A Gifted Man Moves; Amazing Race, Undercover Boss Return

Gifted ManCBS has announced some schedule changes for mid-season, as well as the premiere of the 20th edition of The Amazing Race.

Undercover Boss returns for its third season on Sunday, January 15th at 8pm. It’ll move to Fridays at 8pm beginning February 17th, making way for the 20th cycle premiere of The Amazing Race on Sunday, February 19th.

When Boss comes to Fridays on the 17th, A Gifted Man will move to 9pm. The network has only ordered 16 installments of Patrick Wilson’s low-rated series and they’ll be used up by March. Unless the ratings improve, it looks like a sure thing that the show will be cancelled after that.

On March 30th, Undercover Boss will shift to Fridays at 8pm and CSI: New York will take back its usual 9pm timeslot. The rest of the Friday and Sunday night schedules remain unchanged.

What do you think? Do you think a timeshift could help save A Gifted Man? Will you tune in to the returns of Undercover Boss or Amazing Race?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. meh says

    I have truly enjoyed A Gifted Man and would hate to see it cancelled. Maybe you could try a different night. Friday nights lineup with A Gifted Man, CSI NY and Blue Bloods are really the only time I sit and watch TV for any length of time.

  2. Betty Baker says

    I love The Gifted Man. Let’s hope it does better at 9 p.m., so it stays on. The shows are warm and meaninful and the cast is great. Please don’ t take it off.

  3. sue says

    What a shame if they were to cancel gifted man – it is such a great show and I really love. Maybe CBs will change their minds and continue it!!!!

  4. Nosgoth1979 says

    I guess I don’t normally watch much from CBS, because I just realized I’ve never seen Undercover Boss, or Amazing Race. In fact, the only reason I got hooked on A Gifted Man was because I was browsing dishonline, which is a free streaming site run by my employer, DISH, when I stumbled across it. I’ve always thought Patrick Wilson was a good, if underappreciated, actor so I gave it a shot. I really enjoy the show quite a bit; it’s a new take on hospital-shows, and a very different take on ghost-shows. The timeslot change still isn’t going to allow me to watch it as it airs but I really don’t mind watching it on dishonline. I’ve watched several entire seasons of shows there as well as it’s become my ‘go-to’ site whenever I unexpectedly miss an episode or two and need to catch up. Hopefully though, the new timeslot will help its ratings. I really don’t want to see A Gifted Man get cancelled.

  5. Anonymous says

    Luv this show so much and deserves to stay on the air. I just hope CBS can
    find a different day /time slot.

  6. Stacy Perry says

    I Love A Gifted Man! It’s not like the typical hospital shows… I think a new time slot may help this show because people are so busy on Fridays, especially at that time and it’s up against shows that don’t play reruns on demand so I know people that don’t DVR or watch it @ it’s time slot but watch it on demand as soon as they can. So, they’re ratings aren’t exactly true as to how many people love and want to see this show! Don’t cancel it!!!

  7. Marlor says

    My wife and I love to watch this show and in fact find it difficult to believe it’s on the ropes. The character play and story lines are very intriquing and frankly we’re sick of watching murder, cop and housewive shows. Give us something to look foward too. A Gifted Man is our pick!!

  8. Carole says

    The bulk of my TV viewing is scripted drama, and the only reality TV I watch are the dancing shows. While not my favorite drama, I enjoyed A Gifted Man enough to not miss a single episode.

  9. Bethany says

    I have never missed an episode of Gifted Man yet, and was really hoping that it would get a good long run. I understand that my opinion is not shared by all, but this is really a great show, and given a better night to run on (It would be a far better fit on say Wednesday 9pm CST or Monday same timeslot?) as Fridays really are not the best night to try and get viewer followings. I am sure, since it is a wonderful who that it will be canceled once the episodes run out. But that would really be a big mistake, when they have the makings of the next big hit on their hands, only they chose to give it such a bad night to run on that they will never see it. (To the nay sayers, obviously you have not taken enough time to watch the show. it is not a “hospital show” as some have referred to it. It is not totally paranormal either. The show is reasonably fresh and always entertaining to watch. But if you are not up to the task of understanding its insightfulness, that is your problem, not the shows. The only thing it has been doing wrong is airing on a bad night for tv viewership altogether.)

    Undercover Boss is another show I have never missed an episode of. I don’t think it will have too many more years to be able to get away with trying to tell fellow employees that the wierd looking guy with a crazy beard & bad hair piece, ) who is totally unquallified to do your job, and who asks all sorts of questions about the company 10 seconds after meeting you, is doing a reality show about trying to find a new job in a different career path. Just trying to explain the cameras away must get hard now that everyone is watching the shows. (I can remember everyone thinking when stange things happened that they must be on Candid Camera back in the day. My Dad always would look around for Allen Funt. LOL) But the show is wonderful so far, and I look forward to this season with great anticipation. I think it is a wonderful idea for the suits of a company to get down and dirty once in a while weather they are on tv or not. Gives people who just don’t get it (possibly any more, but more often never did) to realize what their cost-cutting measures are really doing to the little guy in the business that has made them rich. (Now if only they could get government officials to do this. Maybe they could have a celebrity edition where government officials had to go live on real Welfare for a month, without access to their nice cars and houses, and see how they would do their jobs then.) But I am glad the show is coming back now. I think the fact that it is being moved to Fridays will be an issue, but will watch it just the same.

  10. Why says

    The Gifted Man should be unwrapped and put out of his (our) misery. The Uncover Boss should be covered over for good and forgotten about. Both are a waste of airspace. Like many shows.
    Even the Amazing Race has gotten too predictable. Same type of couples each time.

  11. bruce says

    Never seen Gifted Man, don’t care. I am SICK of hospital shows. I have been in EMS for 32 years, and got my fill after like the 2nd year of ER. Sick to death of hospital shows. I do like undercover boss, though.

  12. teresa says

    I really like the Gifted man he is soooo cute and it is a show that makes you wish in away you could really talk to some of your loved ones after they are passed, what are you going to do with CSI NEW YORK? they come on now at 8pm on fridays, I like all 3 of the CSI, well Merry Christmas!!!!!

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