CBS 2013-14 Season Ratings

cbs-tv-show-ratingsCBS is still the most-watched network but almost all of their established shows are down year-to-year. Plus, none of their new shows can really be considered hits. Which will be cancelled or renewed? Stay tuned!

CBS shows this season (so far): 2 Broke Girls, 48 Hours, 60 Minutes, The Amazing Race, Bad Teacher, The Big Bang Theory, Big Brother, Blue Bloods, The Crazy Ones, Criminal Minds, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Elementary, Extant, Friends with Better Lives, The Good Wife, Hawaii Five-0, Hostages, How I Met Your Mother, Intelligence, The Mentalist, Mike & Molly, The Millers, Mom, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Person of Interest, Reckless, Survivor, Two and a Half Men, Under the Dome, Undercover Boss, Unforgettable, and We Are Men.

There’s lots of data that CBS looks at when deciding whether to renew or cancel a TV series but ratings are typically the biggest piece.

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A couple of notes about these charts:
These figures are updated automatically as new ratings are released. The averages are based on the final national numbers (live plus same day viewing), unless marked with an asterisk (*). For technical reasons, I have to resort them manually so feel free to let me know if I missed something.

Keep in mind that the demo numbers are typically what’s most important to advertisers. Therefore, that’s how the networks measure success. Advertisers pay more for ad time on a show that has a higher demo rating. Because older viewers don’t count? No, it’s because younger viewers watch less traditional TV and are harder to reach.

Demo numbers are typically reported using the 10ths decimal place (2.4, for example). In the averages, I’m using an extra decimal for easier ranking.

The networks take into account when shows air on Fridays and Saturdays, nights when TV viewership is lower.

What do you think? Which shows are you rooting for? Which one isn’t as big a hit as you thought? Are you hoping any series will get cancelled to make way for something else?

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  1. Cindy says

    Keep the Mentalist!!!! You have this show in a terrible time slot, it’s not fair to have continuous late starts when it’s the football season or some other reason it can’t come on. It’s an amazing show and a new story line is just beginning, Don’t take this one off the air. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. KEVIN says



  3. karn says

    please do not cancel intellignece or the mentalist they are some of they best shows and they deserve a chance to prove themselves with another season

  4. Jay says

    Please renew The Mentalist and put it in a consistent weekday time slot instead the Sunday night shuffle. The stories are engaging, the characters are witty, and the actors are amazingly talented.

  5. Ann says

    The mentalist has the best acting and writing. Don’t really care about the others, but CBS made me and my friends suffer through the crazy time slots of Sunday’s moving target to find the Mentalist and this show is liked world wide. WHY would CBS ruin their best show? It’s even better now that its focused on the mentalists plots rather than Red John, but I must admit that killing scene was incredible and Simon Baker was so right on in that scene. The emotions were so true to the event. Its the only show all of us can agree upon in the Dorm to watch. I just hope they keep the mentalist going. Everything else is just pale beside it. The Good Wife is predictable, Blue Bloods is okay but old style , but the Mentalist is fascinating and different. We all agree that Simon and Wylie are both very very watchable.

  6. Lisa says

    Please renew The Mentalist. It has the same ratings numbers as the Good Wife. It takes time to get into the new characters and with it always being delayed by sports I think it’s doing good job. Give us one more year and make it a Lisbon and Jane year.

    • Naomi says

      I agree with Lisa. Give us a year to wrap up The Mentalist, and schedule it on a night that will not be interrupted by one kind of sports event after another. I have to watch on yje “On Demand” channel because it doesn’t record at regular times. Maybe there could be a guest role by Rigsby and Van Pelt for the finale.

  7. Boys3 says

    I can’t believe CBS would cancel Intelligence, The Crazy Ones, & The Mentallist! First of all, The Crazy Ones is a hilariously wittingly funny comedy. It’s light hearted & easy to watch. For those of us that have followed Robin Williams, this show is a GREAT STRESS RELIEVER! The cast of this show really “fit” together. It hadn’t even occurred to me it may be cancelled. I didn’t know @ first if I would like Intelligence or not but by the end of the second show I was hooked. It’s storyline is real enough to follow & stay intrigued. It has the mystery, drama, & an awesome cast. As for The Mentallist, what can I say?! It was shoved back to mid-night & everyone I know DVR’d or stayed up to watch weekly!!! I watch a lot of CBS but what in the hell are they thinking!?!? It’s like if they’re not slinging zombies @ the young generation then it’s not deemed worth watching! Get your executive heads on straight & make some decisions that will actually benefit your programming instead of forcing us to simply CHANGE THE CHANNEL…..

  8. CBSLoyalist says

    O nuts, I hope CBS doesn’t cancel The Mentalist. That Sunday on-again-off-again-very-late-again timeslot was terrible.


  9. Tina says

    My husband and I watch CBS almost exclusively during the regular viewing season. We are rooting for Intelligence and the Crazy Ones to be renewed as we like both very much. We also like the Mentalist and Unforgetable. The rest that are unrenewed, we don’t really care.

  10. says

    This show took a couple of episodes to build my interest. But now I “Love IT”. It’s even better than Blue Bloods and NCIS (sorry Gibbs) didn’t think I would ever say that! It would be a crime to cancel it for next year. I watch mostly CBS and if they can’t see the value maybe another network can pick it up. Please consider keeping for another season.

  11. Barbara says

    I am hoping that the executives at CBS have enough insight to renew Intelligence for a second season. The show has an awesome cast and Josh Holloway is an amazing actor. I love the storyline of a person having a chip implanted and being able to access the information grid. Please keep the show going. So many shows that aren’t renewed should be, and there are plenty that are renewed and shouldn’t be. INTELLIGENCE is great.

  12. Ann says

    Rooting for Intelligence here. Intelligence deserves a second season and a chance to reach its potential. It´s a good show and has a lot to develop.

  13. RedDawn says

    My 2 cents:
    Please keep Intelligence and The Crazy Ones! I know those two shows are on the chopping block but I like them a lot! I allowed Intelligence to build up on my DVR and watched them back to back. I understand it took a few ep for the show to find it’s groove but once it did, it was great! Now that all the explaining of the technology and the character development has happened…now they can really take the show to a better level! And why is The Crazy Ones on the block? It’s a funny show…goofy but it’s still not terrible. I also liked Hostages and was disappointed when it was cancelled but it ended ok.

    I watch 95% of the shows on CBS listed above. Mom was def my favorite new show added this season and I was happy Unforgettable came back. Even tho Carter and Will were killed off, I still love POI and The Good Wife and I’m still a loyal
    fan!!!! Two men and BBT are awesome as always and I love the addition of The Millers to Thurs night.

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