX) NEW
After more than 20 years on the air as a regular series, the network is dropping it in favor of drama repeats. AMW will return four times a year in the form of two-hour specials.

America’s Next Great Restaurant (NBC) NEW
This reality series stumbled right out of the gate so it’s no surprise that it won’t be back next season.

As the World Turns (CBS)
This venerable soap opera was incredibly popular in its day but has been struggling for years now. After 54 years on the air, viewers have had to say goodbye to the residents of Oakdale. The last episode aired on September 17, 2010.

At the Movies (syndicated)
Movie critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert began this TV show in 1986 under the title Siskel & Ebert & the Movies. The title changed several times over the years. Siskel died in 1999 and Ebert had to step away during his battle with throat cancer in 2006. Other hosts replaced them but couldn’t recapture the magic of the original sparring critics. It was cancelled and the last episode aired on August 14, 2010. Ebert later announced that he and his wife had plans for their own version of the series. That started airing in early 2011.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold (Cartoon Network)
This animated series teams the caped crusader with lesser-known heroes and often pays homage to the Adam West TV show from the 1960s.

Better with You (ABC)
Sandwiched between The Middle and Modern Family, this freshman sitcom just didn’t measure up. It’s now been canceled after one season.

Big Love (HBO)
The series about a Utah man and his wives comes to a close after five seasons on the air. The last episode aired on March 20, 2011.

Boston Med (ABC) NEW
A docu-drama medical show that follows the lives and cases of real-life doctors in Beantown. Though the network didn’t describe it as such initially, a representative has confirmed that this is a limited series and there won’t be a second season. The final episode aired on August 12, 2010.

Breaking In (FOX) NEW
After starring in two short-lived dramas on NBC and ABC, Christian Slater decided to try a sitcom on FOX. Though many liked the series, it’s now been cancelled too. Note: FOX later reversed their decision and picked it up for a second season of 13 episodes which will air in early 2012.

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins (NBC)
A feel-good show in which motivational speaker Tony Robbins works with troubled families on a personal level didn’t connect with viewers. NBC cancelled the summer series after two episodes. The remaining four installments were released online.

The Bridge (CBS)
This is a Canadian TV show that follows a cop who’s elected to head the police union. While it’s popular enough in Canada to be renewed for a second season, CBS buried it on Saturday nights and, not surprisingly, it didn’t find an audience in the US. CBS cancelled it after three episodes.

Brothers & Sisters (ABC) NEW
The family drama was on the bubble last season but was ultimately renewed. The ratings dropped this season so it won’t be coming back for season six.

The Cape (NBC)
This superhero series started out okay but the ratings dropped very quickly. NBC cut the season order to 10 installments and released the final episode online only. The upcoming DVD release confirms what we already know, it’s been canceled.

Caprica (Syfy)
The Battlestar Galactica prequel didn’t bring many viewers so it was cancelled after one season. The final five episodes aired in a marathon in January. On the positive side, another prequel is in the works and will be more similar in tone to BSG.

Chase (NBC) NEW
This action series didn’t catch on on Monday nights and did worse on Wednesdays. Thankfully, NBC decided to air the remaining episodes on Saturday nights so fans could see the whole season.

The Chicago Code (FOX) NEW
A cop drama from Shawn Ryan, this series just never caught on with a big audience. The network decided to can it after one season and 13 episodes.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann (MSNBC)
The news commentator announced on-air in January that the show was ending and he was leaving the cable channel. It’s believed that this came about as a result of Olbermann being suspended a couple months earlier for making contributions to three Democrat campaigns, a violation of company policy. He later became the Chief News Officer for Current TV.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (CBS) NEW
The network has had great success with procedural spin-offs but this one just didn’t work out. It’s ending after one season of 13 episodes.

Dark Blue (TNT)
A cop drama, which stars Dylan McDermott as the leader of an undercover unit, wasn’t much of a success in season one but the cable channel still renewed it. The ratings got lower in season two so TNT cancelled it. The last two episodes aired on September 15, 2010.

Dating in the Dark (ABC) NEW
This reality series ran for two seasons and tried to answer the age-old question “is love blind?” by letting some men and women get to know each other in the dark. Once the lights are turned on, will they feel the same way about one another? There are 12 episodes and the last ran on September 13, 2010.

Detroit 1-8-7 (ABC) NEW
This gritty cop show just never caught on though many felt it was the best new series of the season. It won’t be coming back.

The Defenders (CBS) NEW
The Vegas lawyers get themselves and their clients out of a lot of scrapes but couldn’t escape cancellation. Like most others, it’s the victim of low ratings.

Note: The Closer was included on a former version of this list because it was announced that season seven would be the final season. Then, TNT decided to extend the season and break it up so that the last episodes won’t air until Summer 2012. Some of the cast may continue in a spin-off without Kyra Sedgwick.

For more, be sure to check out part two, part three, and part four of this list.

What do you think? Are there any shows on this list that you’ll particularly miss?

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  1. Pat says

    I love Hart of Dixie, Memphis Beat & several others. It is a shame that good shows, wholesome shows for the whole family get cancelled & junk is renewed.

  2. says

    There are not too many shows I watch on tv and the few I do like get cncelled. I heard that the studios are only making shows for the demograhpics of 18-35 year olds. So I guess any one over the age of 35 have to no longer watch tv or just watch reruns over and over again or buy dvd’s. If a series ratings are not right off the charts when they start they get cancelled by the 6th show. Why even bother to get interested in watching any thing new. They will just pull the plug on it. I can’t stand reality shows and if that is all hollywood has to offer that is a sad day for tv. What will they cancell next? The local news and CNN.

  3. Shirley M. Akers says

    What happened to “Harry’s Law”. We have really looked forward to watching it and now suddenly, poof, it’s gone. What gives. I agree with previous comments, that soon as a farily intlligent show comes on, the powers that be take it off and we are left with rediculous “Reality Junk. Come on , bring Harry’s Law bac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Alan Moore says

    Pam Am is a little slow at times but, most shows start out slow and get better over time.
    Why do net works cancel good shows and leave something no one wants to watch.
    In the Star trek universe (Star trek the next generation, Data mentions that television did not go much beyond the year 2040.
    If it was based on shows from 2000 forward , it may end sooner that that.
    I think networks should give a show one complete season before they cancel it.
    I hope they don’t cancel PAM AM however I’m sure they will.
    Why has the Simpson’s been on the air so long. (Fox must be run by a bunch of kids.

  5. tom says

    I will miss better with you it was a great show way better than modern family I am so tired of shows with gay couples being shoved down our throats.

    • says

      I agree sherry. all they did on tv is say it was a top rated show. I thought Jason Lee was great. It moved his acting skills beyond Earl. I kept waiting for Randy and Joy to pop up in an episode. Might have happened if they didn’t cancell it.

  6. Theresa says


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