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Charmed: Petition to Bring Back the Supernatural Adventures

CharmedCharmed ran for an amazing eight seasons and 178 magical episodes. Though the series wrapped up with a happy ending, many fans would love to see even more supernatural adventures. If continuing the original series isn’t possible, there are lots of other possibilities — reunion movies or even a spin-off series featuring the next generation of Halliwells. One thing’s for sure, the Charmed magic hasn’t faded away!

To: Spelling Television and Executive Producers Brad Kern and E. Duke Vincent

We, the undersigned, have greatly enjoyed the Charmed TV series through the years. It is quality television that we enjoy watching often. Please consider creating new Charmed adventures, either with the series castmembers or in a new form. We know that, if new stories maintain the quality of the original series, the built-in audience alone will make them very successful.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • Ashley sneadCountry: United States2015-03-24 15:42:04
    Enough time has past to bring back the revival of the show! would love to see what has happened since the years have past.
  • Kristopher BruceCountry: UK2015-03-17 12:14:53
  • Diane McculloughCountry: United States2015-03-06 19:00:12
    I can't go through a day without seeing the charmed ones. PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL cast. Think about the next generation!!
  • SkymanCountry: U.S.A2015-03-05 00:08:39
    Bring back Charmed Please Please Please, come on WB get your act together you can do it.
  • Cathelean HullCountry: U.S.A2015-02-10 17:35:22
    Please please please bring this show even as the next generation. I also love the famiky bond.
  • BIg Fan of CharmedCountry: USA2015-02-06 09:21:56
    Please Bring back the Original Cast of Charmed to a new Series!!! we all enjoy watching them very much!!!
  • Jeannie AccountiusCountry: United States2014-12-24 17:25:36
    please bring back charmed i loved this series and i again would watch every single show,i love prue,phoebe and piper and paige and all the other cast members where so awesome please please bring back our charmed ones.
  • paigeCountry: uk2014-12-01 11:33:10
    Please bring back charmed it shouldn't of ended how it did I need charmed in my life!xx
  • laura fisherCountry: uk2014-11-22 05:42:20
    charmed is amazing ive watched it so many times please please please bring it back.
  • Lea MolsCountry: USA2014-11-07 18:31:38
    Please reboot Charmed with the original cast members. The show would not have the same magic or spark without the original cast members. They could be the mothers of the four new young witches. The originals would need to be actively involved and past in the new witches training and lives for the show to capture the same feel and fire that the original charmed did. Please bring back Charmed.
  • Ty HudsonCountry: United States2014-11-02 22:10:52
    I have seen every single episode of Charmed more than once. It is by far my favorite show. It doesn't even have to be a full season just a 2 hour show would satisfy me.
  • Star atchisonCountry: United States2014-10-07 12:52:46
    It has been years and I have watched many shows, by far Charmed has stayed my favorite. If it were to return I would never miss a minute and could guarantee that same loyalty from each of my three girls's homes as well. I'm sure you would easily be able to carry it out for years to come with just as strong if not stronger viewer base as all the past seasons enjoyed. Please please bring Back Charmed.
  • petrCountry: usa2014-10-03 05:08:35
    Please bring this amazing show back, it's been done for so long, but I still enjoy watching it every day.. I am willing to do a kickstarter, donations whatever...
  • Ramey RoseCountry: United States2014-09-22 12:04:30
    I loved the series! It's my all time favorite! The Original cast has been pretty busy with other productions which is understood, so why not start off with the next generation like it showed? You can bring in new characters and just let it all flow with occasional appearances from the original actors/actresses. Many of us want the show to come back. And you can really branch of and I believe bring in more viewers.
  • courtneyCountry: england2014-08-21 14:58:11
    please bring back charmed with the original cast! I miss it so much and its time to come back!
  • Nadine GarciaCountry: Usa2014-08-21 07:37:12
    Bring back Charmed :)
  • Anne LunaCountry: Philippines2014-08-08 10:10:16
    Please bring back Charmed with the original cast (esp. Shannen). A movie with also be awesome!
  • Nick CoghillCountry: Canada2014-07-15 06:36:37
    Please bring the show back! :(
  • Vicki Louise QuinnCountry: united kingdom2014-07-03 13:37:52
    I Would love it came back i miss the show a lot but i would not want them to change the cast!
  • VasylCountry: Ukraine2014-06-28 14:43:52
    I would love to see Charmed movie or Charmed future... again!
  • Carlos ParkerCountry: United states2014-06-22 21:19:56
    I really love watching charmed as a matter of fact I'm watching Charmed at this very moment I believe that it is one of the most iconic shows. I really wish that it will be a great idea to bring back the POWER OF THREE.
  • RickeyCountry: USA 2014-06-07 07:55:02
    I really loved this show. Please bring it back.
  • maxineCountry: United States2014-06-05 01:17:04
    It would be amazing if there could be a new series with a new generation of halliwells. Bring back the original Chris and Wyatt; a twister would be the original 3 sisters with Billie,the husband, and their children reunited with Prue who has somehow come back from the dead
  • Nicki WayneCountry: us2014-06-03 09:05:55
    Charmed movie... or bring original people. Damn
  • KennyCountry: Us2014-05-31 20:24:13
    Please bring the charmed ones back the greatest tv series of all time
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