Caprica: Final Five Episodes to Air January 4th

IMAGEFans of cancelled Caprica will get to see the remaining handful of episodes. They’ll begin airing on Tuesday, January 4th at 6pm reports EW.

The series was cancelled by Syfy last month and the network said at that time that the remaining episodes would return in the early part of the new year. The Battlestar Galactica prequel was a departure from the sci-fi action series and didn’t measure up in the ratings. The cable channel has given a greenlight to another prequel series that will be closer in tone to the original and is tentatively called Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome.

Of the Caprica cancellation, executive producer David Eick told EW, “I understand that these are rarely simple decisions and I know the current leadership at Syfy genuinely loved the show and were hell-bent on protecting it and seeing it succeed… Caprica was an extremely smart, unique show and it’ll take quite some time for me to get used to the idea that it’s really gone.

What do you think? Glad to hear you won’t have to wait long to see the final episodes? Do you think elements of Caprica should be worked into the new series?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kathy says

    I am so sad that Caprica is cancelled! I hope some other, brighter network will pick up and run with the series. I will watch the “final five” if I can, but I don’t have much hope for “Blood and Chrome”. If I like it, they will probably cancel it soon, or only show half-seasons separated by large chunks of time, and then cancel it and blame the viewers.

  2. Jeff says

    Hey, I guess they HAD to cancel at least ONE of their true sci-fi shows to make room for all those WRESTLING programs! I mean THOSE TRULY capture the “target demographic” of a “sci-fi” audience, don’t they?????

    I was active on a forum thread about this show, and there were A LOT of folks who had issues with it, but my thinking on it was that all the issues with the religion and the “matrix,” as someone put it needed to be understood from the perspective of just HOW and WHY the Cylons came to be SO OBSESSED with one, true God. Perhaps this show was moving too slowly towards that to suit a lot of sci-fi-fans who just absolutely HATE anything that hints of religion or spirituality, BUT that was ALWAYS at the core of what the Cylons were about, from a “psychological” point of view, in the original series, and I felt its origins really needed to be addressed.

    JUST having one girl with those beliefs be the original “Cylon” wouldn’t be enough, either. Where this program was beginning to head, with the “virtual heaven,” was showing A LOT of promise, to me, as to how all this could “morph” into something that ended up in CYLON BRAINS. Considering that even the highest-rated shows on a channel such as SyFy don’t pull all that many viewers, it seems they COULD HAVE given it more time. Then again, its parent company is NOTORIOUS for cancelling promising new series. Just look where “Undercovers” is going, and where “The Event” ALSO appears headed. And then NBC wonders why it’s consistently in LAST PLACE. They might, but I don’t.

    Same with Syfy. That’s a very FRINGE audience to begin with. You have to give it time to develop. Certainly, “Caprica” has NOT been any sort of top-shelf show; indeed, far from it. But it was showing promise and should have been given a chance to improve and grow… I guess the “wrasslin’ fans” just DIDN’T get it!

  3. clint mcgrath says

    I am unhappy, please don’t cancle Caprica. Great show I will sorely miss it.
    I watch stargate universe too and I find Caprica is a much better show, smarter better looking and more interesting. I always look forward to watching this show, dosent syfy know they got a real gem here, scrue the ratings, people watch this stuff all the time just not always on tv I always go out and get the series once its out on dvd so I can enjoy it all at once, many do. So how do you rate that. Not everyone watches cable tv, I’m dissapointeded in the cancellation. Syfy sucks for cancelling so many good shows before there time, who runs that joint anyway….the 100th monkey!

  4. Alex says

    This was a great show. Great actors and good writing. Sad to see it go.
    I also heard that Rubicon on AMC was cancelled. Looks like any smart show is cancelled and substituted for some lame rehash. What a shame

  5. hikaricore says

    SyFy can suck it. The real fans are downloading the canadian broadcast and watching it now. We WON’T even bother tuning in for their marathon and give them the satisfaction of advertising revenue.

  6. Janice says

    Another intellegent, character-driven show is gone. What a shame. Well, we need more mindless TV with more endless “action” shots, don’t we?

  7. Donna M Zacharewicz says

    I am planning on spending Jan 4th devoted to watching this then! I loved this series and was pissed when it got cancelled.

  8. Roger W says

    I was really disappointed to hear that SyFy canceled this series. Like so many good shows that are too smart and too deep for the accountants away they go before the real fan base kicks in. It nearly happened to BSG too. Thank goodness it didn’t. At least we won’t have to suffer the fate of another great show when FOX abruptly canceled “Firefly” a few years ago.

  9. says

    SciFi has done it again! Created a deep, entertaining, thought provoking show then cancels it without a word on the SciFi Channel. Like we want to choose between WWF wrestling or take off Caprica.

    We are faithful SciFi fans, but if you continue to drop good science fiction shows, like Caprica, you will lose your SciFi fan base at this rate… like us.

    The words “Dumb Ass” comes to mind.

  10. Anonymous says

    I will not be watching for 2 reasons…

    1) SyFy is officially cancelled from my TV.
    2) V season 2 starts Jan 4th.

  11. Jester says

    Doesn’t suprise me. I thought the show was great but I think it was too smart for the average viewer. What a sad commentary this is four our country that a television show is too smart for the most of us. Isn’t the post modern world just peachy.

  12. says

    battle star galactica was great but it is over caprica is a fresh new beginning of the actual begenning—– Great story and actors I will truily miss this series cant wait to see the final episodes Wish I recorded the previous episodes hate to see a good thing end. Waited anxiously for every showing . What a BUMMER! ( Tony C.)

    • says

      I really dont think that caprica can be replaced by another prequil such as blood and chrome. sounds like a —biker bar! I just hope the last eppisodes of caprica add some kind of closure to the end of caprica to the —–beginning of Battle Star Galactica. not just ending prematurly leaving us to fill in the blanks…..

  13. Jenny says

    This really sucks, I have enjoyed Caprica immensely since it started and now I am super pissed that it is canceled. I thought they were splitting it into half seasons like Eureka(please don’t cancel this on me too!). I think today too many shows are canceled too soon. We get invested in these characters and then poof gone! Wheres Merlin by the way? Gone too? Should I stop watching Stargate Universe now before you cancel that too? Dresden files..liked that one…could you guys at SyFy please pick up The Gates from ABC to make up for it? Oh, and by the way, I wouldn’t call a remake of an English series “an original” and I’ve already watched Being Human so don’t screw it up! SyFy Channel is supposed to be a haven (speaking of, Haven better come back,with super hot Duke, and tell me who is Audrey is!!) for the supernatural/sci-fi geeks like me who love these shows that may not be mainstream ratings grabbers. We need a place to love our less than mega popular shows!!!

    • hikaricore says

      Merlin is a BBC series much like Doctor Who. SyFy has absolutely no power over it they just air it in the US. Series 3 is currently on in the UK with 2 episodes to go and has already been renewed for a 4th season.

  14. John says

    Caprica was really disappointing, but to be honest I should have expected it, what with how BSG turned into for its last two seasons.

    I was excited because it was supposed to be the genesis of the Cylons. But what we got was stupid religious nonsense, and emo teens running around The Matrix. Ugh, it was just terrible. Let’s forget that it ever happened, and get a REAL Cylon Genesis story.

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