Charmed: Halliwell Sisters Are Forever Charmed, part one

The Charmed OnesOn Sunday May 21, 2006, the last episode of one of the WB’s most enduring and popular shows aired. Charmed ran for eight seasons and 178 episodes. The series stood out for its fantasy storylines and for its powerful and sensitive female characters. The final episode was watched by 4.5 million viewers, was written by series executive producer Brad Kern and was entitled, very appropriately, “Forever Charmed.” Here’s what happened.

In the aftermath of the ultimate battle with Christy (Marnette Patterson) and Billie (Kaley Cuoco), Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Leo (Brian Krause) go to Phoebe’s apartment to search the Book of Shadows for a way to bring sisters Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and Paige (Rose McGowan) back to life. At the same time, Billie returns to the Magic School and confronts Dumain (Anthony Cistaro), telling him that Christy is dead. Dumain suggests that Billie project herself into the past, as she’d done before, and save Christy.

Having no luck with the Book, Piper and Leo go to her dad Victor’s (James Read) home (where their boys are) and Piper breaks the news to him. Victor reveals that he knows about Coop (Victor Webster) and Piper realizes that Coop can help them. She summons him and asks to borrow his ring so that she and Leo can go back in time to save Phoebe and Paige. Coop agrees but warns her that the ring was made “to follow love” and doesn’t always work as expected.

Coop turns out to be right as Piper and Leo’s first stop is the Halliwell home in 1975. Victor and mother Patty (Finola Hughes) are in bed together. Prue is five, Piper is three and Patty is pregnant with (or perhaps has just conceived) Phoebe. Without giving too much away, Piper and Patty theorize that, since the Halliwells have the power of three, the two of them with Grams (Jennifer Rhodes) could take them where they need to go (rather than the unpredictable Cupid ring).

Piper uses the ring to take she, Patty and Leo to Grams’ home but instead they go to the future when Piper is a “grams.” The elder Piper and Leo are playing Scrabble together and have been expecting them — since they themselves made the trip 50 years ago. The elderly couple are still very much in love. Elder Piper gives them some advice on how to make the ring work more accurately.

Halliwell ManorPiper, Leo and Patty go back in time and arrive at the Manor once again. They overhear Grams having a conversation with a young Piper. After young Piper leaves, the three greet Grams and she faints upon seeing her deceased daughter Patty. Piper tells her Mom that she’s dead at that time.

Back in the present, Dumain helps Billie focus so she can travel back in time to save Christy. When he mentions the Triad, Billie stops and realizes she’s been manipulated. Dumain tells her that the Triad must be saved otherwise the battle will still happen and Christy will still be killed.

While Patty tries to wake Grams, Leo points out that, if this all works, the ultimate battle won’t have happened yet. If that’s true, the Angel of Destiny could return and take him away once again. Piper assures him that they will be playing Scrabble together in the future. Grams wakes up and Piper makes introductions. Grams is frazzled but once she learns that her grandchildren become the Charmed Ones, she is ready to do whatever it takes to save them.

Billie projects herself back into the past at the Manor, just as her past self and Christy arrive for the battle. Billie warns them but her past self sends her flying into a wall and Billie and Christy begin to fight the Halliwell sisters. The battle starts to play out as before but then Piper, Grams, Leo and Patty arrive. Piper, Grams and Patty cast a spell which drives the Hollow out the three sisters prematurely. The battle ends without anyone dying or the house being destroyed. The two Billies and Pipers then merge with themselves as time “catches up with itself.”

Billie and Christy quickly escape via teleportation. The Angel of Destiny arrives and takes Leo back with her again. Piper brings everyone up-to-date but realizes they’re back where they started. Billie and Christy are out there somewhere and she still doesn’t have her husband Leo. Just then, the future Wyatt (Wesley A. Ramsey) and Chris (Drew Fuller) appear before the group and tell them that someone has messed up their future.

Billie explains to Christy that Dumain has been manipulating them. Christy isn’t listening and believes that the Triad could help them destroy the three sisters. Billie doesn’t want to be aligned with the Triad or kill so Christy says she’ll do it herself and angrily leaves.

Chris and Wyatt explain that Wyatt lost his powers in the middle of a demon battle. Chris cast a spell to take them back to the time when the powers were lost and it brought them to our present. Piper guesses that Billie and Christy somehow stole Wyatt’s power using the Hollow.

Dumain and ChristyAs the two young men and Patty are about to teleport to Victor’s home to look for clues, Coop arrives. Wyatt goofs and calls him “Uncle Coop” so we know he’ll certainly be part of the family’s future. Chris, Wyatt and Patty go to see Victor and to talk to the younger Wyatt for clues. Victor’s surprised to see Patty, his long dead ex-wife. Patty discovers they divorced (and why) before she died but there’s no anger between them.

Dumain is outraged that Billie has abandoned their cause. Christy tells him that she has a way to revive the Triad without her.

Piper and Grams are working on a potion when Henry arrives to talk to wife Paige. Meanwhile, Coop confesses his love to Phoebe. Phoebe can’t handle it and goes to help her sisters after returning the ring to him. As soon as she leaves the room, Dumain appears and grabs the ring and Coop.
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  1. tina moore says

    hi holly marie combs i named my daughter after you and im also naming my other daughter after you alyssa you,s have beautiful names ty

  2. AnnMaree Bakes says

    I watch the charmed dvds all the time. All I can say thank god for dvds. The best ones are season 1,2,3,&season 4,5.

  3. Katherine says

    Hey Pheobe is by far my favorite of all. I really liked Chris,Leo,and Cole they are so hot!! Remember that you really really really reeeeaaaaaaallllllllyyyy would so totaly love but mostly for PS2! Pleaz Pleaz i know how many people would buy it you could make so much money. Even though you had money problems for season 8 but, i think you could do it.

  4. Katherine says

    You guys are the bomb. When are you guys going to make the eighth season I really, really can’t wait. A game will also be so awesome I have bought the Book of Shadows.(From Amazon)Having that book is so freakin awesome. I love the Manor I planning on buying it when I get older I even made a house just like the manor in Sims2. You guys are by far the most freakingly awesome people for making the series.

  5. avi says

    I LOVE CHARMED!!! oh my god i am a devote of charmed, i especially love the comedy in it.Piper ur my favourite,i think ur georgious.

  6. jennie says

    hi my name is jennie and this show has touched us all and i dont ever coment of have been so stuck on a tv show before this show is everything i have ever wnated to be well without the demons and bad stuff to go along with it but this show is memerable and you cant take it off the air its to speicial to the community they all every caracter are rolemodles its not just one caracter its them all as ***** please dont take it that away from us thankyou
    love aleays your biggest fan

  7. Robert Simons says

    I have loved the showevery since the very first airing. I felt as if i grew with the show as much as the show did itself. I was really sad to learn the show was endind, however i do hope that maybe you can do a spin off, Much love to all the cast and best wishes

  8. Debra says

    Please bring charmed back. I just watched the final episode for the oh, I can’t count how many times I have watched it. But I still have a really good cry. Every day from 4 to 6 I watch charmed. No matter how many times I have watched an episode I still love it. Is there any why you could start a new series, Maybe Charmed the Next Generation. There is no other show on tv that I enjoy more than Charmed.

  9. says

    hey guy! you guys are so cool! Even though im only 10 and people think i shouldn’t be watching it because its guys are my role models. i haven’t missed a single episode.please!!!im begging you can you make a new series its totally cool.i cant take my eyes off the proggramme when im watchin it.but even though the series is over you will always have a fan that will always be ther cheering you on!P.S(that special lil fan is me!)

  10. says

    hey charmed,i totally love favourite is piper,i like her attitude and she kickes but not that phoebe and paige don’t kick but its just tat i like pipers attitude and powers the best coz im a bit of a kick-ass girl myself! oppps! watch my language sorry grams.

  11. Hodan says

    Is there any chance that u can bring “charmed” back. I loved their attitude especially Phoebe’s, but piper she was my favorite as she was the one who kept the familly togheter. I just want to see piper as a grand mum, teaching magic…. and also the new charmed one…. I LOVE CHARMED. Am still watching old series….

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