89 Ending or Cancelled TV Shows for the 2010-11 TV Season [part 3]

My BoysThe following is the third part of a list of TV series that are ending or have been cancelled during the 2010-11 season.

For more, be sure to check out part one, part two, and part four of the listings.

Note: Go here for the latest 2011-12 season list.

Networks and cable channels have different ideas of when a season starts or ends but, to us, it makes sense to start the season on June 1, 2010 and and it on May 31, 2011. In some cases, the last episode of a show aired earlier than these dates but the network didn’t get around to canceling the series until later. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, try the 2008–2009 page, the 2009–2010 listings.

Life Unexpected (The CW)
The network renewed the show after one season of mediocre ratings and they got worse in season two. The CW later opted not to order a full season of episodes. While the network hasn’t officially called it cancelled, the series creator has confirmed that the show’s indeed over.

Lights Out (FX)
This drama about a former boxer going through tough times didn’t catch on with many viewers. After a poor premiere, the ratings dropped even lower. It was cancelled after just one season.

Live to Dance (CBS)
Paula Abdul may have been an integral part of the early days of American Idol but her name value couldn’t help this reality series. It won’t be back for season two.

Lone Star (FOX)
The critics and some viewers loved it but Lone Star never found an audience. Revolving around a con man who has a conscience, FOX pulled it after two nights of disastrously bad ratings. There are four episodes left unaired.

Mad Love (CBS) NEW
It seemed like the network had the perfect sitcom to team with How I Met Your Mother. The viewers felt otherwise.

Medium (CBS)
The network saved the show when NBC cancelled it after five seasons. It performed decently on Friday nights last season but, this year, the ratings have taken a serious hit. CBS cut the season order to 13 installments and that was the end of it.

Million Dollar Money Drop (FOX) NEW
With Kevin Pollack as host, the game show was marred by controversy during its 12 episode run this past winter. It won’t be back for another season.

Mr. Sunshine (ABC) NEW
Despite a great cast, this sitcom wasn’t nearly as popular as the show it replaced, Cougar Town. ABC decided they had had enough and have cancelled it.

My Boys (TBS)
Revolving around a female sports writer in Chicago, this sitcom ran for 49 episodes and four seasons. TBS cancelled it so we’ll likely never find out how the story of PJ and her friends comes to a close.

My Generation (ABC)
A new drama that follows a group of high school students some 10 years after they graduated. The series stumbled out of the gate and ABC pulled it after two episodes had aired. The remaining six have been released online.

No Ordinary Family (ABC) NEW
This series about a family that gains super powers had an interesting concept but many felt it just never took flight. Despite a cliffhanger ending, there won’t be a second season.

No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency (HBO)
Produced in conjunction with the BBC, this series follows a small detective agency in Botswana, run by Mma Ramotswe. The show is finished as a TV series after seven installments but may return as a pair of movies.

Off the Map (ABC) NEW
A medical drama about young doctors in the jungle just got lost and and never established a large audience.

One Life to Live (ABC)
The network has decided to cancel the venerable soap opera after nearly 44 years on the air. The last episode will air in January 2012. Note: It was later announced that the soap will return as an online series.

The Oprah Winfrey Show (syndicated)
The queen of daytime talk is stepping down and will launch new programming on the new OWN cable channel in Fall 2011. The final episode of Winfrey’s syndicated show will air on May 25, 2011 but the series will continue to air in repeats until September.

Outlaw (NBC)
Jimmy Smits has had some good luck and some bad luck on TV. Unfortunately, this drama about a former Supreme Court Justice was ignored by most viewers. NBC cancelled it after four episodes had aired. The remaining four installments were shifted to Saturday nights.

Outsourced (NBC) NEW
This controversial sitcom started out fairly well but the ratings kept declining over the season. It won’t be back.

Party Down (Starz)
Following a group of aspiring writers, actors and misfits as they work as a catering team, this series ran for two seasons and 20 episodes. The last episode, which was hardly watched, ran on June 25, 2010.

The Paul Reiser Show (NBC) NEW
This Curb Your Enthusiasm-like sitcom had a really bad debut in the ratings — believed to be the worst in NBC’s history. Week two was even worse so the peacock network pulled it off the air.

Perfect Couples (NBC) NEW
A sitcom about relationships, this series attracted a devout group of viewers but ultimately there weren’t enough of them to keep the show on the air.

Persons Unknown (NBC)
A group of strangers find themselves trapped in small town and are under constant scrutiny of security cameras. The show tanked in the ratings on Monday nights and was shuffled off to Saturdays, the TV graveyard. NBC promoted it as a self-contained series but plenty of things were left unresolved by the end. The finale aired on August 28, 2010.

Rubicon (AMC)
A conspiracy thriller that takes place in a government intelligence agency was highly praised but not highly watched. The 13th and final episode aired on October 17th.

Running Wilde (FOX)
Though there was some significant talent behind this sitcom, it just never caught on. FOX didn’t even get around to airing all of the episodes.

School Pride (NBC) NEW
A reality show about communities coming together to improve schools was a noble concept but ultimately not many people wanted to watch.

For more, be sure to check out part one, part two, and part four of this list.

What do you think? Are there any shows on this list that you’ll particularly miss?

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  1. Mary Beth says

    I just couldn’t believe it when I heard that Lone Star had been cancelled!! I thought it would be the next number one show. And I can’t believe that Hawaii 50 is still on the air. Lone Star was a MUCH better show. Maybe if they put Lone Star in Hawaii?????

  2. YaYa says

    Will miss ‘Life Unexpected,’ ‘Big Love,’ ‘Entourage,’ & ‘Friday Night Lights.’ Still not getting why ‘Cane’ was canceled. Seems like more good old shows getting axed than good new replacements. Looks like I’ll be getting more use of my library card.

  3. says

    Please give Lone Star back and give it another chance. It was very interesting, well acted and everyone I spoke to, agreed that it deserves another chance for the very same reasons.

  4. Don says

    Outsourced was the funniest, edgiest new sitcom on TV. It’d be a shame if no one picked it up, if people have such a problem with it maybe one of the cable networks will pivk it up.. FX seems like a good fit…
    I’m gonna miss it- Network execs are so clueless sometimes..

  5. Charlie says

    what the deuce was is with outsourced???? it was so funny, looking at the differences between two cultures! It was funny as hell, but some people thought it was racist. LOOK IN THE MIRROR douchebag, it was made by indian people. I did stop watching it as much when it moved later, but it was just as good on hulu! Still, who really wants to stay up till 11:00 on a weeknight? Why critics call it racist, idk. I think the office is next to go, and I don’t really give a crap about 30 rock. I agree with le1967, whoever that is, i actually leaned a few things about india and their people while watching the show.

  6. le1967 says

    Outsourced should not be taken off the line-up, it is so funny and interesting to watch. Iknow it is just a tv show, but it is an interesting view into a large country I know so litte about>

  7. Metazip says

    Where did they get these morons at NBC? In fact, at all the stations? The reason why viewership is dropping is because after 10 episodes of a 24 episode season, time slots change, or the series stops dead cold in it’s track for 3 months. Who in their right mind will wait, or watch when it finally returns? Don’t have that crap on cable. Hmm? Gee! Could be why the ratings dropped when Cable TV first came out. The customer is the viewer who pays your advertisers by buying their products. Try servicing the customer besides your back pocket, or your secretaries for a change.

  8. Lydia says

    I will miss Rubicon tremendously ….Was is just too brain draining for most of the viewers….Oh all right..”suits”, just keep those reality shows a coming….yawn

  9. cj says

    Unbelievable that my most favorite shows have been cancelled. I enjoyed . The Gates, Closer, The Event, Chicago Code, Defenders, Medium, Detroit 187, Entourage and Better with you. What will I watch. I am so over tv!! Thank goodness for my kindle.

  10. Linda says

    I will miss the taut suspense and intelligent treatment of Rubicon. I knew in my bones that it wouldn’t make it, though. The American audience has been programmed for an immediate kick. Rubicon took thought and analysis to follow the plot. The acting was far superior to average, with a subplot full of tension. I am truly disappointed. Quality entertainment is very hard to come by these days. Everything is geared toward “average” instead of demanding discernment from viewers. The end result is boredom and mid level to inferior plot development and acting.

  11. JohnnyZ says

    I will miss Outsourced. Better ratings & funnier than most, while in a tough slot. My Boys cancellation was simply awful!!!

  12. Dawn says

    I cant believe that OUTSOURCED is cancelled ! This is one of the funniest and best comedies I have seen in quite a while…. This definately deserves a rescue.

  13. says

    We will miss the closer very much. I can not imagine a spin off version . The writing is excellent, the casting perfect. My husband is not one to watch any TV, but we watch this together. This program will certainly be missed by us.

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