Cash Cab: Cancelled After Seven Years

Cancelled Cash CabVulture reports that Discovery Channel has cancelled Cash Cab after seven years on the air. A representative for the cable channel confirmed the cancellation.

Hosted by Ben Bailey, the TV series brought an unusual take to the game show genre. Everyday people would hop into a cab and were told that they were on a game show. They would then have a chance to win cash prizes by answering trivia questions while being delivered to their destination.

While Discovery never made a big deal about Cash Cab’s ratings, audiences and TV insiders clearly liked the original concept. It won the Daytime Emmy for Best Game Show for three years straight, from 2008 until 2010. Bailey won as Best Host in 2010.

With more than 200 episodes, reruns of Cash Cab will continue to air in syndication. Lion Television could shop the series to other outlets but plans to do so haven’t been announced.

There have been several international versions of Cash Cab and actually the concept began in Europe. In the US, there have been two spin-offs. Cash Cab: After Dark had a brief run in 2007 and featured Bailey as host. Cash Cab: Chicago debuted last February and hasn’t been cancelled yet. Beth Melewski hosts that version.

What do you think? Do you like Cash Cab? Do you think that it’s time for the show to come to an end?

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  1. Cheryl James says

    Cash Cab is the BEST game show on the air. I still watch all of the repeats on Cozi TV on Saturday & Sunday afternoons. I really miss this show & Ben Bailey is the best host since Richard Dawson on Family Feud. I only became aware of ‘Cash Cab’ a couple of years ago, I was home sick from work and was channel surfing and came across this great show. This show should be revived and picked up by another sindicated channel. Discovery Channel has made a colossal mistake by cancelling this fantastic game show. BRING BACK ‘CASH CAB’ & BEN BAILEY.

  2. ed cunningham says

    I find it incredible that this show would be cancelled, it is fast pace, witty, not violent, funny, amusing, interesting, etc etc–so why did it get cancelled–I have asked hundreds of people over the years–old, young, tall, short, rich, poor, etc. and not one person disliked this show–so I say bring it back–its a positive uplifting program and we can sure use a few extra laughs these days,,,ED

  3. Betty Foley says

    I can’t believe that cash cab was cancelled. I loved that show. My husband and I loved answering the questions. It was amazing to see how well some people did. Bad choice Discovery. Take off Naked and Afraid instead!!!

  4. says

    I don’t know what you were thinking, or rather not thinking on cancelling Cash Cab. Apparently not about the viewers or all of the Emmy’s won, especially with the fantastic Ben Bailey at the wheel. I don’t know who you are listening to or why you would fall short of cash with such a hit as this show, but the network needs to be cancelled if you cancel such successful shows as this and put other shows that are not successful on the air.

  5. Ernesto says

    I want my cash cab !!!! Belinda you have some complaints, WHO CARES!!! The show is fun and I like it. Bring back Ben!! Ernesto

  6. DAWN says


  7. says

    I WANT BEN BAILEY back on tv!! I hate the fact that it isn’t live anymore! It is insane that his people aren’t selling the shows to FOX or any other lucid studio-heads? There MUST be something BIG that I’m missing here?
    This happens to [still!!] be my FAVORITE tv show and I would start a collection if I thought for one minute that this was the way to get the show back in live syndication?!!
    I REALLY want this man and his cab back on the streets of Manhattan (or Timbuktu for all I care!) before I IMPLODE! :)

  8. says

    I only started watching Cash Cab about 2 years ago. Although I’m certain I’d be afoot if I were to try I enjoy the reruns anyway. I think Discovery made a mistake but they got bills to pay like everyone. Plus maybe there was other factors in it as well. I wish I could have seen how he was able to come up with so many questions and know the answers w/o cue cards etc.

    • says

      Dear Paul, dear sweet Paul:
      I read an article about how the show was done. (Google it.)
      Ben worked with producers and camera people (remember the outdoor scenes outside the cab?) and probably even makeup people, etc. It was a real tv show, remember.
      The ‘crew’ had to obtain permissions [in writing] before they even entered the car. He then wore an earmike in his left ear, I’m guessing, and was read the questions by the producers who were in a 2nd vehicle with all of the secondary cameras and cables and other equipment.
      They had to have security with them at all times, as well,
      due to the large amount of cash available to him. lol
      Did ya really think he was out there [in NYC!!?], all alone?
      Not on your life, Paul! Or make that, Ben’s. :)
      I hope this cleared this up for you (et al), if not, do what I did. Google it.

  9. Frank Rossetti says

    This show should continue with been Bailey on a different network as i have no idea what discovery channel was thinking

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