CBS Renews 11 TV Series for the 2008 – 2009 Season, What About the Rest?

CaneThe CBS network has announced they are already renewing 11 series for their next season’s schedule — most of which are crime dramas. Only one freshman show from the 2007 – 2008 season has been given a greenlight for a second year. How about the others?

To no great surprise, the network is renewing Cold Case, Criminal Minds, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Ghost Whisperer, NCIS, Numb3rs, Without a Trace, and Two and a Half Men. CBS had previously announced that two new cycles of Survivor and one of The Amazing Race are already in the works.

They’ve also given the go-ahead for another year of The Big Bang Theory, the network’s one new hit of the current season. Where does that leave the rest of the CBS shows? Cancelled?

Big Brother — The latest season just launched a couple weeks ago and isn’t performing very well. The reality series usually does much better in the summer months so don’t expect it to air during the regular season again. Big Brother should be back for another round in the summer.

Cane — The show’s ratings weren’t very good and it hasn’t been put back into production. It’s highly unlikely that CBS will put the money into trying to relaunch a poorly rated series in the fall — nine months after it left the airwaves.

How I Met Your Mother – The sitcom’s ratings have remained about the same this season but aren’t anything to crow about. CBS has put Mother back into production for nine more episodes this season and that’s a vote of confidence. The show needs at least another season to make it attractive for syndication so it seems likely that Barney and friends will be around to “Suit up!” for year four.

MoonlightJericho — The second season just premiered this week and the ratings weren’t any better than last season’s when it was initially cancelled. It looks unlikely that they’ll improve much, which means it won’t be back next year. Thankfully, the producers have filmed a possible series ending.

Kid Nation — Even controversy couldn’t help this one attract many viewers. Coupled with all of the negative publicity this reality series attracted, it’s highly unlikely that it’ll be back for year two.

Moonlight — Despite being left off the renewal list, the vampire series is going back into production for four more episodes for this season. CBS is likely waiting to see how well the drama performs when it returns in April.

The New Adventures of Old Christine — Nine episodes were completed prior to the writers strike shutdown. It’s not going back into production for the remaining four and that doesn’t look good for the show’s chances of survival. The show’s future will likely be decided once CBS checks out its new sitcom pilots.

Rules of Engagement — The sitcom has gone back into production on six new episodes that will begin airing on April 14th. Episodes were attracting 11 – 12 million viewers when they last aired in November 2007, holding onto most of the Two and a Half Men audience.

The UnitShark — James Woods and company have gone back to work on four additional episodes for this season, though an air date hasn’t been announced. The drama’s fate will probably be decided based on strength of the network’s new pilots but it’s likely to return for a third season.

The Unit — Only 11 episodes were produced this season and the show hasn’t been put back into production for the rest. The show’s ratings have been about the same as those of year two. The network may decide to try something new next fall as The Unit typically loses a significant percentage of its NCIS lead-in.

Welcome to the Captain — It’s been on the air for two weeks. The reviews have been terrible and the ratings have not been good thus far. Unless things improve, there’s no reason the network would keep this sitcom and dump one of its others.

As always, we’ll keep you posted on the latest news in cancellations so stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. will says

    I’ve been waiting on cane to return & am very upset to hear of its cancelation but u renew the mindless crappy sitcoms, what are u thinking?

  2. Anonymous says

    Cane and Shark both were awful tv shows. Big Bang Theory is absolutely hilarious! As for big brother it’s great for the summer time when i am bored with nothing to watch. canacelling moonlight was a mistake, it has potential. well had then.

  3. Ken / ST. Paul says

    CBS is failing misserabbly… you remove Cane and The Unit for no brainer shows…. how many CSI’s can you possibbly put on the air? The Amazing Race, Two and a half men….. Rediculo! Try keeping programing on the air that targets other than teen and twenty something viewers. Something with a storyline, an adult theme, actors that can actually act, as Cane and The Unit had!


  4. Romita says

    Cannot believe you are taking Cane off the air. Loved that program. Could not wait to get home and watch. Some of these shows are horrible, and they take off good the good ones. Lately the shows that are on the air are boreing and have no plots to them, but Cane was interesting and had a plot. Very dissapointed in the ratings, and that it is cancelled for 2009.

  5. cindy says

    How could cancel Moonlight and Cane and keep on such trash as Swingtown and Big Brother. I do not know who does you scheduling but it is so stupid and I have given up watching anything great on CBS.

  6. Mrs Tracey says

    How could you not bring Cane back? Are you crazy? I rush home get everything done and set the recorder just so I do not miss anything. Csi all of them Shark and Cane Are the best programs on Tv. Some of us like really good programs not that silly crap where people are tring way to hard to get their few minutes of fame. what has Tv come to? THAT SUCKS

  7. Tracy says

    How could you keep Big Bang Theory and New Christine and cancel Shark. Those shows are so silly most of the time. At least Shark had a storyline. I don’t know who makes these decisions but they are way off base.

  8. Elizabeth Binckes says

    The Unit is one of the few intelligently written and performed series on network television. It depicts military life realistically from both the vantage point of the professionals that risk their lives to defend this country and from the families that provide the support and love that make it possible for our soldiers to do their jobs. I think it would be a mistake to discontinue this show. Perhaps it would be more to the point for the writers to continue to explore the many facets of military life, its impact on families, and how these people dedicate their lives for the greater good of this country.

  9. says

    So disappointed that you are considering cancelling Cane. We watched it all the time. It seems like anything that has any substance to it is cancelled.

  10. g says

    I love the show CANE.. How can you say it got bad rateings. I watched every episode and from the comments so did others. Please put it back into the line up.



  12. Gloria says

    Please bring back The Unit. It is one of the better shows! It is alot better than NCIS (silly kid’s stuff) acceptable but really lame. Maybe you need to grow up NCIS to the level of The Unit. Just to many immature shows.

  13. s massey says

    Cane was an excellent job and was just beginning to get a following,I think you should reconsidered.

  14. Glenda says

    Idiocy cancelled JAG….but, okay, you brought in NCIS and then idiots killed Caitlin…you brought in Zivah…okay…now, get the shows back on and running…
    The UNIT …why only 11 shows this season? That means there is still one in the can someplace???? Return the UNIT…NOW!!!

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