Castle: ABC Show Renewed for Seventh Season

Castle and Beckett are staying on the case. ABC has renewed the Castle TV series for a seventh season.

The show’s current ratings are down slightly when compared to last year’s but it’s still the network’s most-watched scripted series. Season six is averaging a 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 9.96 million total viewers.

On Castle, Rick (Nathan Fillion) and Kate’s (Stana Katic) relationship continues to evolve while they continue to solve crimes. The show also features the talents of Susan Sullivan, Molly Quinn, Jon Huertas, Tamala Jones, Seamus Dever, and Penny Johnson Jerald.

What do you think? Are you glad that Castle has been renewed once again? How long do you think this show should run?

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  1. sunnie says

    Best show on TV thank you for giving us another season. I hope it goes on for years to come. I was in the hospital for six weeks. Castle really made my days better I am in Dallas, we get Castle for 6 hrs. On TNT love it !!!

  2. sunnie says

    Best show on TV thank you for giving us another season. I hope it goes on for years to come. I was in the hospital for six weeks. Castle really made my days better I am in Fallas, we get Castle for 6 hrs. On TNT love it !!!

    • Anonymous says

      I LOVE THIS SHOW. And the season finale had me in tears…I so want them to get married but I LOVE the mystery..Keep up the good work every body…

  3. ravenhawk says

    i just love the show it has action love comedy sadness it has every thing in it. its the best show i have seen in years i can’t wait to see the next season or buy season six.

  4. Bobbi says

    I love this show. I cant wait every week for it to come on hulu plus. I watched the show from the begining. I have watchedd season 6 twice. My kids and I sit and watch together all the time which is our family time (hard to get with teenagers). I think to many good shows get cancelled to soon . In our house this ranks up there with criminal minds and should have at least 3 more seasons.

  5. zebra57 says

    My absolute favorite show. Intelligent script writing with humor. Excellent actors who play well off one another. Love this show!!!

  6. says

    Love this show and am overjoyed it is returning. I hope the producer and the writers continue to give us such great writing. I find myself laughing out loud at some of the goings on. Keeps me interested until the end of the show. I was shocked when Castle is seemingly killed, but the name of the show is Castle so I’m sure he is alive. By the way I think it was probably Jerry Tyson who was in the car that drove Castle off the road or one of Bracken’s groonies. Anyway can’t wait for it to return the summer will be very long..

  7. says

    Glad to see it in the seventh season. It could run two more seasons under the same premises as “Hart to Hart” and “McMillian and Wife”. Just because they marry it doesn’t have to end on that note. Like to see Lanie get her man and the Captain and her sister. And one more episode with Castle’s father.

  8. bob says

    :-) I have seen every show. Should go a few more years. Ends with daughter getting married. Castles mom married big $$$$. Ryan gets shot and has to retire. Esposito becomes Cap’tn. Castle and Beckett leave NY. And yes Esposito and the ME. hook up. All done in a way leaving the door open for comeback or big $$$$ specials. Love This Show.

  9. Frankie says

    One the best shows ever so I would like it to continue for while longer. Love the entire cast especially Stana Katic who is a wonderful actress who also supports great causes in her personal life.

    • Saviour says

      Yes I agree with you Frankie, the best show I ever saw in the last 30 years especially the wonderful Stana Katic, very nice Lady…..
      Saviour from Malta EU

  10. Frankie says

    One of the best shows ever. If they keep the same cast/writers etc, I hope it goes on forever. Love the entire cast, but favorite is Stana Katic…..what a wonderful actress, but in addition supports such worthwhile causes as ATP and Recycle America among others. As Captain Gates says “you make me proud”, which I am sure Stana’s Mother can say about her daughter.

  11. Anna says

    I love Castle. I just finished the last book written by “Richard Castle” and the way the books wove in and out of the TV scripts was brilliant. I think Castle should continue a few more years. I hope that means more books, too. Get the books!

  12. says

    My Son and I love the show and we dvr it when we know we are going to miss one. We are very happy it will be returning for another season.

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