Castle: ABC “Super Optimistic” About Show’s Future

Castle canceled or renewed?The ratings for Castle were down last year but the show is still a very viable performer for ABC. Though the show’s demo numbers are just okay, Castle is the network’s most watched drama.

Production on season six was recently shut down when series star Nathan Fillion didn’t show up for work. It seems the actor’s in the midst of a contract dispute with ABC Studios and wants a four-day work week.

Still, ABC Entertainment president Paul Lee feels good about the show’s future, saying, “We feel very strong about the future of Castle. Nathan [Fillion] and Stana [Katic] are fantastic actors and we’re super optimistic.”

What do you think? How long should Castle continue? Should this be the last year or should the series keep going after that? Is it still a compelling show to watch?

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  1. Mike says

    I never write comments like this, but I must add my two cents about how wonderful “Castle’ is and how crushed I will be if it is not continued. C’m’on guys, southe your egos some other way and give us some more of the best TV show on the tube these days!

  2. vivian says

    I think Castle is first rate – there has NEVER been an episode we haven’t loved! I’m sooooooo happy to think there will be a season six, and YES, I think it should keep going until forever! We have watched the series ‘Firefly’ twice and the movie Sernity 3 times, and will continue to watch them both – time after time!!

    We love Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D – Joss Whedon is a genius and Firely should NEVER have been canceled!!

  3. C harmon says

    Love the show & the characters! I’ve been watching from the beginning & would love to see it continue, especially the relationship between Castle & Beckett. Please keep it going!

  4. K b says

    Kate needs to say yes to the proposal…and yes to the DC job….and Castle will go with her to DC…..when she is told she needs to hire her own team….enter Esposito and co. Along with Gates and the Medical examiner…the mom and daughter….will move too. New scenery new plots…I’m in heaven!

  5. joe says

    The goofy side of Castle overrides the smart quips. I no longer admire the way Nathan plays Castle. It no longer complements the smart Beckett. It seems Nathan is not good at playing a romantic lead. I admit his weight gain does not help, but it is more than that. Some of his comedy lines are well written but sometimes they only promote him as being a silly grown ass man. He is very supportive of Beckett, but so are Ryan and Expo and they are more like her brothers. I agree with the commenter who wants Beckett to accept the DC job. It will make her character more interesting since the romance side has been voided.

    • Sandra Woolcott says

      Castle is the best thing around these days, on any channel. For heavens sake, keep renewing this wonderful program. Even my husband loves the show and will sit with me for as long as Castle episodes are on TV. The obvious relationship between Castle and Becket is wonderful and gets better all the time. Castle, Martha and Alexis are a fabulous trio and play off of each other beautifully. They lend family issues and humor and help to ease the tension of the murder investigations, etc. Keep this program for as long as possible, please!

  6. Denise says

    Castle is my favorite show – prefer reruns to most other programs. However show was sexier in earlier years. Castle has gone from hot smart-ass to a chubby pansy (with some exceptions, best of which is the episode with Beckett standing on the bomb – that was epic and Castle was a hero). At the same time, Beckett has become more hot and powerful – the relationship dynamic doesn’t feel real now (did like proposal scene – Castle was manly). I will watch Castle to the end, no matter how many years, but would like to see Castle get more buff, and get some of his sassy back. Beckett needs no change, she is smoking hot.

  7. victor r says

    It seems that many are concerned about the future of castle. Maybe its time to do a cross over when castle and Becket meet agent booth and bones. 2 episode where bones is called in to identify the remains of a high ranking officer. Becket and castle find.

  8. Susan Lund says

    I absolutely love “Castle”. It is the best show ever. I hope it goes on for a long time. They are so good together. It is the most fun program to watch!!! Love all the characters. Also love reading those “Nikki Heat” books. So much fun and also serious.

  9. james says

    I think 7 seasons is probably the limit. Nathan is going to want to move on to movies and I can’t see him staying past then. They do work long hours and I can’t blame him for wanting a 4-day week. Many actors negotiate that after their 5th season including Simon Baker.

  10. Richard Abeysinghe says

    Castle has at least 2 more seasons (including season 6 & 7), but it all depends on the direction Andrew Marlowe takes in Season 6: if he does it right like he has done so far, the show could potentially go up to Season 8…but for me that is the limit cause its my favorite show and I don’t want to see it stagnating..sure I will watch it even if they do 15 seasons but I love the show too much that I would prefer it go out with a bang and keep us wanting more rather than wait for the ratings to plummet and ABC to give it the axe.
    Looking back at S5 the ratings didn’t drop so much as the article suggests…rather it had a few bad episodes right at the end (especially the last 3) and in the middle…but was countered by the excitement generated by Castle’s proposal), plus there was a sense of disjointedness between the episodes which I think is mostly due to having an entire new set of writers on board cause it takes time for them to gel properly. So I am expecting fireworks in Season 6 as they have worked for year together and should make an efficient and creative team…harking back to the glory days of Season 3 which in my opinion was the best!

  11. SZallis says

    Yes the show should continue! The story is continually evolving and the characters’ chemistry, no matter who we are talking about, is phenomenal! I think this last season was as good as any other and I think the writers have enough story to keep us Castle fans entertained for at least a few more years!

  12. brooker bennett says

    Castle has become a jerk and I feel Beckett should not accept his marriage proposal and shoud take the D.C. position

  13. Heather says

    Well, they have said in interviews that they work 16 hour days 5 sometimes 6 days a week…not to mention he’s doing other projects as well. I would want a shorter work week too! I mean even if they only did four days, at 16 hours thats still 64 hours a week…that kind of schedule leaves no room for your own life. I don’t blame him.

  14. JBG says

    Nathan Fillion didn’t show up for work? Alas, I expected better of him. Is the ‘good old boy’ from Edmonton finally starting to buy into ‘star’ attitude that he’s too important to work with others? I guess the fans had better stop feeding “Captain Mac’s” ego at ComicCon for a while!
    As for the show, the last season of “Castle” was incredible! We finally got to see the relationship between Castle and Beckett, and it was everything that we always hoped it would be… a mature, healthy relationship between two professionals who love each other, which we have rarely seen on most TV shows (see the disaster that so many other shows have made of it… ie. Lois & Clark, Moonlighting, etc…).
    We need at least another couple of seasons of Castle.

    • Daniela says

      They are all right. I love the show so much it should definitely be on for at least 4 more years. I feel like they have been on for so many years what’s another 4. Stana and Nathan are such good actors, they make Beckett and Castle seem so real and I really want to find out what happens to them, getting married and having kids. That would be so cool. And by the way Heather was right they work such long hours, what’s wrong with a least asking for a day off. It’s not like most of us work 16hours a day for 5 or 6 days. He can at least try. Anyway go ABC for such a nice show.

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