Castle: ABC Orders Two More Episodes, Is the Show Safe from Cancellation?

CastleFans of Castle are getting some good news. ABC is ordering two additional episodes of the Monday night drama. Can fans finally relax?

Castle revolves around an egotistical novelist, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), who teams up with police detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) to solve crimes in the Big Apple. The drama also features Susan Sullivan, Molly Quinn, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Tamala Jones, Jon Huertas, and Seamus Dever.

Last spring, ABC showed some faith in Castle and renewed the series for a second year. This season, the show got off to a sluggish start but, even without the benefit of the Dancing with the Stars lead-in, has been gaining steam in recent weeks. On Monday, Castle hit season highs in both the coveted 18-49 demo (3.0 rating) and in total viewers (10.55 million).

If the ratings keep going in this direction, the show will certainly be renewed for a third year. It’s chances look even better once you consider all of the ABC shows that are either doing far worse (Better Off Ted, Scrubs, the forgotten, and The Deep End) or have already been cancelled (Eastwick, Hank, and Ugly Betty).

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In light of the ascending ratings, the network has decided to add two more episodes to the season, bringing the year two total to 24 installments. Fan site broke the news and it has been confirmed to us by a network representative.

ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson professed his love for the show at the recent TCA press tour, saying, “We’re excited by the show… Nathan is fantastic and I think his chemistry with Stana is great. I think tonally, there’s not a lot of shows on like it. Probably Bones is the only other show with that tone and we’ve seen what a success Bones has been. It’s a warrior for FOX.” He added, “Plus, Nathan is amazing and my wife has a major crush on him.”

The network is also planning another Castle tie-in book with Hyperion. The first book authored by “Richard Castle,” Heat Wave , spent 14 weeks on the New York Times Hardcover bestsellers list. The popularity of the book has sent Hyperion back to press eight times.

The second book will come out in September 2010, a month after Heat Wave is published in paperback. If the show’s ratings continue to look rosey, the third season of Castle will no doubt soon follow.

What do you think? Will Castle get a third season? Does the show deserve it or is there another show on the bubble that you’d rather see renewed?

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  1. texasbelle says

    Mary I agree with you! Who ever suggested to cancel Castle must have never watched the show! The show has lots of funny moments! The banter between Castle and Beckett I so hope more sparks fly between them!

  2. cdeaves says

    Renew, renew, renew! April is right about the “reality” shows. Give me smart writing, great characters and Nathan Fillion, PLEASE. ( Not necessarily in that order.)
    At this point, I am reluctant to invest in new series because they get cancelled after I get hooked, but I couldn’t help myself with “Castle”. Now I’m hooked. Just hope ABC does the right thing here.
    For fans of the show, there are some great vids on YouTube>1001 Reasons to love ABC’s CASTLE

  3. Mary Sagor says

    I have an idea! Let’s cancel the idiot who suggested cancelling Castle, and let that person take the Bachelor (or Bachelorette) with him/her…Actually, it must be a man, because no woman in her right mind would want Castle gone!!
    As I said, this is the only show I watch on ABC. I really believe they need a new Programming Director so they can get some good shows back on the air. The Bachelor is one of those things that came about because they just needed something to fill air space. And nobody is clever enough to find anything else like Castle to round out the schedule. Shows like Bachelor don’t need good writers, all they need is a half-baked idea. And why anyone would actually watch it is beyond my comprehension.

  4. April says

    Are they serious?!? I was ruined from watching tv for the longest time after they began showing sooo many reality shows. I do not get into those. They keep shows like The Bachelor going far too long and want to cancel good shows that are far more entertaining. I didn’t even know about Castle until the second season started because I hardly ever watched ABC. My grandmother had told me about the show so I figured I’d check it out, and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been hooked on the show ever since. Castle is the best show that I’ve seen on ABC in years. I think they should give it more time instead of being so eager to cancel a perfectly good series.

  5. Mary Sagor says

    PS -this is the only show I watch on ABC…everything else is Fox, CBS, USA, Bravo, TNT, even FX…and my TV is on about 18 hours a day!
    I have many shows that I must see each week…Castle is the only show on ABC that meets my criteria of worth watching. PLEASE be good to yourselves and to those of us who love him and keep Castle on the air!
    Thank you.

  6. Mary Sagor says

    “Castle” is one of few shows I truly enjoy! If you remove it I will have nothing to watch after House ends at 8:00! As it is, I watch reruns of old CSI or Bones while waiting for Castle to brighten my evening and make me smile! I have 7 episodes on DVR to fill the rest of the week; I am afraid to erase them…When I hear that it has been renewed I will replace them with new episodes.

    PLEASE keep this delightful show on the air.

  7. ptvj says

    Awesome show. I can’t get enough of it. Its the one show I always watch live and then rewatch again later. Can’t wait to her about season 3 renewal.

  8. Sharon Coco says

    I adore Castle! The story lines are awesome, the chemistry between them is great, she’s beautiful and he’s HOT! The show is a great combination of drama, comedy and sex appeal. Love it.

  9. Toni Hays says

    I love this show and am a huge fan of Nathan Fillion since Firefly days. I love the chemistry and interplay between the actors/characters in the show. As mentioned above this is one a few shows that I watch (watch on the computer if working evenings).
    Please, please do NOT cancel this show.

    • Betty says

      Wasn’t the beginning of Castle’s Halloween show great, when he was twirling around in his Firefly clothes as a “space cowboy” costume and his daughter said there was no such thing as space cowboys & hadn’t he worn it 5 years ago & he should get over it. I immediately called my son to confirm that Firefly WAS 5 years ago, etc.; and to make certain that he had not missed it! I thought it was a riot.

  10. homer says

    Castle is one of three programs I must see. The chemistry on the show is great. Two other shows I watch regularly are NCIS and NCIS, Los Angeles.

    If anybody wants to bring back Stargate or Atlantis, please do so. You can send Stargate Universe into a black hole.

    • Doc says


      You took the words right out of my mouth. NCIS (best show on TV, besides Burn Notice) and NCIS: Los Angeles is a great show. I just started watching Castle this season and I’m hooked on it.
      And what you said about Stargate Universe…….I AGREE !! Bring back the original or Atlantis please

    • Betty says

      I am another who watches Castle, NCIS, and NCIS Los Angeles. I also like Chuck, the Mentalist, The Forgotten, NUMB3RS, Human Target; usually Lie to Me & Bones & The Good Wife; and sometimes a few other network shows (in particular summer shows such as Merlin, Mental, the Philanthropist, and Three Rivers).
      I think the CSI shows are too (gory? graphic?).
      Cable shows I like are Eureka (summer SciFi), Drop Dead Diva (summer Lifetime), Leverage (TNT), and the five USA shows (Psych, White Collar, & Burn Notice; and the summer shows Royal Pains & In Plain Sight; but I already miss Monk!).
      I watch some SG-1 & Atlantis reruns, of course. However, in my opinion “Universe” does not even deserve the name “Stargate”!
      In addition, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? is one of the few shows I am willing to watch with my granddaughters (the oldest is only 9); but I do not know whether it is even still a (hour-long) primetime series!

  11. CC says

    Castle deserves a Season 3 renewal and many more! Well written, well acted….wonderful supporting cast….outstanding chemistry between the leads. What more could you want……It’s just pure fun. Go Castle!!

  12. NJRae says

    Castle ABSOLUTELY deserves a third season. It’s a great show that keeps getting better. One of the unique things about Castle is it’s fan base. The show has a strong loyal following of people from the ages of 10 to 75+. How many shows can you name that appeal to such a broad audience ? The hour goes by too quickly. I hope it’s around for a long time.
    As for Castle fans relaxing about renewal worries not likely to happen- we love our show, want ABC, cast and crew to know it. Many voices make a loud noise, silence….
    We aim to Castle around a decade or so!

  13. Renee says

    I absolutely love Castle!!! I am thrilled that it has gotten those additional episodes and is keeping and gaining steady veiwership!!! Hoping for a thrid season!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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