CHAOS: CBS Pulls New Series After Three Episodes; Cancelled?

CHAOSRight on schedule, CBS has decided to ditch their new Friday night TV series, CHAOS, after just a few weeks on the air. The show stumbled in the ratings right from the start and never recovered. It’s no longer on the air but is it cancelled?

A dramatic comedy, CHAOS follows a small group of CIA misfit spies who make up the Clandestine Administration and Oversight Services (CAOS). In addition to taking on threats to national security, they also must take on redtape and typical government bureaucracy. The TV series stars Freddy Rodriguez, Eric Close, James Murray, Tim Blake Nelson, Carmen Ejogo, Christina Cole, and Kurtwood Smith.

As detailed here, CHAOS debuted to a horrible 1.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 6.53 million viewers. That was quite a bit lower than the season average of Medium, a series that CBS cancelled because of poor ratings.

In the second week, CHAOS fell even lower to a 0.9 rating in the demo and 5.73 million viewers. Last Friday night, bumped up ever so slightly in the demo, to a 1.0 rating and 5.683 million. Unfortunately, that was far from enough of a gain to save the TV series.

CBS has pulled CHAOS from the schedule effective immediately. This week, a rerun of CSI: NY will fill the timeshot — and probably get better ratings. Next week, the previously scheduled The Royal Wedding: Modern Majesty will air. Then, beginning on May 6th, new episodes of Flashpoint will take over.

The network has 10 episodes of CHAOS left sitting on the shelf. CBS hasn’t said if there are any plans to release the unaired installments. Though CHAOS hasn’t been officially cancelled yet, there’s no way that they’ll be renewing it for a second season.

UPDATE: A statement from CBS indicates that the show will return to the schedule at some point in the future.

What do you think? Why did the TV show do so poorly, even by Friday night standards? Will you miss CHAOS?

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  1. Jennifer says

    I LOVED this show! I stumbled across it and quickly decided it was my new favorite TV show… I never missed a single episode and looked forward to watching a new one each week. When it stopped airing, I thought it was just the end of the season and that it would be back soon enough; I’ve been waiting nearly a year for it to show back up (with my DVR set to watch for any showing at any time so I wouldn’t overlook it if/when it came back)… yet there haven’t even been any re-runs, let alone new episodes.

    I finally got around to checking online because it had been so long since it was on TV and was shocked to see that it was canceled. Lack of advertising and/or bad time slot seem like more likely explanations for its failure than people not liking it – it was very well written, unique and stood out from the garbage that’s rampant on TV these days. With a lot of shows, the first season ends up being somewhat mediocre compared to later seasons where the characters and plot lines are more developed (so it can take some time to get into it), but this series was great right off the bat. Another problem may have been the seeming lack of reruns, making it harder for people to wander across it (I could have completely overlooked it just as easily as I accidentally found it).

    Perhaps CBS should’ve taken a cue from USA – when USA puts out a new series, they advertise it like crazy, plus they have both a prime-time showing and a late-night showing of new episodes so that if it conflicts with something you already watch during the prime-time slot you can catch it at a different time, giving more people a chance to check it out and see if it interests them. USA’s new shows always seem to take off and I’d bet anything those are the reasons why. People generally aren’t going to miss a show they’re already into to check out something new when they don’t even know if they’re going to like it… and by extension, they aren’t going to go searching for new options in a time-slot where they’ve already found something to watch.

  2. Betsy says

    My family loved this show. It was great. It was clean, able to watch it our son. Bring out those unaired episodes, we’ll buy them on DVD! In fact, we wanted to watch the shows aired all over again, but the website wouldn’t let us do that. We would love to find the whole series on DVD.

  3. jean says

    What a shame that this show was pulled off the air – it was a very good 1 hour viewing experience. It offered good acting, good plot and great characters – any chance it will be reconsidered for airing in the future? I hope so.

  4. Diana says

    I too am very disappointed that the network decided to cancel this show. It agree the cast was great. It was very well written. I liked the fact that it was not so full of horrible, blood and guts mudering. I guess people prefer gruesome violent murders, vampires, mystical, etc.

  5. Charlie says

    Are these rating base only in the USA. Cause us guys in Hong Kong like this show too! Pretty up set to see a great cast go off the air just for reruns of csi:Ny
    Plus Chaos is a funny exciting show with awesome seriousness, smirtkish humour and multiple plans to conclusions.(which work out or don’t) but beside the point it still a great show.

  6. Ohio fa of Chaos says

    I am still missing this show. It was written very well and kept you on your toes. It wasn’t the same thing every show. Bring it back!!!

  7. Carolina says

    How can they cancel such a great show? Love the cast, the characters & story lines. I would buy the season now just to be able to watch it all over again!!! I cant believe half the crap they air, yet they do away with this awesome show? My husband is just as upset as I/ Weve been waiting to see if we would get another season so i finally had to look into it & I found this, aperantly no more good tv

  8. Pat says

    Loved it, good fun, entertaining and a glimps of government bureaucracy at it’s finest! If I wanted real life, I’d watch the news, I look forward to good old escapism TV. Let’s hope it comes back on…soon!

  9. Lorraine says

    I loved the show and wish they would bring it back, give it a second chance. It was fun and a heck of a lot better than the “reality” shows and “talent” shows that are on. It’s nice after a long day to enter into a fantasy world that’s fun.

  10. TN says

    I am surprised that we don’t know what is going on.
    Cancel it so we can stop waiting, or let us know when it will start again!

  11. Marsha says

    I really loved this show!!!! Totally miss it and wish they would bring it back. It was funny, entertaining and I loved all the guys. Wish the reality shows would go by the wayside as fast as they took this show off! It seems like alot of the shows I love get cancelled. Please bring it back!!!!!!!!

  12. Kathy says

    Loved the show, please bring it back. it was smart, witty, interesting and informative. and I liked that they traveled to so many unusual places. It was unusual and very entertaining.

  13. kathy says

    Can we please get Chaos back on the air. It was a bright spot I looked forward to it every week. Everything else is beginning to look the same. At least there was some imagination with the Chaos plots

  14. vic says

    Chaos was better than the crap reality shows which I have never liked and never will Chaos was good old fashioned entertainment. Please bring it back

  15. Lindsey says

    I positively LOVED this show! Is there somewhere we can petition to get it back?!?! I keep checking my TV Guide to see if it’s going to be airing anymore. Like everyone said, it’s a witty and entertaining show without being one of those crap reality shows. Seriously… why do the good shows fail? Bad time slot? No advertising? I stumbled upon it by accident, so I guess that would make sense.

    Anyway, petition anyone???

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