Canterbury’s Law: Essentially Cancelled? Good News for New Amsterdam.

Canterbury's LawAfter two weeks on the air, FOX has decided to shift its new Monday night legal drama, Canterbury’s Law, to Friday nights.

The Julianna Margulies series has been garnering terrible ratings so the move certainly comes as no surprise. The series’ premiere on March 10th attracted just 7.7 million and a dismal 1.7 rating among adults 18-49 — the network’s lowest-rated premiere for that time-period in the history of the network. The second episode’s viewership for 18-49 was essentially the same but total viewers dropped to 5.7 million.

With numbers like these, it’s no surprise that FOX has sentenced the series to Friday nights. It’s essentially a done deal that Canterbury’s won’t be back for another season. With four episodes left, it seems likely that the network won’t even let the show finish airing all of its episodes.

Interestingly, both Canterbury’s and New Amsterdam were originally slated for Friday nights but they were shifted to Mondays because of the writers strike.

Though its numbers are nothing to brag about, Amsterdam has been able to improve on Canterbury’s numbers. Its for this reason that FOX is likely giving Amsterdam some more time on Monday’s schedule. Repeats of House will take Canterbury’s slot and will provide a bigger lead-in audience for Amsterdam. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Hope says

    I’m tired of new shows being put on t.v. against other popular shows and then since people are watching the old”popular” show, the new ones get yanked after a few epidoses. There are only a few good shows on anymore, I’m sick of the losing weight shows and all the other reality crap!!!

  2. Rena says

    So we were going to get to see the scheduled showing of the “season finale” of Canterbury’s Law and it was pre-empted by a Mets/Phillies game. Don’t the Mets have their own channel? Come on….if your going to take the show off the air at least let the viewers who give a damn about the show watch the last episode? This is a well written show. If your not going to keep it on FOX then move it to FX where the ratings are not such a big deal but the television is great.

  3. Kim says

    You know….I’m about sick of reality shows….you finally get a decent show back on the air and now you want to cancel it….I like both these new shows and having them back to back on Monday night was great. Wednesday would even be better, as there is absolutely nothing decent on either of those night. Hopefully, someone will read these comments and listen to what the public has to say and not the executives who probably make more money producing REALITY SHOWS!

  4. Nina says

    It is EXTREMELY unfair to put a show up against Dancing With The Stars for it’s premiere and then move it to Fridays because of poor ratings, as a result. It seems to me that execs are cancelling shows just because they have the power to do so, not giving it time to “catch on”. What about the viewers who have invested time into watching the show and are interested in the characters and plots? Does Fox not value us?

  5. Lynn says

    Well it would seem if your age is past 18 you will be able to see nothing that has good writing and good acting. Please try and remember it is not the 18 year old that buy the products that you get paid to show, it is us you remember older than 18.
    Give this show some time the scripts are great the last week with the two lawyers trying to get her into jail and she won was great. And yes the child this would be a great show. Come on if you can give the other trash time give this show a full season. Please

  6. Anonymous says

    aww! i saw last week’s epi and decided to catch up. i dunno if i wanna get hooked if they drop it after 4 epis! awww! =(

  7. sft says

    The show hasn’t had a chance due to FOX’s placement of it. The last few Fridays were challenged due to the basketball championships. Let this show have a chance. It’s got good characters – newcomer Trieste Dunn is a awesome – and it needs a chance to develp them. Don’t axe it before it’s had a fair shot. It’s alot edgier and fresher than the other courtroom shows which are frankly getting old.

  8. says

    I really enjoyed these four episodes ,i need more you cant leave everybody waiting to find out where her son is and will she be prosecuted .I cannot understand why you get a good series and take it off after four episodes.

  9. DEE says

    This is a great show. somethink new and different. What kind of ratings do they expect when they put it up against Dancing with the Stars…

  10. briandouglas says

    I swear to all thats holy, leave it on Fox… It’s a well written show, and has great potential, please pull your heads out the the sand and don’t axe it….I’ve already banned NBC from my home, i don’t want to do the same with FOX, but it’s getting close….i have been watching it, now im into the show, when is or will she be finding her son….put it back on monday nights, was perfect….Im sick to death of this crap, the writers strike ending tv, then these idiots at the top decide to pull a show after 4 episodes…leave it for the year, see how it develops, give it a chance, you may be surprised. Im just stumped…honestly stumped….

  11. Cindy says

    I agree, Best show I’ve seen in a while. Nothing ever stays on any more other than law and order. I think they need a new “Neilson” family

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