Canterbury’s Law: Essentially Cancelled? Good News for New Amsterdam.

Canterbury's LawAfter two weeks on the air, FOX has decided to shift its new Monday night legal drama, Canterbury’s Law, to Friday nights.

The Julianna Margulies series has been garnering terrible ratings so the move certainly comes as no surprise. The series’ premiere on March 10th attracted just 7.7 million and a dismal 1.7 rating among adults 18-49 — the network’s lowest-rated premiere for that time-period in the history of the network. The second episode’s viewership for 18-49 was essentially the same but total viewers dropped to 5.7 million.

With numbers like these, it’s no surprise that FOX has sentenced the series to Friday nights. It’s essentially a done deal that Canterbury’s won’t be back for another season. With four episodes left, it seems likely that the network won’t even let the show finish airing all of its episodes.

Interestingly, both Canterbury’s and New Amsterdam were originally slated for Friday nights but they were shifted to Mondays because of the writers strike.

Though its numbers are nothing to brag about, Amsterdam has been able to improve on Canterbury’s numbers. Its for this reason that FOX is likely giving Amsterdam some more time on Monday’s schedule. Repeats of House will take Canterbury’s slot and will provide a bigger lead-in audience for Amsterdam. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. voirin D. says

    WHAT A TERRIBLE MISTAKE TO CANCEL THIS SHOW!!!! PLEASE TRY TO BEING CANTERBURY’S LAW BACK WITH THE SAME CAST OR AT LEAST WITH Julianna Margulies. Maybe some 6 years later and post- The Good Wife show, Canterbury’s Law will have a made and waiting following to share with The Good Wife. In fact, I prefer Canterbury’s Law to The Good Wife because Julianna Margulies expresses a more dynamic, appealing and impressionable character than in the later show. WHAT A GENIUS ACTRESS JULIANNA MARGULIES IS and her castings in legal dramas is, in my opinion, the closest to perfect and natural a match possible, her acting has my heart and mind- loyal. I also feel the supporting cast in Canterbury’s Law is also a near perfectly natural mix of great talents, that are equally essentially to the unsurpassed GENIUS, in every respect, of this show. SINCERELY.

  2. Khiki says

    I think it’s a great legal drama, very original. The dialogue, music, and subject matter are all provocative and the plot thought provoking. I think that Julianna Margulies does an excellent job creating and executing this character!

  3. alex says

    You know, I don’t even like your network, I have been watching the show online and I was actually considering being part of the ratings by watching as it comes on, you really need to keep this show. It may bring some people who aren’t watching for other reasons back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chris M says

    Usually don’t comment about a show being cancelled but my husband and I truly loved this show. To give a show an opportunity to succeed you have to put it in a good time slot to begin with and NOT move it to another slot after a few shows. It was the network’s fault this program was not successful. We found the acting excellent and the story lines entertaining. Even Seinfeld had problems finding an audience in the beginning. Enough said.

  5. Tracey said says

    Who in the heck are these Nielson rating boxes going to? Canterbury’s Law is a great show and I want to see the show continue. I love the fact that her character is so passionate about justice. Her supporting cast could use a little makeover like a hot new ex husband or a hottie DA. Let’s explore her character more to find out how she came about.

  6. william R says

    Hopefully someone with the power to save an outstanding show will read this. KEEP CANTERBURY’S LAW ON THE AIR FOR THE NEXT SEASON. WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO GET YOU GUYS AT FOX TO DO THE RIGHT THING WITH A QUALITY SHOW!

  7. Jerry says

    It’s a good show, different, and although the plot has some holes, I think it’s very entertaining. I sure hope Fox doesn’t kill it. It’s the first thing really unique on any network and my wife and I really enjoy it. Because we like it –that means it will get cancelled. Same thing happened about 20 years ago with a show named “A Year in the Life” set in the Seattle area. I liked it so they cancelled it. Just can’t compete with Pro Wrestling or cage fighting for ratings.

  8. Alicia says

    who the heck do we contact to save this show? I am sick to death of finally finding a show every once in a while that is smart, funny, intelligent and though provoking (Book of Daniel!!!) that they give 2 weeks on the air and then axe it!! If I see one more game or reality show I am going to create a reality show of my own!!

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