CastleNetwork: ABC
Episodes: Ongoing (hour)
Seasons: Ongoing

TV show dates: March 9, 2009 — present
Series status: Has not been cancelled

Performers include: Molly C. Quinn, Nathan Fillion, Susan Sullivan, Stana Katic, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Tamala Jones, Jon Huertas, and Seamus Dever.

TV show description:      
Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is an incredibly famous mystery novelist who has become bored with his own success. His life starts to get interesting when he learns that a real-world copycat killer has started staging murder scenes based on his novels.

Rick is soon questioned by NYPD Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), a very bright and aggressive detective who keeps her investigations under a tight rein. Their styles instantly clash yet sparks begin to fly, leading both to danger and a hint of romance as Rick steps in to help Kate find the killer. Once that case is solved, the author decides to use her as the basis for a new book series.

Rick uses his connections to get permission to accompany Kate while she investigates other cases, much to her frequent irritation. But Kate has a reputation for looking for “freaky” cases so she needs all the help she can get.

Others on her team include Kate’s confidant, Medical Examiner Lanie Parish (Tamala Jones); sardonic Detective Javier Esposito (Jon Huertas); and Detective Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever), a nice guy who’s always ready to offer obscure facts. Captain Roy Montgomery (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) is their boss who makes sure that Kate’s cases go smoothly, in spite of all of the strong personalities involved.

Rick’s mother is Martha Rodgers (Susan Sullivan), a diva and former Broadway actress, who still seeks the spotlight and often ends up getting involved with the police cases. Alexis (Molly Quinn) is Rick’s quick-witted and insightful teenage daughter who keeps her famous dad in line.

Rick and Kate build upon their new relationship as they look to solve strange homicides in New York — as much fun as one can have with death & murder.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. barb says


  2. L.A. Eddleman says

    I absolutely feel that this is one show with fantastic characters, fantastic writing and fantastic acting by ALL of them. I agree with just about everyone else here – this is an excellent quality show, with suspense and some humor in it. There isn’t a show currently on that has this same chemistry between everyone who is a part of it. There also was exceptional casting for this show. When I started watching this show, I didn’t know most of the actors and actresses, but they can really act!! I hope this show goes on for a long time – you can’t always find GOOD, QUALITY TV shows anymore.
    To whomever is behind the show: creators, writers, etc., please keep this show going for as long as possible. Good quality and content are extremely hard to find nowadays.

  3. Lamar Bailey says

    Castle is one top notch show and one of the most interesting aspects was watching the Castle-Beckett relationship grow. This is the first series I have seen in a long time that does not run out of steam….watching them begin their relationship as adversaries… at best, and slowly moving to admitting strong personal feelings for the other (particular Castle) and then Beckett as she almost lost her life when she was about to fall from the roof. Her part of a believable “soul searching” led her to Castle’s door and the relationship really took off. Now this is where most every other series winds up cutting out one or the other characters…but not the writers for Castle. Here is where they really put a new twist on the relationship by working in a proposal by Castle which cemented their relationship and put their relationship on a firm basis and yet allowed them to continue to work together…far and away the best solution yet to a romantic relationship that is rock solid yet causes no interference with their jobs they do together….the bad guys don’t have a chance…say what? I wonder what the viewer ratings were at the opening of the 6th season when Beckett responds to Castle’s proposal….I bet the viewing audience numbers were close to or even better than the opening of the “Dallas” season which opened with “who shot JR?
    If the writing and plotlines remain as strong as they have been…this show should be around for quite a while…..just my opinion…but Castle is a favorite of mine and I’m sure gonna watch it….how about you?

  4. says

    Castle is one of the best shows on Australian TV, and we are currently in the middle of Series 5. Stana Katic is one of the most beautiful ladies on TV and this comes from a 76 year old man and his 71 year old wife. Long may the show reign.

  5. Joyce Baker says

    I started watching Castle about 1 year ago & now seeing all older episodes. now I wonder if it has been cancelled since show is not on regular night, time & channel & another show is on in his spot. I love the show, especially Castle, witty, vulnerable, fun, smart & saved Beckett’s ass a few times. Am tired of her being so cold & “know it all” . More stories of the other cast members would be good too. Does anyone know if he’s coming back after sweeps?
    Thanks for any info since i can’t find any info.

  6. says

    Please let castle cover some of the stroms that hit NYC in 2013.What happen castle ‘s to summer house. was Ruben in the military is real? If so thanks for giving him a job here.If not he dose a great job looking & talking like he was. Give him an Oscar.

  7. Verda Burke says

    Castle is a Great show. Well written, entertaining, and keeps you in suspense right up
    to the very end. ….GREAT SHOW, we need more of this show and others like it instead of the trash that is on tv. I turn the tv off and record castle, then my husband and I don’t even have to look at the rest of the trash.

  8. Judy Young says

    Obsessed with thisdc show. It is the only TV with intelligent dialog, entrancing characters and terrific plots and subplots.

  9. says

    well what can i say i like the show and i hope they end it with castle and kate together but how can they do that if she is going to quit and how is the series suppose to hold up without the two of them because the whole series surround her and castle together on the show but they do need to put his mom and his daughter back in there plus quit making him look like an dense duck because in seasons 1-4 he was very smart and the last several shows he has been made to look like a dumbo plus one of the shows from this last week they called him an jack[] that was very tacky i think especially if they were suppose be friends he is a smart person all of the other ones then all of a sudden he is a dumb duck plus it was a very boring episod for monday they need to kick the show back up like the last four seasons. well that is all i can think of to say other than good luck for a new season next season. sincerely virginia

  10. hogg says

    I love Castle but I cannot stand Beckett. SHe is the most hateful person I have ever seen on TV. She is always barking orders like she is the Captain, then at the end, steps in to reap the glory. Everyone else on the show is fantastic, except for Beckett.
    Someone needs to knock her off her pedestal and bring her back to reality.

  11. rita says

    Castle is a great show. I have been watching the show from the very begining and each time it gets better. Love to see the chemistry between Castle and Beckett but I also like to see the chemistry betwee n the whole cast. It is not all the time that you see a show with great chemistry as a whole. would love to see the relationship between Castle and Beckett grow and also with the rest of the the cast. Espo and Dr Parish, Ryan and his wife Jenny?
    How about an episode that shows what they would be doing on a typical day off. That would be great. A day without murder.

  12. Emma says

    This show is absolutely amazing! I rarely ever watch tv but I always seem to make time for Castle because it is my favorite show of all time. I would really like to see the show renewed for Season 6 as well as any other seasons to come. I don’t know what I would do without it. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic along with the rest of the crew do a wonderful job. The chemistry between ‘Castle’ and ‘Beckett’ is truly incredible both in terms of work and the perfect relationship. :) My friends used to wonder why I am so obsessed with the show and once they gave it a try they couldn’t look away either. CASTLE is definitely a show worthwhile and I absolutely love it!!!!! Keep up the good work…

  13. says

    this is the one t v series my wife and I want to see renewed in 2013-14.we record every episode and watch 2-3 episodes every nite of the week.. It completes our day on a happy note.On a romantic wish we would love to see rick and kate married in the series and in real life. speaking of kate-Stana she is drop dead gorgeous a Canadian as we are and a person you would want as a friend.

    • John Balls says

      Castle is a great show and although I am 76 this year I think the show is innovative, and Stana is drop dead gorgeous (one of the most beautiful ladies on TV. This is from an Australian fan – long may it reign!

  14. Miyana says

    The chemistry between ‘Beckett’ and ‘Castle’ is amazing. I want to see Beckett and Castle’s relationship to grow even more romantic. 😛

  15. Castle's biggest Fan says

    I find it very difficult to find a TV show that I want to sit through, let alone like, anymore. Castle is the only one…and I gladly watch re-runs! It is well written, has great plots, good dialogue (the suppositions with Kate and Castle finishing each other’s sentences is a delight), the characters are believable…my list goes on and on. Heaven forbid it is cancelled. However, I can get all of the episodes to watch again and again. I’m not included in n the ratings – I can’t stay up to watch it at 10 – but I record it and watch it the next day. Let us watch the relationship grow…

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