Caprica: Final Five Episodes to Air January 4th

IMAGEFans of cancelled Caprica will get to see the remaining handful of episodes. They’ll begin airing on Tuesday, January 4th at 6pm reports EW.

The series was cancelled by Syfy last month and the network said at that time that the remaining episodes would return in the early part of the new year. The Battlestar Galactica prequel was a departure from the sci-fi action series and didn’t measure up in the ratings. The cable channel has given a greenlight to another prequel series that will be closer in tone to the original and is tentatively called Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome.

Of the Caprica cancellation, executive producer David Eick told EW, “I understand that these are rarely simple decisions and I know the current leadership at Syfy genuinely loved the show and were hell-bent on protecting it and seeing it succeed… Caprica was an extremely smart, unique show and it’ll take quite some time for me to get used to the idea that it’s really gone.

What do you think? Glad to hear you won’t have to wait long to see the final episodes? Do you think elements of Caprica should be worked into the new series?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. CptnEdge says

    Ahhh…everytime I find a show that is intriguing and makes you think about life and the future as it may come to gets cancelled. I really liked this show. Like an onion it was unveiling what life may come to in the future.

    Be aware people of how the future may come about..This show was showing how mind droning life is becoming. Where we seek solace in games and virtual reality then in the one who sustains all life…Jesus Christ our Lord and to God to whom we should find all satisfaction.


    • Taelr says

      I feel devastated at the loss of Caprica. It was finally a storyline addressing the very real likelyhood of mind-uploading and what many see as the next stage in human evolution. Endless possibilities to explore on that concept. Or in other words a real chance to explore the potential of practical open-ended lifspans rather than the fantasy religious promises and supernatural nonsense that CptnEdge references as if such things are real.

  2. says

    SyFy finally got something right and they cancel it. It was real SYFY. Most of their crap is just that crap, not Syfy, therefore not worth watching. I watch two things for the most part (except Chuck) syfy and news (information type of programing) they can drop dead.

  3. Gloria says

    hello everyone i’m knew to this but in reading some of your comments i must strongly agree with Deb Miller and chop, i use to love watching SyFy,, SyFy is just that SyFy, now its being run by ghost Story after Ghost Story don’t get me wrong i love a good Ghost Story who dose’t but enough is enough i want my little world back that’s what SyFy means to me “a Science Fiction Series with a Start and an Ending, i normally don’t buy or look at TV guides but thank god for them it prevents me from flipping the channel to SyFy,, To all you TV editors and any one who deals with putting this shows on SyFy we are fed up we are waiting for the next TV show to give us what we want… REAL SYFY

  4. Martin says

    I will admit that Caprica started slowly, but series development of a complicated and intellectual show takes time. SyFy has produced some of the best shows I have ever seen, BSG, Caprica and SGU. The production values, writing and acting on those 3 shows are way above anything CBS, NBC and ABC are currently producing. If SGU follows the way of Caprica I will have lost all hope in the television media.

    What the heck is with the WWE stuff on SyFy??? I know it probably makes a ton of money so if you have to keep it at least give us something to counter balance this mindless drivel.

  5. Dave says

    It was cancelled because Caprica was BORING. Here they have this chance to show the early robots kick some @$$ and all they do is show boring holodeck like stuff ala Star Trek Next Generation.

    They had a great opportunity and blew it. Hopefully they learned their lession and do better with the next installment BSG: Blood and Chrome.

  6. Jo An says

    Total disappointment. This is a great show. Mainstream TV is pushing us to the Internet.

    Such mindless shows on now. Shame.

  7. Bryce says

    So disappointed with syfy channel. They cancel a cutting edge show like Caprica but will keep airing crap like anaconda! Ratings may have been low for a bit but get serious, it takes time to win back viewers who are intelligent and tired of being fed brainless entertainment! Syfy you have lost this viewer for good!

  8. Hector says

    Really sad to see it go. A very intelligent show with layers like an ogre! With the rise of reality TV for the retarded masses, there seems to be no room for shows that require imagination and ingenuity. What, are we supposed to believe they can’t do both shows? With the rest of their programming, case in point the arrival of rastlin’, ScyFy could afford to continue a very deep series which could have been given at least more season to come to some satisfying conclusions, while exploring science fiction that we ourselves may be forced to face one day.

  9. Mark says

    Caprica should get at least one more season, all that big talk about giving it a chance – whatever. What I don’t get, is that SYFY is a cable channel, it doesn’t need advertising to stay alive – but yet they invest in shows like Warehouse 13 which look and play like a show made 25 years ago.

    Here’s an idea, why not do a Caprica mini series that takes us to the Cylon War?

  10. Linda says

    So disappointed – can’t believe Caprica was cancelled. I did think it moved a little slow and needed to move on to evolving the cylons….I am so tired of all the CSI’s and Law and Orders – Caprica was truly entertaining. Sorry to see it end.

  11. Joan says

    I’m sickened by the canceling of Caprica. Finally a really well done thought provoking series but not enough mindless car chases and violence or middle class living for the American public? Why does SYFY have to go for the lowest common denominator?
    I’m sure it would have gathered more momentum through word of mouth and more publicity given more time.

  12. Chop says

    Execs need to know that we the watchers (customer) are getting tired of investing time into a series only to have them canceled. Maybe they should put more into keeping a series rather that jusn bailing on them mid stream. I will think long before locking into another Syfy series. Hey advertizers what if I waited a year to watch the next SyFy series to confirm the Execs confidence in its viability.

  13. Neil says

    Caprica was too smart for most people, but it wasn’t just that. It got off to a really slow start: most of the adults were cerebral, amoral and phlegmatic. Most of the younger teens were disgusting emotional messes. The mood was ALWAYSs downbeat.

    When it got going, my was it good! It feels more and more like an excellent televised novel. The ‘Dirt Eaters’ episode put the Taurons firmly at the centre of things and made them likeable. I wish the first episodes were more like this. If I’d been made to root for ANYBODY from the start I would have been emotionally engaged. This is what it lacked. Without emotional engagement there is no ‘hook’. I get ‘post-modernism’ and intellectual drama, but most of us like to root for someone at times.

    There’s a problem with smart shows – they don’t sell on a large scale. A way need to be found of taking them out of the ‘free market’ so they can get made on their own terms.

  14. Laura says

    Just so everyone knows the second have of season one is available on for pre-order for a December 22, 2010 release! -So you can see the episodes even sooner!

  15. says

    I liked the series; it wasn’t BSG, but it was better than a lot of shows out there. I was disppointed at its disappearance, and with SyFy. I used to watch SciFi all night Friday. Now, I am lucky to turn it on for Tuesday’s SG Universe and Friday’s Sanctuary. I can’t for the life of me explain the existance of wrestling on a “Science Fiction” channel. Eureka is (was?) good, Haven was OK so I will keep an eye out for them when/if they come back.

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