Charmed: Halliwell Sisters Are Forever Charmed, part two

The Charmed OnesOn Sunday May 21, 2006, the last episode of one of the WB’s most enduring and popular shows aired. Charmedran for eight seasons and 178 episodes. The series stood out for its fantasy storylines and for its powerful and sensitive female characters. The final episode was watched by 4.5 million viewers, was written by series executive producer Brad Kern and was entitled, very appropriately, “Forever Charmed.” You can read part one here. Here’s part two of what happened:

Billie appears to the sisters and Grams. She pleads for their understanding and explains about the dangerous and manipulative Dumain and the Triad. Grown Wyatt and Chris arrive to reveal that it looks like a strange man stopped by Victor’s yesterday and likely stole young Wyatt’s powers. Billie confirms that it was Dumain. Phoebe calls for Coop for help but he doesn’t appear.

Chris and Wyatt reveal that Coop was sent by the Elders with the hope that Phoebe could find love with him. It was their way of making up for all she’d sacrificed. It isn’t, and won’t be, a forbidden love. The young men tell her that, in the future, they’re “as one” and all she has to do is think about him and he’s there. Phoebe focuses on Coop and he appears. He’s been tortured and Dumain took his ring.

Dumain and Christy use the ring to go back in time. Dumain is warning the Triad in the past when present-day Dumain and Christy arrive. Moments later, the three sisters and Billie arrive as well. The Charmed Ones destroy the Triad and then Piper destroys both versions of Dumain. Christy is left alone, confused and angry. Piper explains that Billie brought them back and Paige retrieves Coop’s ring. Billie tries to reason with her sister but Christy shoots a large fireball at her. Billie deflects it and it destroys Christy. Billie is devastated.

The Charmed Ones return to the Manor and grown Wyatt’s powers have been restored. Paige tells them that Billie came back to the present via her own power and that she helped redeem herself. The Angel of Destiny arrives with Leo in tow and reveals that the ultimate battle ended as it should have. It’s over. She leaves and Leo and Piper are reunited.

Phoebe and Coop are marriedVictor and Patty arrive with the boys and they all talk. Coop says he will take everyone back to their rightful times, just before they were taken, so they won’t remember what they’ve learned. Grams doesn’t want to forget while Patty won’t mind, having learned what happened to Prue. She knows however that everything happens for a reason. There are lots of hugs and laughs before the eventual goodbyes.

Later on, the three sisters talk and Piper suggests that they should write about their own experiences in the Book of Shadows, to share it with future generations. Each write down what they’ve experienced and we see what will happen in the future.

Coop and Phoebe are married in a beautiful wedding and have three daughters. Billie is seen watching the two older girls as Phoebe and Coop go to the hospital to have the third. Phoebe continues to write her column but also writes a best-selling book about finding love.

Paige and Henry have three children together — little Henry and two girls. Henry continued his work in helping young parolees and helped with his own kids as well. This allowed Paige time to fully explore her heritage as a Whitelighter and help the next generation of witches.

Piper and Leo have another child, a girl, in addition to raising sons Chris and Wyatt. Piper was able to get back to her love of cooking and opened the restaurant she’d always wanted. Leo took over at the Magic School and taught young witches and warlocks for many years until he retired.

The final scene shows elderly Piper reading from the Book of Shadows to a granddaughter. She reaches the end and the girl asks her to read it again. Elder Piper says she’s too tired but that she can read it herself since it will be hers one day. As the girl begins, older Piper and Leo ascend the stairs, passing photos of their loved ones on the wall. The Manor door opens and a group of grandchildren happily flood in. The girl in the chair looks up, smiles and, with a wave of the hand, closes the door behind them. The camera pulls back to show the Manor one last time. The power of three continues on. End of series. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. kayla says

    omg please dont end charmed this is my favorite TV show ever i cried so hard after it ended they should let their kids and grandchildren play in their please come bak to us charmed!!!

  2. judy says

    charmed was and is the best programme ever and everyone in it was great leo ans cole and piper where amazing and i missed prue lots but the ending was really good any chance of a spin off

  3. audi89 says

    CHARMED IS THE BEST OF THE BEST! make it endless story! i rly miss charmed sooo damn much. the best ever! wish they continue it. T_T PLS….

  4. Charmed says

    I just started getting into the ‘Charmed’ world of things, guess I’m a little late though.. It’s just too bad they cancelled the show for now!!


  5. Krizyl says

    The finale was great! I’m gonna miss my favorite TV show though…piper,phoebe,paige,leo,wyatt..
    and the ever handsome chris..see you all soon!!!!

  6. BRITTNEY says


  7. Dee says

    I just wanted to agree with a former comment made that the show was awesome–totally addicting! I became engrossed with the characters from Prue to Cole, to even Billie in the last season. Further, the retooling of a new show with Chris, Wyatt and sister(the 3rd kid of Piper’s), along w/the 3 girls of Phoebe’s and the 3 kids of Paige’s should be made into a script for charmed II the next generation. It was done with Star Trek why not Charmed? It could be awesome too with the right writers making good scripts with new storylines. Yet, it would still have that basic premise that would keep all the fans watching and have some cameos of Piper, Leo, Phoebe, Coop, Paige & Henry making appearances to boost a new show? It could really work! It could be a new winner! Any chance?

  8. dana says

    the charmed is the bst seres ever i will never forget the lst 2 series it is awsome

    the drems dont vanish until you dont abandon them =(

  9. Tina says

    I love the Charmed One. It was one of my favorite tv shows. Lots of romance, comedy, drama, and action. I like Piper very much and the power that she have. I just wonder what will happen to the sisters since Charmed is over. Where are their career path now and what is Holly Marie going to be next?

  10. says

    i love charmed so much i will never let nothing get in my way from watching it i love it so much that i even so time copy u guss power they are so nang any way if you dont know what nang it it means that that the show is nice i love the show so much that i even sometime i try to have perminishions

  11. Amber says

    Piper was my favourite character.It was a bummer that it was cancelled.I like the ending though.It would of been nice if they had brought other people back like Prue and the likes.But it was cool how all of them had 3 kids.I would like it to come back on tv but i don’t see that happening any time soon.

  12. brie says

    I beleive that the last episode was great also but why did it have to end there is somuch more story line I hope they have another show with Chris and Wyatt and the older siblings starting the POWER OF THREE all over again. I hope Charmed comes back this is my favorite show.

  13. aimee says

    i think the last episode of charmed was alsome. Holly Marie combs as Piper Halliwell is my favorite character. Ithought bringing all the family back 2 see each other for one last time was great. Even low Prue wasn’t in it. it was still brill. there are a couple of other characters that i wish was in it like:
    Darrly, Prue (or course), Mielinda warren andmuch more.
    But i think who u did it was great. i wouldn’t off changed anything. except aputting a picture of Prue on the wall with the family.
    IT WAS FANTASIC!!!!!!!!!!

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