CBS 2011-12 Ratings Report Card

CBS ratingsThere’s lots of data that the networks look at when deciding whether to renew or cancel a TV series but the ratings are the main ingredient.

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Which CBS shows are hits and which ones are in danger of being cancelled? The answer might surprise you. By looking at the chart below, you can see their current season ranking, ratings averages to date, and their grade in the all-important 18-49 demographic.

These charts incorporate final ratings data through Friday, June 1, 2012.

CBS TV shows
18-49 demo
rating (actual)
in millions
1The Big Bang Theory (renewed)A++5.0 (4.97)14.88ratings
2Two and a Half Men (renewed)A++5.0 (4.96)14.62ratings
32 Broke Girls (renewed)A+4.3 (4.25)11.29ratings
4How I Met Your Mother (renewed)A+4.1 (4.06)9.66ratings
5NCIS (renewed)A-3.8 (3.75)19.22ratings
6Mike & Molly (renewed)A-3.7 (3.72)11.46ratings
7Criminal Minds (renewed)B+3.4 (3.39)12.63ratings
8¡ROB! (cancelled)B3.3 (3.30)11.02ratings
9NCIS: Los Angeles (renewed)B3.2 (3.18)15.53ratings
10Rules of Engagement (renewed)C+2.9 (2.91)9.47ratings
11Person of Interest (renewed)C+2.9 (2.87)13.31ratings
11Hawaii Five-0 (renewed)C+2.9 (2.87)10.67ratings
13CSI (renewed)C+2.7 (2.72)11.37ratings
14The Mentalist (renewed)C2.6 (2.61)13.12ratings
15Unforgettable (cancelled)C-2.3 (2.26)11.30ratings
16CSI: Miami (cancelled)D+2.1 (2.14)9.85ratings
17The Good Wife (renewed)D2.0 (2.01)10.22ratings
18Blue Bloods (renewed)D+*1.7 (1.72)11.32ratings
19CSI: NY (renewed)D+*1.6 (1.62)9.94ratings
20NYC 22 (cancelled)F1.3 (1.33)7.67ratings
21A Gifted Man (cancelled)D-*1.3 (1.31)8.57ratings
22How to be a Gentleman (cancelled)F1.3 (1.30)4.29ratings
CBS TV shows
18-49 demo
rating (actual)
in millions
1Survivor: South Pacific (fall, renewed)A+3.2 (3.22)10.95ratings
2The Amazing Race (fall, renewed)A-2.9 (2.88)10.18ratings
3Survivor: One World (spring, renewed)A-2.8 (2.82)10.07ratings
4The Amazing Race (spring, likely renewed)B2.6 (2.62)9.31ratings
560 Minutes (renewed)B-2.3 (2.29)12.72ratings
6Undercover Boss (renewed)B*2.0 (2.01)8.87ratings
748 Hours Mystery (renewed)D*1.2 (1.16)5.41ratings
8Person to Person F1.0 (1.00)5.90ratings
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Here’s the CBS Summer 2012 Ratings Report Card.

Original ratings data ©The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

A couple of notes about these charts:
The averages included in these charts are based on the final numbers, not the fast affiliate ratings that are typically reported the next morning. The final numbers become available about a day after the broadcasts or in some cases several days later. The chart are updated as the new data becomes available.

Keep in mind that the demo numbers (not total viewers) are what’s most important to advertisers. Therefore, that’s how the networks measure success. Advertisers pay more for ad time on a show that has a higher demo rating versus one with a lot more overall viewers.

Demo numbers are reported by Nielsen using the 10ths decimal place (2.4, for example). We used to report averages that way but it ends up being hard to see any movement week to week. It can also be a little misleading since a show with a 2.35 average and a show with a 2.44 average will both round to a 2.4 rating.

In these charts, we’re including the demo average rounded to the 10th (2.4) as well as the 100th place (2.41) in parenthesis so you can get a better idea of how the average has been affected by the latest episode’s demo rating.

The letter grades are relative (kind of like grading on a curve) and are based on the individual network’s demo performance. All of the networks have very different gauges for success right now. (A successful show for The CW would get quickly cancelled on CBS.) Our system for coming up with letter grades isn’t perfect but it should still give you an idea of where the different shows stand.

*The grades for TV series that run on Friday and Saturday nights are weighted a little differently, to compensate for airing on little-watched nights.

What do you think? Are surprised by any of the ratings? Are any of your favorite shows in danger of being cancelled? Which should be doing better?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. michelle says

    I cant believe you’d think about cancelling any of the CSI…I watch them religiously…I have dvr just incase im not home to watch the shows…Not to mention I like A gifted man and unforgettable.

  2. erika camosso says

    please I hope you’ll keep Un forgettable-fringe.awake-touch the walking dead
    these are our favourite series, we see them in english, as far as Grey’s anatomy and private practice they have told all that they have to, that’s enough!

  3. Barbara says

    Please do not cancel Criminal Minds. Its one of the best shows ever, in my opinon on tv, and the cast are all fantastic. I also hope that you will bring back Pagent Brewer (Emily) on at least guest segments, even though I understand she’ll be leaving after the end of the 7th season. I’ll miss her.

    There are a lot of shows that should be cancelled before you cancel Criminal Minds, its been around 7 season, I hope it will be around for the forseeable future.


  4. Cheri says

    I can’t believe they would consider canceling Rules of Engagement and keep a loser like Two Broke Girls! ROE is very funny, TBG is raunchy and not funny in the least. Please keep Rules of Engagement!

  5. kathy says

    Please don’t touch The Good Wife, everyone I know loves the show and complains since you moved it to the Sunday night time slot. And A Gifted Man? Great show, the timeslot sucks! Who is picking these time slots? I just don’t get it, these are the only shows to watch, we hate the Survivor stuff, the Race stuff, reality TV stuff, the dance stuff, these two shows are the only time my husband and I actually watch something on tv!

  6. Joseph S says

    I watch all three CSI’s and I understand the ratings but CSI Miami is on at a terrible time because through the year it is delayed but sporting events which means lower viewers on the East coast. When the show was on Monday nites it won it’s time slot. CSI NY is a victim of a bad nite Frriday. I either watch both shows live or DVR them. They are both quality shows it would be a shame to cancels them for more stupid reality shows because of cost.

  7. ATHY says


  8. LINDA says

    CSI Miami should not be cancelled!!!! Due to the fact that it has done as well as it has having been scheduled on Sunday night at (9:00 p.m. – central time), it should be awarded a special award for the success it has achieved. What other program using the same time slot has done better…. Renew this program (give the show new writers) and place it on Wednesday or Thursday night and just see if it doesn’t get better results for CBS!!!

  9. thazenstab says

    I want CSI NY to be saved! It is an awesome show with an awesome cast. I don’t like either of the other CSI shows. CBS has put it on Friday night up against Supernatural and Fringe and expect what? How about changing it with CSI Vegas and see how well they do there. Come on CBS…not all of us like reality shows or even stupid comedies. Keep this show for their loyal followers!

  10. Mark says

    Just think about cancelling and renewal. CBS looks for money like any other company does and remember, many of the shows are broadcast all over the world where they may be more popular in another country than they are in the US. So you will have foreign channels paying royalties etc… all making more money for CBS.

    This would explain “Hot to be a Gentleman” being cancelled before Blue Blood, A Gifted Man and CSI: NY. I know from recent vacations that the CSI (all 3) franchise is HUGE (and I mean HUGE) in many parts of the world. That’s one of the reasons it has survived for so long.

    • Craig says

      Another thing that explains it is that those other three shows are on Friday nights, which have fewer demo viewers, and they all have way more overall viewers on average after almost the whole season than Gentleman had in the short time it was on. Gentleman’s ratings and overall viewers would be much lower if it was left on all season.

  11. carmen boyle says

    I love the following shows: Criminal Minds, Person of Interest, Gifted Man, the NCIS shows, Blue Bloods, All of the CSI shows, Rob, Unforgettable, The Good Wife, Hawaii Five-O. I would really be upset if some of these shows are cancelled. I watch these shows every week. If I can’t watch I record them and watch later. I don’t know how shows are rated, but seems to me that it is not fair. Everything is about $ and I am sick and tired of it.

  12. Ana says

    plaease do not cancel a gifted man, it is the best show that cbs has to offer, mayb for better ratings this show needs more exposure, on day time talk shows.

  13. Jackie Zack says

    The best shows are Person f Interest, Mentalist, Gifted Man, Both Ncis shows,. It’s about time there are shows that don’t insult your intelligence. I am sick of Reality shows. I hope the viewers are heard. Who are These people who make such bad decisions?

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