Charmed: Series Star Calls Reboot “Lame”

Charmed TV show reboot?As reported earlier, CBS is considering doing a new version of the Charmed TV series. The original ran for eight seasons on The WB network before ending in 2006.

Rose McGowan joined the cast as sister Paige Matthews in the fourth season, following Shannen Doherty’s departure at the end of season three.

McGowan, like many fans, isn’t crazy about the idea of remaking Charmed. Via Twitter, she wrote, “They really are running out of ideas in Hollywood.” and then, “lame lame lame lamertons”.

UPDATE: Co-star Alyssa Milano later tweeted, “The thing about them doing a #charmed reboot is… it just… it feels like yesterday. It feels too close.”

What do you think? Do you agree with McGowan? Is there any way that a new version of Charmed could work?

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  1. melissa says

    as a fan yes I think they should try they can start with the kids and their life what’s going on in it now and I think that the sisters just appear from time to time


    It could definately work I am so upset there not making new episodes they should continue it with there kids cupid abd starting there lifes as marrird couples abd bring on whitches and demons and have there kids take over for them

  3. Just a fan says

    The only way this could work would be making some sort of next gen thing. Cupids, Whitelighters and witches just imagine the personal life only in a mortal world. Add demons in the mix and well if you can’t get a decent show from that you shouldn’t be in the business

  4. daniel west says

    I think a new charmed series would work. I loved the and really hated to see it go off the air. I watch it any time I can when they have reruns of the show.

  5. lilkunta says

    if the reboot or re imagining is about piper’s 3 kids [wyatt, chris, melinda] with wyatt, with her whitelighter/husband Leo then maybe. if its gonna bring paige and phoebe (and maybe even prudence back alive bc they all dies in the series finale and only piper lived) back alive then NOOOO.

  6. Bethany says

    I think they would be better served using Charmed as a model to make a new and different show, maybe even leave the door open to have the Charmed stars guest star from time to time. However, to do a full on reboot??? I just don’t see it catching on. However, using the basic world spelled out in Charmed, and having it set maybe in a different city or something, with white lighters and dark lighters, and “The Source” blah blah blah, that could go somewhere. I personally could only see SyFi channel making it work, but there is no spin that I could really see them being able to do a full reboot on a show that is still beloved and watched by so many today. (in reruns of course.)

  7. monieet says

    Only if the three of them come back. If they do not come back no need to bring it back. Charmed is Holly, Alissa, and Rose. That is the only way I would watch. The show should have gone on a few more seasons, but I guess the stars wanted to more on.

  8. CK says

    I can understand attempting a reboot of a successful network show like NBC is thinking about with Murder She Wrote. Murder She wrote was a top 10 show most of its run. However, why CBS, the strongest network by far, would want to reboot a WB show that ranked about number 120 during its run, makes little sense.

    It was also interesting to read Rose’s comment about a reboot being lame, when she did the Conan the Barbarian reboot a little over a year ago. I guess it is only lame and Hollywood is out of ideas, when Rose isn’t getting paid.

    • Bethany says

      I am HOPING that she simply learned her lesson doing that reboot.

      I liked the show from day 1 with Shannon as well, but you simply can’t do a show when your co-stars are infighting, and one is being such a diva. They already showed how the show would end up over the years, so they would have to have the two originals, and the one replacement “original” at the very least play the parents of the kids who took the reigns. Oh and of course Bryan Kraus, and the other “dads” from the show as well. And it simply would not work unless they were able to find people who at least looked like the kids we already know exist.

      • lilkunta says

        bethany : Do you really remember what wyatt, chris and melinda looked like as kids and when they were adults [remember chris from future came back to ensure his older’s brother wyatt’s conception and make sure wyatt didnt turn evil…WHEW that is A L O T ] , I dont either.

        I dont think they have to find actresses/actors who looks like the ones from the WB version.

    • Bethany says

      Oh, and Angela Landsbury was what made Murder She Wrote work so well. So rather than reboot it, simply make a new and different character who solves crimes like Jessica Fletcher did, and MAYBE set it in Cabot Cove or whatever, you know America’s small town murder capitol? But I don’t think Angela Landsbury is up to the task of running around solving murders anymore.

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