Chase: TV Series Pre-Empted Tonight, Returns Next Week

ChaseIf you were looking forward to watching Chase tonight on NBC — well, sorry. The episode’s been pre-empted by yet another two-hour edition of Minute to Win It. As you may recall, the network did the same thing back on January 12th.

Tonight’s edition of Minute to Win It is called “Kids Rule” and will air from 8-10pm. “Father Figure,” the 14th episode of Chase that was supposed to air tonight, has been rescheduled for next Wednesday, February 9th.

Chase has been struggling in the ratings, first on Monday nights and now on Wednesdays. It’s currently the lowest-rated scripted series on NBC, averaging just a 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.54 million total viewers.

TV show supportNBC ordered a full 22 episode season back in October but the network cut that order back to 18 installments in December.

Counting next week’s episode, there are five installments of Chase left in this season. It’s not expected to be renewed for a second year.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Mark A. says

    I hope NBC doesn’t cancel Chase, it’s a great show and one of my favorites. If NBC does cancel Chase…I won’t be watching NBC at all.

  2. Dennis says

    One of the best shows on NBC and they take it off? No wonder I watch TNT and USA networks every time a good show comes on you cancel it and put crap on. Thanks NBC I won’t be watching your network any more.

  3. Mel says

    BRING CHASE BACK! Hey, NBC, Minute to Win It is good but only so much of Guy a family can take. He is all over the place already (Cooking show, Diners/Dives/Drive Ins). Give Chase a chance. I do not know who you are getting your ratings from but there are lots of folks who love this show. Bring Chase Back (Chant) Bring Chase Back (Chant) Bring Chase Back (Chant)…

  4. luke says

    Why do you put on a show and then keep pre emptying it. Their is no way it can get views and keep views if you keep pre emptying. This is one of the best shows this year. We miss the show and we look forward to Wed. nights to watch Chase. Bring Chase back.

  5. kimberly says

    I can NOT believe this show is being cancelled. NBC can you do anything right? You get a good show, and you take it off the air…..I looked forward to Chase every week.

  6. eddie says

    NBC use to be a power house network back in the early 70s. Now this network has become a joke. It proves my point by canceling good shows like The Event and Chase. I’m glad you keep a few good comedy shoes on like the office and 30 rock, but you need to put more drama and less reality shows back on the air. I believe the real reason NBC tends to lean toward more reality shows is because they are cheep for the Network to purchase and you don’t have to worry about salery increases for the actors. NBC even lost the NFL games. They need to start taking notes from CBS, Fox, TBS and TNT. Now thows station rock.

    I’m very dissapointed in the producers and any other organizations who are affliated with NBC.

  7. Ayana says

    I’m really tired of Minute to win it cuttin in on my show. I’m sick and tired of waiting for Chase to come on and it doesn’t. OMG! Who the he*L wants to watch people make fools of themselves with cups and cotton balls? Give me something exciting like CHASE!

  8. Robert says

    I knew when my wife and I found this gem it would just be a matter of time until it was cancelled. Where do networks get the idea people want only want to watch their version of “comedy”??? Please bring Chase back.

    • says

      Amen to that Robert. What comedy. I haven’t seen any comedy on TV other than the shows that insult ones intelligence! Chase was such a creative show and so entertaining! KEEP IT!

  9. n fure says

    My mom and I like to watch this show every week, we set our Wednesday tv schedule to make room for it.
    Please don’t cancel this show. Its a great one easy to go 5 seasons if you let it.


  10. Kyle says

    Can you at least put up the episodes of chase so we can see the rest of them or even the whole season since you are taking it away? I honestly think taking chase off the air is retarded!! Minute to win it is just some stupid money winning show. I loved watching chase. stupid people always wanting more money!! greedy people

  11. Wayne says

    Amen Gail when 24 was one of the best shows since it left i was lost then came Chase to fill the void now it’s being cancelled now i will be lost again does NBC know how to do anything right no wonder CBS beats them hands down.

  12. Gail says

    I finally found a show to fill the void of 24 and now it is to be cancelled? This show is great…I look forward to it every week but it being pre-empted and moved around makes it difficult to follow when it is on! Who is doing these polls anyway? They should be canned instead!!!!!

    • says

      Why in the world is this being cancelled? AND why do networks put a new show up against other network shows just to see WHO will win. Please give this series another chance and put it at a decent time!!!!!!!!!!

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