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Charmed: Petition to Bring Back the Supernatural Adventures

CharmedCharmed ran for an amazing eight seasons and 178 magical episodes. Though the series wrapped up with a happy ending, many fans would love to see even more supernatural adventures. If continuing the original series isn’t possible, there are lots of other possibilities – reunion movies or even a spin-off series featuring the next generation of Halliwells. One thing’s for sure, the Charmed magic hasn’t faded away!

To: Spelling Television and Executive Producers Brad Kern and E. Duke Vincent

We, the undersigned, have greatly enjoyed the Charmed TV series through the years. It is quality television that we enjoy watching often. Please consider creating new Charmed adventures, either with the series castmembers or in a new form. We know that, if new stories maintain the quality of the original series, the built-in audience alone will make them very successful.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • Aislinn BeattieCountry: Canada2014-04-22 17:11:31
    There should definitly be a charmed reunion, whether it is a tv show or a movie, I'm all for idea ever.
  • Heather gilpinCountry: USA2014-04-10 12:10:52
    I truly think a reunion would be great. I miss this show.
  • Elijah HowardCountry: United States2014-03-31 21:12:06
    I really love the show Charmed and I would love to see a reunion of the 4 sisters.Prue, Piper, Phoebe, & Paige bring back the power of three and make it four.I was sad to see Prue leave & the series end. So please bring it back for everyone who loves Charmed. #1 fan!!!!!!!!
  • FeliciaCountry: USA 2014-03-27 22:59:29
    Even though charmed began in 1999 it has still been in the hearts and minds of dozens of children. I think that bringing back charmed as piper Paige and Pheobe have a new adventure, would be a good idea. The finale was a bit confusing with the line of haliwells but I think they should bring back prue or the mother permanently to see if the power of four could be something different. Overall charmed was the best show I have watched even now. It should come back and bring the suspense and magic back into the world.
  • JacobCountry: America2014-03-27 08:53:33
    I want more Charmed! I love it. Bring on The Power of Four
  • JoAnne CosenzaCountry: usa2014-03-22 15:07:09
    So love Charmed. it is a great show that deals with magic and human feelings. Pls if u bring it back it will have a huge following. Even if it has the new Halliwell generation. There can be guest starring roles with piper,pheobe,page and pru in certain episodes. The origional cast needs to make apperances on the show, but not all the time. MAKE IT WORK!
  • wayne michealCountry: ireland2014-03-16 22:56:45
    i love charmed we need the series to come back
  • Kala GombergCountry: USA2014-03-16 22:21:20
    More Charmed please.
  • Shirley JohnsonCountry: USA2014-03-14 22:38:59
    I can only hope.
  • AshleyCountry: USA 2014-03-11 19:34:46
    Loved this show and been waiting years for its return. I watch reruns everyday
  • rosyCountry: usa2014-03-10 05:25:55
    Charmed was the best show I have seen in long time. Stories were great and so intertaining. I want Charmed back. Rosy
  • Lea MolsCountry: USA2014-02-21 11:03:33
    Please reboot Charmed as a series not a movie. I love this show. I watched it from the first episode to the final episodes. I even watch it in syndication when possible. Please bring back the entire cast including Prue, Leo, their grandmother, their mother, their father and even their husbands. If it is not possible to get Rose McGowen to agree to come back, just recast her role.
  • Nicole McClainCountry: United States2014-02-19 08:15:17
    Love this show, would love to see their kids helping them fight!
  • Tonnie GuthrieCountry: USA2014-02-04 16:23:51
    I have always been a hugh fan of Charmed ever since the first episode aired! I don't think that a movie would be good enough. I always looked forward to watching Charmed. It would be wonderful if you could get the original cast members together. All 4 of the sisters, Leo, Chris & Wyatt. It would make my day for my grandson to watch & enjoy Charmed. So I am asking to PLEASE BRING CHARMED BACK!!! :)
  • Ethan BinfordCountry: U.S.A2014-01-25 14:32:19
    I think that making a charmed reunion film would be huge, I think that all the Charmed fans would love it, to bring the cast back together and I just think that it would be an awesome idea
  • StacyCountry: US2014-01-19 04:13:32
    Bring the series back. But it would better with a TV movie. And use the same actresses. Even bring back Prue. Grams, the mother,father Wyatt and Chris.
  • StacyCountry: US2014-01-19 04:13:32
    Bring the series back. But it would better with a TV movie. And use the same actresses. Even bring back Prue. Grams, the mother,father Wyatt and Chris.
  • Shakira LewisCountry: United States2013-12-21 03:11:29
    I have recently watched the Charmed series from the first to last season and I am truly heart broken that the series has ended. It was one of the best series I have seen in a long time, with amazing actors and I can't believe it's over. Please bring back Charmed and revive the power of 3!!!
  • EllCountry: England 2013-11-19 00:29:42
    A movie isn't good enough, they need to do a reunion with Piper,Phoebe,Paige,Prue,Leo,Chris and Wyatt, it has to be the same Charmed ones but not Wyatt and Chris. I love Charmed and it needs to come back, I don't like nothing supernatural but Charmed is just amazing an adventurous I think it's great, it needs to come back!!!!!! If everyone's saying they want it to come back we need to do a little more:)
  • bob millerCountry: USA2013-11-09 19:45:32
    Please bring back charmed thank you
  • amyCountry: mpumalanga2013-11-06 10:48:42
    Pls bring charmed back it can't end there
  • kim cobbCountry: usa2013-11-05 17:02:44
    Please bring back charmed.
  • MarkoCountry: Serbia2013-10-30 06:25:56
    Hello from Seria! I saw this petition and I needed to wrote some of my opinions :) Charmed,charmed,charmed???????? For me,the movie is not enough!Why? Because the movie is short...and I don't see any fun of that.We will spend a hour or two waching and that will be more! But the reunion is something else...and I agree is a risk. I'd like to see Pheobe,Page,Piper and Prue again. Maybe they will not be able to act again....we all see Piper in P.L.L Page in Once Upon a Time but just in one episode....They all have a new jobs and the reunion is a risk by them self...maybe it will be huge success maybe waste of time and money. Unless Producers come with some good idea or if they need some time...maybe a year,to bring together all actors. YOU ARE NOT FAN IF YOU DON'T FIND A WAY TO KEEP ''REUNION'' TO HOPE THAT ''CHARMED'' WILL BE WITH US AGAIN.... AND HERE COMES AGAIN "Powers of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies, come to us who call you near, come to us and settle here." We hope to see and hear this again!!!!!! <33333
  • lisaCountry: united kingdom2013-10-28 15:09:20
    PLEASE bring it back I loveeeeeee charmed its the best show EVER
  • nnyji whitfieldCountry: US2013-10-25 16:51:52
    I need Charmed back on the air. It is the best Supernatural show ever! If the original cast can't come back, a movie maybe? I love the cast and I don't think I could get used to a new one.
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