Cane: Does the Cast Know the Show’s Cancelled?

Hector Elizondo and Nestor CarbonellOne of the surest signs that a TV series won’t be renewed for another season is when the castmembers start taking other jobs. Not jobs at McDonalds or Office Depot, other acting gigs. Last year, long before The Nine was officially cancelled, principal actors from the show like Scott Wolf and Tim Daly signed on for other shows.

This season, this seems to be the case with Cane. Though many people love the show, all but the network agrees that its goose is cooked — seemingly even the cast.

Hector Elizondo, who plays patriarch Pancho Duque, has taken a job on USA Network’s Monk series. He’ll play Tony Shaloub’s new therapist, replacing the recently deceased Stanley Kamel. There’s no details on how change in therapist will be handled but Elizondo will make his first appearance on July 18th, the season seven premiere.

Theoretically, Elizondo might be able to do both series but its doubtful that CBS would agree to let one of its stars moonlight. Last fall, when CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler was asked if Nestor Carbonell (Cane’s Frank Duque) would be allowed to continue to put in occasional appearances on ABC’s Lost, she was clearly against him doing it.

Her point of view seems to have softened. Since Cane went on hiatus, Carbonell has filmed at least one episode of Lost, which will air next Thursday. Is this yet another indication that Cane is over? What do you think? TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. joy says

    bring it back.. it is so beautiful with such drama and casting.. we love it.. it was stupid to not have other seasons..

  2. Joy says

    BRING IT BACK!! i love it.. it is one of the top shows ever.. such a beautiful story and casting… Alex is so cool.. plzzz just bring it back.. u cant leave us waiting like this..

  3. deancare says

    please bring back Cane that was a very good movie to watch I enjoyed watching it I would look forward to this series coming on. why all the good movies get taken off.

  4. carolynne nelson says

    There has not been a succesful hispanic oriented show since the george lopez show. Please let us see those amazing hispanic actors return, they were masterful. The show held everyone on the edge of their seats week after week wishing the hour would’nt end. And now the geuises at CBS can’t see they have an enormous hit on their hands? Get it together genuises put Cane back on the air and take some of the stupid shows off.

  5. Steven says

    It seems as though things allways go back to politics,the people are never asked,its just done.I believe CANE was a good net work program.

  6. Anonymous says

    please bring back CANE< it was such a good show, at least make it available on DVD, i see all these other tv shows on dvd, why not CANE , everytime something good comes along, it gets replaced without a fair chance and for what ever reason those stupid real drams shows stay on, come on please bring CANE back

  7. JOE says


  8. laradoll says

    I am so upset!!! Cane was the BEST show on network television!! And as a cuban/american it was really interesting and exciting to see my culture on T.V. I wish they would reconsider!!

  9. Nasir says

    i dont know whether to say CBS are smart or stupid. they managed to come uo with such a great show like Cane with PERFECT casting and a brilliant story and theyre dumb to have it cancelled. what the hell are they thinking. i was never interested in these shows until my friends started eating my head about some. im also a fan of smallville which has 8 seasons atm and possibly more coming and Dexter which has 3 seasons and more coming. it would be stupid if Cane made it into the top 3 of my choice and possibly others with only 1 season. they were brilliant but cancelling it makes it seem pointless. i really hope they would consider further seasons.many peoples hearts would light up to hear this.

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