Caprica: Unimpressive Debut Ratings; Cancel or Keep It?

CapricaA prequel to the successful Battlestar Galactica series, Caprica has officially debuted on Syfy. Will it engender the same love and respect that BSG did or will viewers be happy to see it go?

While BSG revolves around Colony survivors trying to find the promised land, Caprica takes place years earlier, with humans enjoying the fruits of technology — and creating of the Cylons. The series stars Eric Stoltz, Esai Morales, Paula Malcomson, Polly Walker, Alessandra Torresani, Magda Apanowicz, and Sasha Roiz.

Caprica got off to a slow start on Syfy with an audience of 1.6 million viewers for the two-hour premiere. That’s well below some of the network’s other sci-fi premieres and average audiences.

Is Caprica worth watching?

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It surely didn’t help that the first half of the debut aired against the Hope for Haiti Now telethon that attracted over 80 million viewers on other stations. The premiere has also been available for sometime via other means; including a year-ago DVD release and various online outlets. Syfy estimates that some two million people have seen the pilot through iTunes and online streaming alone.

Syfy has ordered 19 more episodes for this freshman season so the next several weeks will really tell if fans are interested in the pre-BSG universe or not. The series has certainly gotten enough positive reviews from the critics.

What do you think? Is the Caprica worth revisiting week after week? As enjoyable as BSG? Cancel or keep it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Chris says

    The sooner they cancel this piece of crap and create a spin-off worth watching, the better. There aren’t enough words to describe the badness of Caprica.

  2. kyle s says

    The show is too slow, too quiet, and needs in your face, shadow filled faces to command the screen. And nobody drinks now? WTF? Everyone drank like sailors on BSG.
    I dare anyone to watch the first episode of BSG “33” and then watch the first episode of Caprica, you won’t make it through 2 minutes. It doesn’t even compare. All these episodes should have been rolled into 1 or 2. The only reason people are watching is because BSG was so good. It’s piggybacking on BSG fans and unless it picks up the pace, it will never gain more fans. I have to force myself to watch it. And I’m pretty die hard, I just watched “1984” “Dune” “Brazil” back to back. I don’t even know what there target audience is. 14 year olds aren’t gonna tune into this, 40 year olds aren’t. They’re all busy watching swamploggers and bad girls club reruns.
    Syfy plans on another series after this, the start of the war, so you can figure out how boring this series is going to be. So far all that has been good in this series is, Sam Adama uhhh almost killing someone, the t.v. interview with Patton Oswalt, and finding out the cute teens are in their 20’s. This show needs James Edward Olmos to direct it.
    Honestly tell me that if you had never seen BSG that you would actually tune in every Friday to watch this. And last Friday it didn’t even air so even more people probably think its been canceled now. Ghosthunters/Ghostwhisperer is taking over, sad.

    Gravedancing is the best episode so far and all that actually happened in it was, well nothing.

  3. says

    This show is wrought with FAIL! Its too slow for the Scifi crowd. Dump this turkey to DVD and hand the timeslot to wrestling…or golf…maybe Oprah! In summary, just don’t waste your time!

  4. Phill Doblosky says

    Something to remember… This show has been put together by the same team that did BSG. I say give them a few weeks and I’m sure you’ll see this show start moving alone just like BSG did. This is all character and plot development right now. I, for one can’t wait till the ends meet and all frackin’ hell busts loose… you know it’s coming… So say us all?

  5. Chance says

    I found the concept interesting, and decided to give the show a chance. But, and this is a big but, their juvenile attempt to get the F-bomb past the censors is very irritating. In this case the F-bomb is; frak, fraking, fracker, lets frak, etc. Are the writers really so bad that they can’t find more interesting ways of expressing themselves without the F-bomb? Grow up writers, and try something original.

    • Demented says

      If I knew that the DVD release of the series would replace “Frack” with the word they are implying, I would consider buying it to watch it.

  6. Demented says

    Hey, I really like the story line in Caprica. I never watched the newer Galactica series but did watch the old one. I think the acting in Caprica is Excellent. The action and storyline, Great. Special effects, Cool.
    So, if I like it so much, why did I recently delete the series from my DVR’s record list?
    The last episode I watched must have use that word 20 or 30 times! Rediculous! There is nothing more anoying to me than really getting into a good, dramatic, intense scene and then having the validity yanked out from under it with some fictitious, adolescent word. It gives me the impression of the writers as little kids trying to get away with something. My friends and I use to make up similar words in junior high school! Grow up!
    At first I thought it was suppose to be funny, but then they use it in dramatic situations.
    Honestly, I’d rather hear the word they are implying here or nothing at all.
    The show had a lot of potential in my opinion but I find the use of the word Frack so distracting that I can’t enjoy the show anymore. Bummer.
    Anyone else feel that way or am I alone here?

    • gaz says

      if you watched BSG, you wouldn’t have an issue with it.

      If you liked it as much as you claimed to, then deleted it over a WORD, then frankly it’s probably best that you’re not included in the fanbase. lol

      • Demented says

        Thanks gaz,
        I suspect you are right. That one WORD, is too distracting for me and I DON’T belong in the fanbase. After the last episode (Reins of a waterfall) I kind of already knew that though.
        BTW I guess I shouldn’t have said “I never watched the newer Galactica series” I DID watch it enough to realize that I didn’t care for it.

        It’s not really a huge deal either. For me, it’s kinda like a little kid jumping on you and hitting you in the groin with his knee. It’s tollerable for a while, but when it happens over and over and over again it just becomes annoying.

      • Chance says

        Hey gaz,
        I did watch all of the new BSG series, and I had an issue with the “frak” usage there too. I also had a problem with how often they changed the plot, and went off in a new direction. Frankly, the new BSG had good special effects, but the old BSG had more class and better writing… for it’s time.
        I’m also fed up with all of the political correctness. For example; changing Starbuck to a woman, (though I thought Katee Stakhoff was great in the role.) and the gay couples.
        And yes Demented, some of us do feel the same way you do about the series. The writer’s lack of skill and imagination spoils the program. Count me out of their fanbase too.

  7. Morgan says

    (please excuse the break)hadn’t already been on television a year because of all the cancellations going on, especially after the writers’ strike. I am in love with the plot and see so many sociological, theological, and psychological viewpoints that I actually have something to discuss over coffee with my friends. There just aren’t shows airing that warrant discussion anymore and it would be so unfortunate to pull the plug on this series.

  8. Morgan says

    PLEASE keep this show. The only show I watch on TV now is 24. Nothing else that is well written and acted seems to last this day and age, particularly against all that reality TV. Smart, intelligent shows are being cancelled left and right. I was hesitant to watch anything that hadn

  9. Doug-H says

    I thought the first real episode of Caprica was very good…. I think it brings a wonderful world/universe into play… Those fans of BSG can see why Cylons believed in a one god since it appears that the first Cylon did and that will be part of the fabric of the future Cylons that will be built.. And… it will be easy to follow it since Caprica seems to be on all the various outlets including SyFY, Bravo, USA, Universal HD, and On Demand… No idea how you can measure ratings when viewers know they can catch it so many ways..

  10. Jay says

    I watched the premiere when it first aired as a 2 hour movie. When they aired it again to start the new series, I watched bits of it and fast-forwarded through the rest of it so that I could remember what had happened. I watched the next episode and I have to say that I really don’t have much interest in it. I am not even going to compare this to Battlestar Galactica because they are totally different types of stories. Battlestar wasn’t my favorite, but I enjoyed it enough to watch it each week. Caprica just hasn’t grabbed my attention. I usually try to give a new show 3 or 4 weeks to get my attention, but after the 2 hour premiere and the 2nd episode I found myself not caring what happens. If I thought that it would be covering the rise of the cylons and their revolt against humanity, I might keep watching, but I don’t think that this will be happening anytime soon, so I’m not hooked.

  11. Average Citizen says


    You might refuse to recognize it but you could at least take note that it’s intended to be written as Syfy without the ridiculous need of capitalizing the “f”.

    Then again, half of the internet could never print the correct stylization for the channel before the switch (Sci Fi Channel, not SciFi/Sci-Fi/etc.).

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