Chase: New NBC Cop Series; Cancel or Keep It?

ChaseNBC rounded out their Monday night schedule with a new cop series, Chase. Police shows have performed very well for the networks for years but how did this one perform? Is it a keeper or will it be quickly cancelled?

Chase follows US Marshall Annie Frost (Kelli Giddish) as she heads up the Houston Enforcement & Apprehension Task Force. Annie and her team (played by Cole Hauser, Amaury Nolasco, Rose Rollins, and Jesse Metcalfe) hunt down America’s most dangerous fugitives.

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The premiere garnered a disappointing 2.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 7.3 million viewers. That put Chase in third (last) place in both categories. It lost a significant number of viewers from lead-in The Event — 36% of the demo and 33% of total viewers. It also lost about 15% of viewers in the demo between the start and finish of the episode.

TV show supportWhile this is much better than last year’s The Jay Leno Show, this mediocre start doesn’t bode well for Chase’s future. If the ratings decline in week two, as they typically do for new shows, it could be in real trouble.

Based on this performance alone, it seems unlikely that NBC would bother ordering any episodes beyond the initial 13 installments.

So, what do you think? Is Chase worth watching? Do you like the show or should it just be cancelled?

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  1. kim says

    I really like this show!! the characters are just starting mesh together. Whats the point of putting good shows on the air if you are only going to cancel them. Bring back Chase

  2. Loetta Bradshaw says

    Keep the show, you start a new show and we the people get involved in it and then you cancel, why keep Law and Order from year to year, same old same old, get one like Chase and keep it on for years… I like it.

  3. HAZEL PRICE says

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  4. judith stark says

    I just watched the show from Australia—and was enjoying the ‘wit’ until that comment by Chase on ‘Kardasian’ being “jew-like woman’ was really offensive—-I was so disappointed to hear such ‘bigotry’—-shame on YOU!—you are off my list forever!!

  5. Mel says

    I was reading the “review” of this show and it is clear the Author of this article hasn’t even watched the show. The main character’s name is Annie FROST not Annie First. This is a great show, please watch it before writing about it. BRING THIS SHOW BACK!!! It is very good.

    • says

      @Mel: I have watched the show and am aware of the character’s last name. This was a typo and has been corrected. Thank you for kindly pointing it out.

  6. Mary says

    This was one of the best show NBC had put on in a while. Can not believe they are concidering canceling it. Please reconcider.

  7. Dave says

    NBC excutives are to dumb to keep good shows on the air. Please sell this to CBS then more people will get a chance to view it and fall in love with the show. This is an excellent program but NBC has cancelled so many very good programs without giving them a chance over the last few years that people have stopped watching this network. I only have one show left on NBC that I watch, Chuck, and as soon as they cancel that show I will stop watching this network totally which also includes my local NBC news. I refuse to give any new shows a chance as I am fed up with getting interested in a good program just to have it cancelled as it gets really interesting.

    • Mel says

      Dave you are so smart and I totally agree. Give it up NBC you seem to be in the business of failing why stop now?

  8. Venus says

    Bring it back….give it another shot..I didn’t watch it from the
    beginning but I got hooked…so will others if they knew about
    the show…

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