Charmed: Which Halliwell Sister Keeps You Bewitched?

Mixing the supernatural with romance, Charmed ran for eight seasons and 178 magical episodes. It not only survived the loss of one of its lead characters in 2001 (Prue, played by Shannen Doherty) but, continued to prosper for another five seasons. Some would argue that the series even got better once Paige (Rose McGowan) arrived.

When the series left the airwaves on May 21, 2006, Charmed had become the longest running series with all female leads — beating out such shows as Laverne & Shirley, Designing Women and Sex and the City. (CW’s Girlfriends was coming close but was cancelled just short of breaking the record.)

Charmed still remains remarkedly popular today. Who are your favorite characters? Who did you like better, Prue or Paige? Did you like the series finale? Would you like to see a reunion?

Don’t just sit there. Express yourself!

Which sister is your favorite?

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Which sister do you prefer?

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Who is your favorite relative?

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Who is your favorite guy?

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Did you miss Darryl Morris in season eight?

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Did you like the Charmed finale?

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Would you like to see a Charmed reunion?

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Would you like to see a new Charmed series featuring the "next generation" of Halliwells?

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Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    I really miss this show, this was one of the best shows of all times, I don’t watch TV much anymore because of all the crap on there, drugs, sex, need I go into detail? I felt that Charmed was one of the only quality shows on T.V., it’s one of the only reasons why I’m not online all the time. This show, Bones, Veronica Mars which the CW was very stupid to cancel and another show I loved very much, and Criminal Minds with Mandy Patinkin, you know, more people would watch your network and you would have more viewers had you not cancelled Charmed which trying to be polite here, that had the stupidest and most idiotic decision you the networks made, I would’ve loved for the story line to continue, for Prue and Paige to meet and to see Wyatt and Chris grow up and for possibly Leo to get his powers back, I have so many ideas but please do bring it back.

  2. Anonymous says

    the show was fantastic until the ruined it the last seasons with the inclusion of billie( billy) however you spell her name. She was a horrid actress and I found it silly. I do own it though because I am a huge fan of the charmed sisters and even though I have every episode on DVD I still watch it in the mornings on TNT. My favorite is Piper and Leo I think the story line was fantastic up until that little bad part I wish they would do a movie or something even if it was just a network special.

  3. Ana says

    i kant belive that it ended i cried and cried for hours and hours i mean like i have been watching this show sense i was one years old! and when it enede it really hurt me i mean idk wht i will do with out it and still its been 3 years and im still thing about it everday i mean they took the best shoe that was every playes away from me!!! i couldnt take it i mean i would do anything for it to come back on i mean anything………. anything i just wanna seee it again i mean i kant live with out it anymore everyday i just wanna die.. and i noe its seems like i have no life talken bout i wanna due cause a tvee show ended but if yu grew up with it basically ur whole likve till yu were like 10 or 9 yu would understand yu would i mean charmed was my other half… i mean after a hard day of whtever in i was doing i would just come home kick it back and watch the best show ever i mean it just felt great every eposide is filled with joy and rush going threw and just dieying to noe wht will happen next its like why would they do this to us why why why why why why i would do annything to get it to come back with the same three caractures i mean i even made up my own way that it could come back i mean rite after phobe was going threw the book when she first gave them thire powers she went to the end of the book rite after she read it and had that long vision of wht would happen in the future and that whole eight season would be a vision i mean the onlie thing that the producers and everything would have to work out was prue being gone but i bet they could make sumway throu it i mean anyway i mean anyway i would do anything justt to see another season and if not at least at least a movie at least

  4. Melanie says

    Well it was be fantasticly amazing if charmed came back next generation!!!…Me and a couple of buddies Roleplay next generation on facebook.And with new story lines it would have soo much GOOD ratings for sure WHEN it comes back…haha…

    With alot of research it works out 😀

  5. Susan Gaswint says

    I really miss it, I was the DVD’s over and over again. I loved them all, wish we could have a new series that would fill in all the missing years and add more charaters to the family. Could even get Prue back to visit, as a ghost or better yet somehow revieve her. After all it is Magic.

  6. Tracy says

    ya u must not stop writing i love the whole lot ove them its the best programes ever broadcasted it is the only ever series i was always dying 2 see the next epasoides and i have always been tuned in and its the only series i have followed for years and can anybody tell em or mail me the pictures of alissas tattoos ther wicked nd wld love 2 get some of them there not ur normal tats u c every day and it is different and i tnknk the are symbolic and stand 4 something and taht wat i want i already have the trinety love knot which is the symbol on the book of shadows and love unusual tats so can some 1 please mail me back with them, cheers tracy!

    do not let the charmed 1s die its been a great run and it will be again idd love to see a film made or a reunion and alot more epasoids from the children taking on the roles of the next generation deepest gratude to all the staff and producers u are very talented and do not let it go to waste ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tracy xxxx

  7. PINK says

    I HAVE 1-8 I NEEEEEED 9 10 11 EXETRA


  8. pink says

    from my point of view i say BRING CHARMED BACK
    it was the greatest show EVER… you must must must bring it back there were a lot of fans and its interesting i have the whole collection 1-8 so

    charmed ROCKS!!!

  9. Neethi says

    Please bring back Charmed, like a Charmed Evolved, or Charmed Again,
    Will the girls, and there kids as teenagers, it will be so much fun watching them relate in public schools with powers.
    There is so much more to show the public

  10. Chris says

    I really likes that show. I was really sad when the last episode started showing all their futures. They showed enough information in that last episode to make another season. (at least) It was really weird they didn’t show Prue (even though they couldn’t) on the pictures on the wall. When i saw the picture with the three (3) sisters on the wall i was so sad. I hope they make reunion episodes.

  11. Audiee says

    Please bring back “Charmed”. I am a big fan. I have all the episodes on DVD. I tape them on my DVR every day too. I could watch every episode over and over again. I think if the writers of the show are creative as they have been, the Charmed Sisters can be brought back very easy since you know you can go back in time and in the future. Wyatt and Chris can be the leads for sure. But in the last episode there was Pipers granddaughter that will take owner ship of the book. Let her bring back the “Charmed” ones. Even let her bring back Prue as a ghost to meet Paige. These are just some ideas I can throw out for the writers. Please just bring back “Charmed”

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