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Charmed: Has the Halliwell Sister Magic Run Out?

Halliwell sistersCharmed, which recently celebrated a milestone as being the longest-running show featuring all female leads, may be headed for a big finish. Last year, it looked like the WB’s long-running show about beautiful witches was going to be cancelled but the series was given a new season order at the last minute. This year, with the contracts of the female leads (Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan and Kaley Cuoco) and executive producer Brad Kern expiring, it looks doubtful there will be a ninth season.

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Kern said, “Nobody at WB will commit one way or the other. I’ve heard nothing about it. As far as I’m concerned, this is it. Last year the show was held in limbo, but fortunately ‘the governor called’ and we got another year. I wasn’t able to craft a season or series finale [then], so I did sort of a hybrid, which to me was disappointing creatively. ”

He continued, “This year, with no contract for the girls and no contract for me, the WB seems to be looking forward to looking for ‘the next generation’ of shows. We’re still an expensive show, and all those factors tell me that, here in the middle of January, I’m just pushing toward the series finale. It’s too late for them to say, ‘We want to find a way to make a ninth season’ — but it doesn’t mean there can’t be a spin-off.”

Kern went on to say that, in an ideal world, he would bring back many of the past cast members for an appearance. But, with budgetary issues having taken center stage this year (hence the reduced appearances of Brian Krause’s Leo character), it seems doubtful that you’ll see the return of Shannon Doherty’s Prue or Julian McMahon’s Cole.

Still, Kern has other magical surprises in store for fans saying, “The huge problem I have to deal with this year is the budget cutback. I’m trying to save money each episode so I can afford to bring back as many of the regular cast members as possible. Who that will be, I don’t know, but my plan is to have the equivalent of a ‘family reunion’ including as many people as I can afford.” In addition, Kern didn’t rule out the possibility of creatively used flashbacks. TV Series Finale home page


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