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Chicago Fire: WGN Reports Staged Plane Crash as Real

Apparently NBC’s struggling Chicago Fire is even more realistic than many give the show credit for.

Early yesterday morning, Deadline reports that Chicago’s WGN urgently reported a plane crash in the middle of a local road. Apparently, it was actually just a scene being filmed for Chicago Fire.

Though the area was littered with signs indicating that filming was in progress, local anchors couldn’t see them and believed the accident was real.

The Chicago Fire Department admitted that the information wasn’t widely distributed. A CPD spokesperson later said, “In the future, I’m asking my people to let me know so I can let the media know. News desks need to know.”

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Fake Me Out December 2, 2012 at 8:20 am

This just in! Media so desperate to be first to get “the ratings” that fact checking and confirmation have gone out the window. Later we have weather, sports and ongoing coverage of the unicorn spotted at the zoo, the alien landing and an honest politican. WZZZ, first with news!


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